Mitel Partners with EOH to Expand Cloud Communications Portfolio in South Africa

Zenica JoyMar 30, 2017

The cloud has the power to drive business innovation, helping small and mid-size enterprises and large companies streamline their operations and scale their investments. With its plethora of benefits for businesses, more and more organizations across the world are leveraging the cloud to significantly bolster economic growth and support their communications needs.

The most recent country to embrace the cloud is South Africa. Thanks to Mitel, a global leader in real-time business, cloud, and mobile communications, businesses in the country can now seamlessly move to the cloud. By expanding Mitel's comprehensive cloud communications portfolio in South Africa through a partnership with EOH, the largest technology and knowledge service provider in the country, both companies aim to enable businesses to fully embrace the cloud.

Keeping Pace with the Rising Cloud Communications Trend

The rising economic marketplace and the demand for low-cost unified communications and collaboration tools are key drivers behind the increased cloud adoption in South Africa. With Mitel’s partnership with EOH, both companies aim to support current communication needs and long-term growth for organizations in South Africa through innovative cloud solutions. Mitel's partnership with EOH shows how the company's continued global expansion can enhance customer experiences and support new business models.MiCloudSA Cloud Solution Concept

Rob Godlonton, the CEO at EOH ICT, shared how their partnership with Mitel enabled them to grow their business.  “One of our business philosophies at EOH is to ‘lead and grow’ and partnering with Mitel has allowed us to do this.” “The partnership with Mitel allows us to provide impactful services to our customers within South Africa and Africa, which is important to us,” Godlonton said.

Indeed, for over 10 years, Mitel has been helping EOH deliver on-premises cloud solution to South African businesses, including MiContact Center and MiCollab. By making use of Mitel’s cloud solutions, more and more organizations across the world are able to manage their day-to-day processes and increase their productivity in a seamless manner.  

Delivering Low-Cost Cloud Solutions in South Africa

The cloud has the power to transform business operations, customer relationships, and employee productivity, and Mitel’s cloud solution does this by improving organizations' service quality, efficiency, and delivery.

Andy Bull, the South Africa Managing Director at Mitel, discussed how their cloud solution can empower businesses. “Fast-moving companies become leaders by seamlessly connecting their employees with colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers – no matter where they are.” “Mitel’s cloud solutions not only provide easy access to the tools they need to get the job done, but are designed to foster productive collaboration and innovation while improving the bottom line.”

Designed for today’s mobile workforce, MiCloudSA can easily connect teams, enable employees to work efficiently, and gain greater agility to meet the changing customer and market dynamics. Powered by EOH, MiCloudSA can help boost business productivity through its innovative collaboration tools that deliver consistent user experience across any device and environment.  

Tapping the Power of MiCloud to Boost Business Efficiency

Mitel MiCloud SolutionsToday, more and more companies are taking advantage of the cost-saving and productivity benefits of the cloud. And they’re doing it by leveraging MiCloud, a powerful, scalable cloud family of platforms that delivers the following benefits.

  • Increased Productivity. MiCloud Communications solutions can help enhance business mobility and productivity by focusing on “mobile first” approach and mobile integrations. Combined with innovative collaboration tools, this cloud solution simplifies operational workflows by combining multiple systems and integrating with business applications.
  • Improved Cost-savings. Mitel’s MiCloud not only helps businesses redefine how their workers connect, interact, and collaborate with their partners, customers, and fellow employees. This cloud solution also reduces operational expenses by giving customers the freedom to communicate without using a traditional telephony system that runs on outdated copper wires.  
  • Enhanced Customer Service Experience. MiCloud enables employees to enjoy enhanced communications functionalities whether on the road, in an office, or working from home. Because this cloud solution brings all communications tools into a single cloud environment, organizations can easily reduce management complexity and boost productivity. Plus, integrating MiCloud with Customer Relationship Management systems can also help grow and customize communications to deliver better customer service experience.

To learn more about MiCloud and Mitel's comprehensive unified communications and collaborations solutions, please visit their website.

About EOH

EOH is South Africa's largest technology and knowledge service integrator. The company delivers cutting-edge end-to-end business solutions for a broad spectrum of industries. Serving 2,000 large enterprise customers in 32 African countries, EOH provides technology, consulting, and outsourcing services to empower customers. By applying superior technology, knowledge, and skills, EOH can help optimize business performance and boost their bottom line.

About Mitel

Mitel is a global market leader in enterprise, mobile, and cloud communications solutions. Powering more than two billion business connections, Mitel (Nasdaq:MITL) helps service providers and businesses connect, collaborate, and provide exceptional services to their clientele. Mitel’s innovation and communications experts help more than 60 million business users in more than 100 countries move voice, collaboration, and customer service to the cloud.