Line2 Rolls Out New Widget that Elevates Mobile Customer Communications Experience

Zenica JoyJun 21, 2017

Mobility has transformed the way businesses communicate, collaborate, and operate. The advancements in mobile technology continue to change the customer experience and the proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices have helped businesses improve client interactions and enabled them to retain customers, field new prospective clients, and drive loyalty.

To ensure that small and medium-sized businesses can consistently utilize a seamless mobile communication experience to improve business efficiency and to enhance customer responsiveness, leading business communications service provider Line2 announced the release of their innovative widget. As an enhancement to their SMBs messaging solution, the Line2 Widget provides a website button or unique uniform resource locator (URL) link that can be added to the users’ websites, email, and social posts to enable visitors to initiate a text conversation that will be instantly sent to the user’s device of choice, including their smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

Why Businesses Need Mobile Messaging Solutions

Nowadays, more organizations are “going mobile first” and ensuring that mobile devices are the primary endpoint for business communications. Mobile messaging solutions have the capacity to improve customer interactions and ensure efficiency and responsiveness for workers and their customers, adding another point of contact for customers and employees alike.

Through short message service (SMS) or instant text messaging, businesses can expand their marketing outreach, build stronger business-customer relationships, and deliver faster, real-time communications. Text messaging is considered a form of contact that is more urgent, important, responsive, and personal, which thereby helps to create an instant bond between the business and the customer. With customers and prospects wanting easy and efficient ways of interacting with businesses, text messaging gives employees the ability to respond to queries and interact with audiences quickly and easily.

Enhancing Mobile Customer Responsiveness with Line2 Widget

The global workforce is reliant on their mobile devices and cloud-based communication solutions to enable them to stay connected to their customers, partners, and co-workers, anywhere at any time.

Affordable, convenient, and easy to use, the Line2 Widget is a simple way to start a conversation, giving businesses the flexibility to field new prospective customers and clients while on-the-go.line2 company logo

“Our users are small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who are mobile and multi-tasking,” said Doug Brackbill, the Chief Executive Officer of Line2. “The new Line2 Widget allows them to pursue their busy schedule, yet be responsive to prospects, customers, and partners viewing their websites, emails, and social postings. We are evolving voice and text services rapidly to integrate with the devices, apps, and online tools that small businesses rely on to manage and grow their company.”

Key Features and Capabilities of the Line2 Widget

What makes the Line2 Widget ideal for small businesses and entrepreneur users? In addition to optimizing mobile communications, the Line2 Widget is transforming how SMBs approach customer engagement. Below are the features and capabilities of the Line2 Widget that make it unique from other messaging solutions:

  • Delivers flexible, familiar, and universal mobile messaging solution. The Line2 Widget is more powerful than chat because it’s mobile and can be expanded to picture messaging, group messaging, or transitioned to a phone call. This mobile messaging solution works and operates in the same way as any current business websites’ “click to call” or “live chat” tools.
  • Promotes a seamless conversation between the business and customers. The Line2 Widget enables customer and prospects to interact with businesses in an easy and efficient way. Text messaging represents urgency and responsiveness, yet it doesn’t require an instantaneous reply and extra staffing like chats or calls.
  • Adds flexibility for response time. With the Line2 Widget, the receivers can choose to respond right away or when it’s convenient for them. This way, small business customers can take care of an existing project and reply to Line2 Widget messages as soon as possible and the resulting text conversation starts an ongoing dialog that continues well beyond the website session. Plus, it allows the communication to naturally progress to a message thread or call.
  • Helps retain customers in the long-term and drives business sales. “Now that our clients are able to send us a quick message with their questions, this allows us to immediately reach them and drive those simple texts into a sale, and a repeat customer,” said Line2 customer Kimber Gurss, the co-founder of babysitting service, WeeSitt. “We feel as if the Line2 Widget was specifically built for us.”
  • Offers an easy way for businesses and employees to connect with their customers via texting. The Line2 Widget is designed to work with the most popular website builders and platforms. This innovative mobile messaging solution offers two ways for businesses to communicate with their customers and prospects through text:
  1. Add the widget to the customer’s website in the form of a “text” button. A visitor clicks on the button, enters their message and number, and presses send. The message is received by Line2 customers as a text and begins a text conversation. It’s chat-like but via text, and doesn’t require a dedicated person at the computer all day waiting for website visitors.
  2. Use the widget’s URL in any external communications. These include an email message, email signature, social posting, social profile (e.g. LinkedIn profile), and more. The email recipients or social visitors can click and message the same as above, starting a text conversation with our small business Line2 user.

Business Uses of the Line2 Widget

SMBs of all sizes across North America use Line2 for enhanced business communications. These include:

  • Realtors - They use the widget to answer inquiries about properties.
  • On-demand babysitting service - The widget enables parents to enquire and see if there are sitters available.
  • Non-profits - Those organizations that offer programs for children (e.g., dance, football, karate, and cheerleading). Both parents and coaches can text via the website during the registration process with their questions for an instant response.
  • Bed and Breakfast (B&B) and hotels - The widget is installed on their sites so that prospective guests can inquire about room rates and availability.
  • IT services -  Widgets are used on sites for those who need to set up appointments for troubleshooting assistance or to address quick questions.
  • Contractors - The widget can be used to answer quotes repairs or to schedule an appointment.

How Line2 Addresses Trends in Mobile Business Communications

Today’s dynamic businesses are looking for mobility, messaging, multiple devices, great user experience, and, most importantly, making themselves responsive to all the ways customers communicate. Because of this, SMBs and the industry, in general, should expect greater transformation in the VoIP and voice communications space in the coming user using sms via line2 widget

With the advent of mobile devices and the rapid rise of tech-savvy employees in the workplace, businesses can expect to see changes in terms of:

  • Mobility. Nowadays, employees are no longer bound to their office desks and performing tasks and collaborating with co-workers no longer means being in the same place and working at the same time. Today's mobile workers do not want to be chained to a desk with a device that has no contacts, no Caller ID, no mobility to even walk around the office let alone out the door, and a clunky headset. With the use of the Line2, SMBs can take advantage of the business’ entire service in an app for various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and watches.
  • Multiple Devices. In terms of using multiple devices, businesses like to access their communications services on the best device at hand. Line2 Everywhere enables calls and text from the same phone number and allows users to be active on up to five devices, thereby allowing users to continue conversations across the devices of their choice.
  • Messaging.  In terms of messaging, there are many more messages than calls every day, and this trend has rapidly carried over to business. Also,  more businesses prefer text messaging over calling because it enables them to receive responses nearly instantaneously. Line2 addresses this with messaging innovation by being first with MMS, first with texting via 800 numbers, and first with Line2 Widget.
  • User Experience. When it comes to user experience, business users want phone calls to feel native and work anywhere (carrier + WiFi) and messaging to feel like the chat. Line2 aims to address this with careful app design and consistency across apps.  In fact, a big step forward was achieved earlier this year when Line2 launched Apple CallKit for iOS app providing native calling experience with one swipe call answer, full-screen caller ID photos, call waiting, and more.

The Line2 Widget is now available with all paid subscriptions at no added charge. You can also download the Line2 mobile app for free from the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store. To download Line2 for Windows or macOS, please visit Line2’s official website.


About Line2

Line2 is the first cloud-based phone system built and optimized for the mobile work environment. As a cloud phone service, Line2 delivers the most affordable and easy to use communication solutions for businesses and independent professionals. The company provides a complete VoIP solution with the flexibility and power of a business line. Line2's business communication solutions work on existing devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops.