JeraSoft Adds Exciting New Features to Its IoT Billing Platform, VCS 3.13

Zenica JoyJul 12, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) gives businesses a new and better way to communicate and interact by allowing the devices that are constantly used (such laptops, smartphones, and tablets) and other appliances (such as light switches, washing machines, refrigerators, and coffee makers) to work seamlessly together. With the advent of cloud solutions and other digital technologies, the use of IoT for business communications has helped revolutionize the workplace in a number of ways such as delivering better customer service, improving decision making, and simplifying workflows.

In this article, readers will gain insights about the IoT and then learn how one of the leading providers of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions and integrators of top quality billing solutions, Jerasoft, helps support businesses through their newly enhanced IoT Billing Platform, the VCS 3.13.

How the IoT Creates New Opportunities for Business Communication?

Today’s modern, dynamic businesses must ensure that they have the most sophisticated technology and software solutions to survive in the competitive and ever-evolving business landscape. In order to improve employee efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase business productivity, organizations need to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) to push the boundaries of business communications and transform the way their employees, partners, customers, and their array of devices connect and interact with each other.  JeraSoft Company Logo

With the efficiency, productivity, and cost-saving benefits of the IoT, this conglomeration of computers, devices, and appliances will not only help businesses communicate better and deliver outstanding services to their customer base but also boost their margins. “IoT and M2M technologies have already irreversibly affected the way people, businesses, and governments interact with the outside world,” said Anna Tykhonchuk, the Marketing Manager of JeraSoft. “Integration between VoIP and the Internet of Things will only speed up telecommuting, so that remote working and shared office spaces become the common thing. The IoT revolution, requiring a dramatic increase in strong, secure communication links, offers providers an opportunity to not only play a larger role but to create new value.”

Additionally, the IoT also provides a much-needed solution for businesses to analyze and implement data in real time. This way, enterprises can enhance and simplify product development and management activities, differentiate their businesses from others, and provide greater services to their consumers.

One of the best IoT Billing Platforms that provides high-quality load balancing solution with 100% data safety within a multifunctional cluster is from JeraSoft. As the leading provider of VoIP solutions and developer of highly productive billing platforms for Telecom and IoT providers, JeraSoft helps businesses gain competitive advantage with its latest IoT billing platform that enables users to improve business performance.

What Makes JeraSoft’s Newly Enhanced IoT Billing Platform Stand Out?

Covering all the IoT/M2M billing needs, JeraSoft's IoT Billing Platform helps businesses gather, analyze, and monetize data from smart things, thereby bridging the gap between operational, financial, and development initiatives within the IoT business infrastructure

With its latest version, the VCS 3.13, small and mid-sized businesses will enjoy the wide assortment of features that this enhanced IoT Billing Platform provides. The following are the six exciting, new features of the next generation JeraSoft Billing Platform:

  • Enhanced Invoicing Report Tool - JeraSoft VCS 3.13 offers a new type of statistic reports for accounting that enables users to monitor incoming and/or outgoing invoices and effectively analyze the statistics by any period and easily export the data to Excel. Plus, this enhanced Invoicing Report Tool can be integrated within an organization’s accounting system through API requests.
  • Upgraded, Fully API-based Client Portal - JeraSoft’s well-designed and well-executed new client portal keeps systems secure and enables fast and easy sharing of information. This fully API based client portal allows users to access valuable data at any time, provides clients with the “self-service” possibilities, and can be hosted separately. The enhanced Client Portal also allows users to extend and customize the system or use this as a reference guide to develop a new portal.JeraSoft New Client Portal Screen
  • New CoreAPI Documentation Section - To help users easily navigate the tool, JeraSoft has integrated a new CoreAPI documentation to the VCS interface.
  • Powerful Global Search Tool - The Global Search tool enables users to have an in-depth search within the entire system and to find elements within a specific section. The JeraSoft VCS 3.13 enables the users to do a quick search by accounts, clients, packages, rate tables, code decks, routing plans, direct inward dialing (DID), and drill down to specific data in an easy way without having to search across system sections. Plus, it allows users to search by suggested match in the section, wherever the user is located.
  • Integration with TelcoBridges - The JeraSoft VCS 3.13 has been integrated with TelcoBridges TMG and TSBC to allow retail and wholesale VoIP providers to improve their service offerings for their customer base. The integration with TelcoBridges’ downloadable Virtual Tsbc includes RADIUS authorization and accounting, dynamic routing functionality.
  • Integration with DAS Solutions’ SMS Gateway - JeraSoft’s integration with DAS Solution enables users to use a new DAS SMS collector for billing SMS. As a carrier-grade platform, the DAS Solutions’ SMS Gateway gives service providers and telecom carriers the capacity to provide their customer base with the wide array of messaging services.


The JeraSoft team invites users to participate in an upcoming webinar about the changes and enhancements to the JeraSoft VCS 3.13. All existing JeraSoft customers are also encouraged to upgrade their current version with the latest version VCS 3.13. To learn more about JeraSoft’s newly enhanced IoT Billing Platform, please visit JeraSoft’s website.

About JeraSoft

JeraSoft is the leading developer and integrator of top quality billing solutions for mobile and business Telecoms and IoT/M2M providers. Established in 2005, JeraSoft has been providing cost-efficient billing and management tools and VoIP solutions to help businesses improve their productivity and boost their margins. As a trusted technology solutions company made up of a passionate team of engineers, JeraSoft emphasizes technical support and integration work to enable Telecom (OTT, Retail and Wholesale VoIP, MVNO/MNO, and SMS Providers) and IoT providers to streamline billing processes and add value to their business.