Jive Adds New Capabilities to Its Cloud-based UC Platform

Zenica JoyApr 14, 2017

To stay relevant and competitive in today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations need access to robust and reliable cloud-based unified communications (UC) tools that can enhance operational efficiency, cut costs, increase customer satisfaction, and boost their bottom line. In order to help channel partners and enterprise users streamline business workflows and deliver enhanced customer service, leading cloud communications provider Jive recently unveiled new enhancements to its cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) Platform. 

Jive's latest cloud-based UC platform enhancements aim to provide innovative Channel Partner tools that can increase network performance and management, enable business leaders to make smart and effective decisions, and simplify onboarding processes for enterprise users.

Enhanced Cloud-Based Unified Communications (UC) Solution

Today’s modern, globally distributed workforce needs a powerful, cloud communication solution that extends the capabilities of their business phone system far beyond dial tone. With Jive’s cloud-based Unified Communication (UC) Platform, organizations can take advantage of a single system that converges voice, video, data services, and software applications to improve business processes and achieve greater collaboration among individuals and teams.

To extend the platform’s capabilities further, Jive Communications introduced three new enhancements to its UC solution: the Netview, a network testing and troubleshooting tool; Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), a hands-off implementation option for easy installations; and Jive Business Continuity (JBC), a failover capability in the event of an outage. Jive’s latest enhancements enable greater performance, reliability, and ease of use for its channel partners and their enterprise users.mike sharp chief product office jive

Mike Sharp, the Chief Product Officer at Jive Communications, expressed his enthusiasm about their latest enhancements. “We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate problems, create solutions and equip our partners with the tools they need to help their customers make more effective business decisions," said Sharp. "And Netview, Jive Business Continuity, and Zero Touch Provisioning do just that."

Donald Ready, the founder of Ready Communications, a Jive Communications partner, also shared a story on how Jive’s failover solution kept a school up and running during an outage. “After working with one customer, Polk County Schools, to install JBC at a few of their locations, we were amazed at its capabilities," said Ready. "Polk County Schools actually suffered an outage, but no one even noticed since Jive’s failover solution kept them up and running. It was so seamless that, when they did get back online, it was like nothing had even happened. This will be vital for other school districts, beyond the run-of- the-mill Internet blip, and especially in times of crisis or great need.”

So What’s New in Jive’s UC Platform?

Jive’s robust UC platform empowers businesses by helping them seamlessly manage their entire communication tools and applications in the cloud. With a full suite of advanced telephony features (including hosted VoIP and UC solutions), Jive Communications has become a trusted VoIP provider of choice for startups and established enterprises.jive uc platform enhancements for channel partners and end users

According to Nancy Ridge, the Executive Vice President at Telecom Brokers, a Jive Communications partner, Jive helps ensure business success by offer innovative tools. “With its game-changing network performance, combined with simple installations and incredibly sophisticated failback options, Jive is making our lives – and the lives of our partners and customers – easier,” said Ridge.

Jive’s enhanced unified communication platform boasts the following features and capabilities:

  • Jive Business Continuity – Jive’s server-based application helps maintain users’ most essential phone functions during a complete outage or an internet disruption. With the use of Jive, businesses can still connect to staff and emergency services by using Jive Business Continuity (JBC). As the only pure-cloud unified communications provider, Jive provides powerful failover and failback capabilities to help channel partners deliver better service to enterprise end-users.
  • Jive Netview – Jive’s unique and cutting-edge network testing and troubleshooting tool enables channel partners to run network-compatibility checks, get real-time results, and troubleshoot network problems more fluidly. This way, channel partners can guarantee smooth installations and increased performance while reducing costs and saving time that might otherwise be spent configuring or solving network connectivity issues.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning – Jive’s Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) tool aids in simplifying partners’ onboarding processes for new customer installs. This hands-off implementation option makes Jive installations easier for IT administrators and small and mid-size enterprises.

To learn more about Jive’s comprehensive unified communications solutions and how it can help businesses improve their efficiency and performance, please visit Jive Communications’ website.


About Jive Communications

Jives Communications is a leading provider of enterprise-level hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Established in 2006, Jive has been helping organizations communicate better and manage their business phone systems through innovative video, voice, mobile applications, and contact center products, all of which run on Jive Cloud, a proprietary, cloud-based platform. Using the company’s reliable, scalable, and power hosted VoIP services and cloud communication solutions, Jive aims to help end users enhance their efficiency and boost their productivity while reducing costs.