Intermedia's New Acquisition Will Enhance the UC Experience for SMBs

Zenica JoySep 06, 2017

Technology has created a massive change and has disrupted the traditional idea of communication, forever transforming the way businesses communicate, collaborate, and operate. In today’s technology-driven world (thanks to the advent of the cloud and Voice over Internet Protocol technologies), video conferencing is proving to be a beneficial channel for modern enterprise communications. This more powerful and more accessible method of communication allows companies of every size and industry to connect and collaborate better than ever before without limits due to time or location.

In this article, we offer some insights on the importance of video conferencing for modern business communication and explore how a leading cloud business applications provider, Intermedia, is striving to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) leverage the power of video conferencing through a portfolio of reliable, flexible, and scalable unified communications (UC) solutions focused on meeting the growing demands of today’s global and dynamic businesses.

Video in the Enterprise: Then and Now

In the early era of business communications, voice was the only channel available for companies and customers to connect. But as organizations and technology evolved, companies were driven to build better teams and began to leverage video as an efficient communication channel to help their employees connect and collaborate seamlessly in a cost-effective manner.

Even though the technology has been around for more than two decades, video communication and video conferencing have undergone a number of transformations. In the past, video conferencing tools were used as stand-alone applications and were limited (due to their expensive equipment) to conference rooms. These solutions often required skilled professionals to manage and operate them, too, thus causing extra frustration in the workplace. 

Similarly to the rise of market trends like mobility, telecommuting, and bring your own device (BYOD) offerings, video is changing the landscape of today's modern, dynamic businesses. The power of the cloud is readily apparent, and the focus of communication solutions is shifting towards effective and scalable applications that offer the most flexibility. In conjunction, video conferencing has become an integral part of the modern enterprise communication suite. Driven by technology developments and workplace shifts, the business communication world is readily adopting cloud-based video conferencing solutions that have the capabilities to support the stability and scalability demands of today’s global and dynamic businesses.

Improving Business Communication with Video Conferencing

Back in the early days of business communication, negotiating deals, collaborating with colleagues, staff meetings, seminars, and other crucial business activities were done in person. But nowadays, thanks to better technologies and faster internet speeds, video conferencing is becoming a preferred method of communication for modern businesses that are seeking to improve collaboration and hasten decision-making processes while reducing travel costs.Businessman video conferencing with team on laptop

Compared with traditional in-person meetings, video conferencing provides a plethora of business benefits:

  • Cuts costs. Video conferencing reduces transportation costs by allowing teams to attend seminars or meetings without traveling or going to a designated location. Compared with a traditional in-person meeting, video conferencing enables businesses to cut transportation and accommodation costs since the meetings are done online or through virtual meeting rooms.
  • Provides smooth and efficient communication. According to a UCLA study, a large majority of communication is non-verbal. In business particularly, being able to get the attention of the team and gauge the mood of the clients are key to effective decision-making. And through video conferencing, businesses can have an efficient communication tool that allows everyone to have a “seat and a face” during a meeting or negotiation. Through video conferencing, businesses can get more information from clues like facial expression, eye movement, and body language; all of which allows them to better understand their employees and/or clients.
  • Supports geographically dispersed workforce. Using video conferencing, global and remote workers can speed up tasks and resolve issues more effectively than using chats, voicemails, or emails. Global and remote teams can connect and collaborate in a seamless way and prevent miscommunication by taking advantage of high definition audio and video that enable them to pay attention to the tasks, thereby resulting in a more efficient and productive workforce. Video conferencing can also assist in helping to train new remote employees as well.

Because video conferencing is a valuable resource, organizations need to pay close attention on how this technology is being implemented in their businesses in order to maximize its full potential. For some businesses, this means integrating video conferencing with other unified communications and collaboration tools to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity across the company.

Intermedia aims to harness the power of videos in order to expand their comprehensive unified communications suite. And how are they achieving this? By bringing on AnyMeeting, a premier web conferencing, video conferencing and webinar provider, into their fold. AnyMeeting technologies and functionality will help to expand Intermedia's Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offering in order to deliver an even broader portfolio of reliable, flexible, and scalable UC applications in the market.

Unleashing the Power of Video Conferencing with Intermedia + AnyMeeting

Today, Intermedia announced the acquisition of all the assets of AnyMeeting, an Irvine, California-based web conferencing, video conferencing, and webinar provider with over one million registered users. The acquisition enables Intermedia’s customers and partners to benefit from a comprehensive UC portfolio that includes web conferencing, video conferencing, and webinar technology on top of the company’s rapidly growing Cloud Voice solution.Intermedia company logo

“The AnyMeeting acquisition provides SMBs with a suite of easy-to-use applications that will increase productivity through enhanced collaboration, and delivers an even greater breadth of opportunity for our partners,” said Michael Gold, the CEO of Intermedia. “Our UCaaS offering will soon be our largest product line, and our AnyMeeting acquisition enables us to accelerate to the next phase as we offer an even broader portfolio of UC applications. AnyMeeting serves more than one million registered users with exceptional web conferencing, video conferencing, and webinar services.”

The acquisition of AnyMeeting further solidifies Intermedia’s goal to be the one-stop shop cloud provider of unified communications (UC) and business productivity applications to SMBs. “These applications will provide an integrated communication and collaboration experience for Intermedia’s customers to enjoy and for partners to sell, delivering a highly reliable, flexible and scalable UC solution versus other products on the market today,” added Gold.anymeeting company logo

In AnyMeeting’s part, the acquisition will enable them to scale their business effectively and to develop the next generation of UC solutions better with help from Intermedia. Costin Tuculescu, the CEO and Founder of AnyMeeting, has this to say about the acquisition. “Since 2011, AnyMeeting has been developing low cost, highly reliable collaboration solutions tailored for SMBs,” said Tuculescu. “We are thrilled to be joining Intermedia with the joint mission of simplifying the way SMBs do business. Our team of experts brings deep experience in developing web, video and audio conferencing solutions -- and, like Intermedia, puts reliability of service above everything else. We believe this acquisition will help us scale exponentially, and we look forward to building the next generation of UC solutions together.”

For further details about the acquisition, visit Intermedia or AnyMeeting.

About Intermedia

Intermedia is a leading cloud business applications provider with an annual revenue beyond $200 million and 800+ employees serving more than 100,000 business customers and 6,500 partners, including MSPs, VARs, distributors, and telecoms. As a one-stop shop for cloud business applications, Intermedia goes beyond unified communications to “give customers and partners the freedom to focus on business, not IT”. The company provides 30 essential, integrated cloud business applications, including voice, email, backup and file sharing, productivity, identity, and access management, and security and archiving, all with a single point of control. All these services are backed by levels of reliability, security, and J.D. Power-certified support that assure a Worry-Free Experience.

About AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is an Irvine, California-based web conferencing, video conferencing, and webinar provider. Established in 2011, the company delivers full-featured and easy-to-use integrated web and video conferencing, screen sharing, presentation and video sharing, and recording services, which can be integrated with over 400 applications.