Metaswitch Adds New Features to Its Accession Unified Communications Platform

Zenica JoyApr 05, 2017

Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions empower businesses by providing them with easy-to-use features that address communication needs across multiple channels, anywhere, at any time. By seamlessly blending a host of productivity features and independent communication tools into a single, flexible, and collaborative environment, UC&C can fundamentally transform workplace interactions and enhance business efficiency.

As the world’s leading cloud-native communications software company, Metaswitch helps to address the needs of enterprises of all sizes to enhance UC&C scalability, increase cost-savings, and improve the user experience through their various solutions. This means working with developers to make several enhancements to its Accession Unified Communications platform to enable operators to easily scale and adequately offer UC&C services to small and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises.

Addressing Business Communication Needs with Metaswitch UC&C Solutions

Today’s hectic and dynamic business environment is putting great pressure on service providers. As the range and reach of business processes continue to evolve and increase, service providers can no longer simply offer traditional messaging solutions but instead have to keep pace with the increasing enterprise demand and the ever-evolving expectations of customers. The Accession Unified Communications platform from Metaswitch can help operators easily provide unified communications and collaboration services to further enhance end-user experience, boost business productivity, and increase cost-savings.Metaswitch UC&C Solutions

According to John Tucker, the Vice President of Product Management at Metaswitch, “Accession provides the scalability and flexibility customers need to meet their own revenue goals and exceed their customers’ collaboration expectations.”

With a broad range of easy-to-use features, Accession enables remote workers and mobile employees to benefit from a robust communication solution that integrates video conferencing, presence, instant messaging, collaboration tools, and more. This way, workers can connect with their partners, suppliers, customers, and fellow colleagues in an easy and seamless way.

“Accession’s new features let us address a broad set of business customers and give us the ability to offer each one exactly what they need, especially across multiple locations,” said Matt Siemens, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of SolTel Systems, a Metaswitch customer. “Having all of this functionality in a single platform, and being able to deploy off-the-shelf cameras, microphones and other equipment to support it, is a real game-changer for us and our reseller partners and offers real business benefits to our end-user customers.”

Delivering a Complete Portfolio of UC&C Solutions

With the rise of digital transformation and social media, today’s mobile and global companies require a unified communication infrastructure that can access data and send and receive information at a faster rate than traditional communication tools. Metaswitch’s hosted communication system enables service providers to deliver a complete portfolio of integrated telephony and unified communications and collaboration solutions for any type of business, including their remote and distributed workers.Metaswitch Logo

With Metaswitch Accession, businesses can extend their telephony services to an end user's mobile device or desktop computers over any broadband network. This UC&C solution combines multiple communications capabilities such as telephony, unified messaging, presence, instant messaging, video conferencing, and collaboration in a unified interface that is readily accessible from any device.

Additionally, employing Accession Unified Communications helps service providers increase their average revenue per user (ARPU) and lessens churn by delivering advanced, differentiated services for organizations ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to large enterprises.

What’s New in Metaswitch Accession

  • Scalable Room Sizes – Previously available as a 50-person room, with Accession businesses can scale up or down depending on their group’s needs and budgetary requirements. With scalable room sizes, users can choose anywhere from a 200-person room to a four-person room.
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Audio/Video Deployment – Accession offers an extensive list of certified equipment that users can purchase anywhere. Users also have the ability to deploy Accession together with COTS audio/video equipment to create low-cost yet immersive and high-quality conferencing experiences.  
  • Webinar Hosting – Individuals and businesses can now host webinars with as many as 10,000 attendees with Accession’s comprehensive registration, polling, chat, Q&A, and reporting capabilities.

For more information about Metaswitch’s complete suite of unified communications and collaboration solutions, please visit their website.


About Metaswitch

Metaswitch is a market leader in cloud-native communications solutions. The company develops commercial and open-source software that redefines consumer and business communications while changing communication networks. With a team of more than 300 employees and backed by 34 years of profitable growth, a global customer base of wireline, wireless, cable, and enterprise network operators, Metaswitch delivers a comprehensive cloud native software-based, open, scalable network functions that helps service providers streamline network operations, improve cost-efficiency, and enable the rapid introduction of new services and applications.