IVR Technologies Rolls Out New Real-Time Billing Cloud Platform

Zenica JoyJun 03, 2017

Real-time communication solutions empower businesses by helping them to seamlessly connect and to efficiently collaborate with employees, partners, and customers at any time. Through real-time communication technologies, organizations can enhance their services, simplify processes, boost employee productivity, build customer loyalty,  and drive business growth. 

“Real-time communications is delivering far more advanced services than ever before and on a widely available basis,” said Barry Sher, the Co-founder and VP of Business Development at IVR Technologies, Inc. “Chatting with a sales person or customer service rep online, voice calling via social media apps, location based services, real-time routing decisions, and real-time rating decisions all help drive value to the subscriber, build their loyalty, and improve the bottom line for the operator providing the services.”

Keeping all these benefits in mind, service providers need to focus on how to leverage real-time communication technologies to help them boost traffic on their networks and extend their reach. With the recent release of the Real-time Billing Cloud from IVR Technologies, the leading provider of mobile, Voice over Internet Protocol, and real-time billing solutions, communications service providers (CSPs) can attract, retain, and grow their subscriber base.

Helping CSPs Drive Business Value and Profitability

Specifically designed for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and mobile Communication Service Providers (CSPs), the Real-time Billing Cloud from IVR Technologies reduces the capital burden and technical requirements for deploying real-time communication services. This cloud-based platform enables CSPs to build highly flexible wholesale and subscriber voice, data, and SMS billing plans and bundles where usage can be monitored and billed on a real-time prepaid, postpaid, and/or credit limited basis.Barry Sher Co-founder VP of Business Development at IVR Technologies

“Our goal with the Real-Time Billing Cloud was to build a complete cloud offering for VoIP and mobile operators that can provide an end-to-end solution with carrier-grade features and functionality, which historically required significant capital investment, on an affordable monthly subscription,” said Sher. “We have partnered with best-in-class companies such as Microsoft for their robust, scalable and reliable Azure cloud; Global Convergence Systems for their highly sophisticated least cost routing (LCR) solutions; Voxbone for their communications API and global virtual phone numbers and R&R Telecom for their media routing, SIP endpoint security, codec, and protocol conversion expertise. Together we provide one of the most compelling, cost-effective, and feature-rich global cloud offerings in the market.”

Backed by a team of responsive, knowledgeable, and professional engineers who have the ability to provide training, configuration assistance, and technical support, IVR Technologies' Real-Time Billing Cloud platform helps position CSPs for success through an innovative, go-to-market strategy.  

Key Features of the Real-Time Billing Cloud

As a carrier agnostic cloud solution, the Real-Time Billing Cloud was built to help control cost while delivering a highly flexible billing model and e-commerce capabilities.

In an interview, Barry Sher shared what makes their cloud-based billing solution unique compared to other products in the market. ”Our time in the market and global customer base has helped us produce a field-hardened, robust, and converged services solution that has grown out of actual, real world carrier needs,” said Sher. “From this experience, we have built an industry-leading converged services and real-time billing solution that integrates; media, billing, signaling, authentication, e-commerce and many more capabilities. Traditionally a communications service provider would need to source technology from multiple companies which quickly becomes expensive and difficult to deploy as well as support due to the many technical touch points it requires.”

Using a secure, responsive, and agile Web Management Console with an analytical dashboard and tools necessary for complete oversight and management of accounts and services, the Real-Time Billing Cloud has the capabilities to launch new revenue generation services that enable CSPs to attract, retain, and grow their customer or subscriber base. Some of the key features of the Real-Time Billing Cloud include:Real-Time Billing Cloud from IVR Technologies

  • Broad Signaling Support;
  • Full Redundancy;
  • High Scalability; 
  • Unmatched Reliability; 
  • Rich set of API's and tools for extensibility;
  • Flexible prepaid, postpaid, and credit limited billing capabilities for voice, data, and SMS services;
  • Full suite of turnkey apps providing a range of in-demand value added services; and
  • Business specific customization to help extend and enhance the real-time billing solution.

Additionally, IVR Technologies offers platform as a service (PaaS) solution that delivers flexibility and mobility benefits. “The platform as a service model promotes faster innovation, ability to better focus resources, always up to date technology, maximized uptime, and better security and scalability,” said Sher.

The Real-Time Billing Cloud Advantage

IVR Technologies’ Real-Time Billing Cloud is a hosted, subscription-based solution that delivers rapid deployment and time-to-market advantages. By leveraging the Real-Time Billing Cloud platform, service providers and their customer base can improve their competitive position and drive business profitability in the following ways:

  • Increasing time-to-market, cash flow, and collections;
  • Cutting operational expenses and limiting financial exposure;
  • Delivering easy access to a full suite of turnkey, value-added VoIP, and mobile services; and
  • Reducing fraud, subscriber churn, and load on Human Resources;  

Sher also said that hosted service like their Real-Time Billing Cloud helps lessen subscriber acquisition costs. “With all the backend hardware, operating system, database, and software maintained directly by the vendor, the requirement for specialized technical human resources and capital expenditure are greatly reduced or eliminated,” noted Sher. “With automated subscriber signup and account self-management from the web fewer customer service representatives are needed to support the subscriber base and subscriber churn is diminished helping to drive down subscriber acquisition costs.”

The Future of Business Communications

ivr technologies real time billing cloud networkAside from sharing the benefits of IVR Technologies' Real-Time Billing Cloud platform, Sher also identified key trends that are predicted to be on the rise in the cloud market and/or business communication industry in the coming years. “We see growth through the convergence of VoIP and mobile services, billing and e-wallets,” noted Sher. “Subscriber self-management from smartphone, tablet or desktop will continue to evolve and be normalized across access type and subscribers will be presented with constantly improving analytics and data analysis helping them to make more informed purchase and usage decisions.”

To learn more about Real-Time Billing Cloud and how this innovative billing platform can help enhance customer service and increase profit margins, please visit IVR Technologies’ website.


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