Interoute Partners with Rancher Lab to Enable Enterprises to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Zenica JoyMar 28, 2017

Digital transformation drives enterprises forward, enabling them to create a competitive advantage, to optimize their IT operations, and to maximize their business efficiency. By leveraging a robust container management platform, organizations can further support an enterprise's digital transformation initiative and meet the information and communications technology (ICT) demands that arise in today’s evolving business landscape. 

Matthew Finnie, the Chief Technology Officer at Interoute, explains how integrating Rachel software in conjunction with their Digital Platform can support global organizations in their digital transformation strategies. He also shared how enterprise developers can leverage Managed Container Platform to help them build, test, and deploy new applications and software seamlessly.

Accelerating Enterprise Digital Transformation with Interoute

The ability to consolidate and create a flexible information and communications technology is one of the biggest keys to transforming businesses. And for this, enterprises need a platform that can deliver both cloud flexibility and operational stability. Interoute makes it possible for organizations to incorporate legacy, third party, and digital IT environments into a single, secure, privately-connected global cloud infrastructure.

Interoute announced the integration of their managed Global Cloud Infrastructure with Rancher Labs’ Container Management Platform earlier this month. This new partnership enables these two organizations to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and infrastructure investments by using a container based approach. Interoute is already one of Europe’s biggest and most advanced networks offering global cloud services platform, and this boost to their portfolio will help their customers achieve better scalability on a global scale.Matthew Finnie CTO at Interoute

Matthew Finnie, the Chief Technology Officer at Interoute, had this to say about their collaboration:

“Enterprises developing and building apps in the cloud and those on a path to Digital Transformation need Digital ICT Infrastructure that allows them to build, test and deploy faster than ever before. The integration of Rancher software with Interoute Digital Platform gives developers access to a managed container platform, that sits on a global privately networked cloud, enabling true distributed computing.”

By integrating Rancher, an open-source container management platform, Interoute can provide access to a full set of orchestration and infrastructure services for containers. This way, users can deploy containers in any of Interoute’s 17 cloud zones that are distributed across the world.

Louise Westoby, the VP of Marketing at Rancher Labs, also expressed her excitement about the partnership.  “We’re thrilled to partner with Interoute and provide users of the Interoute Enterprise Digital Platform with a complete and turn-key container management platform," she said. "We look forward to seeing those users accelerate all aspects of their software development pipeline, from writing and testing code to running complex microservices-based applications.”

Creating Secure Environments On-demand Using Interoute’s Enterprise Digital Platform

The advent of containers has transformed the way that enterprises create, deploy, and implement software applications. By blending together Interoutes’ infrastructure platform alongside Rancher Lab’s open source container management platform, enterprises can further accelerate their digital transformation initiatives in the following ways:

  • Providing greater agility. Containers make it easier for businesses, especially large enterprises, to be more agile when it comes to building, testing, and implementing new software and applications.
  • Hastening deployment times. Using a container based approach can help remove traditional barriers and enable enterprise developers to switch their focus to writing the app and deploying the code straight into a container. This way, the container can be deployed across Interoute’s cloud infrastructure, thereby reducing the time to develop and launch new software and applications.
  • Reducing operational costs. Leveraging containers can lessen operational costs because it provides faster development times. As a result, businesses can build, test, and deploy their new application and software on schedule, which helps to cut operational expenses.

Key Features of Interoute’s Managed Container Platform

  • Provides multiple orchestration solutions. Runs Docker Swarm, Cattle, Kubernetes, or Mesos in multiple parallel instances.
  • Enables organizations to prepare for the microservices future through Interoute Virtual Data Centre.
  • Includes enterprise networking. Interoute Virtual Data Centre provides private inter-zone networks that are free of charge.
  • Delivers hybrid solutions for legacy IT. Interoute makes it easy to seamlessly integrate legacy IT ( co-located or on-premises) with new applications onto a single, private network.  
  • Enables customizable container management for application stacks, virtual machine drivers, and more.
  • Offers trusted IT solutions for the enterprise. As Europe’s leading cloud and network provider, Interoute builds and runs IT solutions for global companies, including government agencies.

For more information about Interoute’s broad portfolio of products and services, including unified communications solutions, enterprise VoIP, and cloud and hosting, visit their official website.


About Rancher Labs

Rancher Labs creates innovative, open source software for enterprises such as Sony, Tyco, IBM, Align Technologies, and more. With robust container orchestration and exceptional infrastructure services management, the flagship Rancher Container Management Platform enables users to hasten software development and enhance information technology operations. With over four million downloads, Rancher makes it easy for enterprises to seamlessly manage all aspects of running containers in development and production environments, on any infrastructure.

About Interoute

Interoute encompasses over 70,000 km of lit fiber, 17 virtual data centers, 15 data centers, and 33 co-location centers, with connections to 195 additional third-party data centers. As one of Europe’s largest and most advanced networks that provide a global cloud services platform, Interoute’s full-service Information Communication Technology (ICT) platform powers start-ups, international enterprises, major European telecommunications service providers, Internet giants, government agencies, universities, and mobile operators across the world. The company offers a plethora of technology and communications solutions such as cloud and hosting services, unified communications solutions, security and networks services, enterprise VoIP and SIP trunks, and more.