Mitel Partners with Motto Communications to Expand Cloud Footprint in the Netherlands

Zenica JoyMay 17, 2017

Strategic partnerships allow organizations the opportunity to expand their customer base and drive business sales. By forming strong alliances with partners, businesses can have access to new products, deliver enhanced services, and better serve customers.

In the business communication space, one great example of good partnership is between Mitel (Nasdaq: MITL) (TSX: MNW), a global leader in business communications and Motto Communications, one of the leading providers of enterprise cloud communications in the Netherlands. The partnership not only strengthens Mitel’s number one market share position in the Netherlands but also brings the company’s cost-efficient, cloud-based unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions to Motto’s business partners.

Expanding UCaaS Solutions in the Netherlands with Mitel + Motto

According to Odin SMB Cloud Insights, “The Dutch cloud market stands at € 844 million and is forecast to continue growing at 11.5 percent per year to €1.2billion by 2018.”

As cloud migration in the Netherlands shows no signs of stopping (with an adoption rate of 28% in 2014), more companies across sectors are looking for comprehensive cloud-based unified communication solutions to help them successfully transform their business models and stay relevant in their industry.

To address the growing demand for cloud-based services in the Netherlands, Motto partners with Mitel to help businesses in the region take advantage of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions through its online FLUX cloud distribution portal. FLUX enables Motto’s partners to mix and match cloud-based Information Technology services, applications, and mobile infrastructure to meet the unique requirements of businesses. With flexibility in price setting, fulfillment, billing, and vendor choice, FLUX ensures the quote-to-cash cycle is easier, faster, and more tailored, thereby helping channel partners save money and time.Gijs Borsboom Mitel’s VP of Sales in Northern Europe

“More and more businesses in the Netherlands are recognizing the benefits of moving their communications to the cloud to save costs, simplify IT management and enjoy access to the same capabilities and user experience wherever their work takes them,” said Gijs Borsboom, Mitel’s Vice President of Sales in Northern Europe. “As part of the integrated IT-workplace offering, Mitel can help Motto partners continue to meet the growing demand for cloud services while also expanding our reach through their large customer base.”

Delivering Superior Cloud Services for Businesses in the Netherlands

In today’s dynamic business communication landscape, organizations need to quickly adapt to rapidly evolving market trends in order to stay competitive. As organizations in the Netherlands expand their global reach and strengthen their foothold in the business market, they need to have robust Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions that enable them to seamlessly and cost-effectively communicate and collaborate with employees, partners, and customers.Mitel Delivers Advanced UC&C Solutions for Businesses

By partnering with Mitel, Motto Communications enables Netherland’s businesses to benefit from seamless communications and collaboration solutions. Through this, businesses can take advantage of Mitel’s MiCloud platform and the advanced online collaboration features from MiCollab and MiTeam applications. With Mitel’s open standards-based technology, Motto’s business partners can further tailor their services and even combine them with vertical applications.

“Motto is committed to the success of our partners and, ultimately, that of the businesses they serve,” said Robbert Heemskerk, the Chief Commercial Officer of Motto Communications. “Our aim is to equip them with the best cloud products on the market. By adding Mitel’s cloud solutions to our portfolio, they have access to an award-winning platform and collaboration applications they can use to differentiate their offerings and deliver an exceptional cloud experience to businesses throughout the Netherlands.”

Below are the key features and capabilities of Mitel’s MiCollab and MiTeam cloud-based unified communications and collaboration solutions.

MiCollab Online Collaboration Tool

  • Supports unified communications and team collaboration

  • Single, unified experience

  • Available on PC, mac, and mobile devices

  • Mobile-first design

  • Real-time voice and video calling

  • Video conferencing with Web sharing

  • Single number reach       

  • Simultaneous ringing / Mobile twinning

  • Persistent collaborative workspaces

  • Chat and group chat

  • File annotation

  • Contextual / Searchable message threads

  • WebRTC Web softphone

  • Conversations mirrored across all devices   

  • Calendar and Third-Party App integrations

  • Tap-to-connect team meetings

  • File sharing / Screen sharing

  • Secure remote working

  • Multi-region / Language support

MiTeam Collaboration Software

  • Available on iOS and Android devices

  • Store/archive data by project, subject or person

  • Instantly search and retrieve information, including emails, instant messaging conversations, documents, and more

  • Create automated alerts

  • Seamlessly import content

  • Annotate files   

  • Conversations mirrored across all devices in real time

  • Mobile-first design

  • Meetings

  • Video conferencing

  • Chats and Group chats








For more information about Mitel’s MiCloud platform and other innovative cloud-based solutions, visit Mitel’s website.


About Motto Communications

Motto Communications is one of the leading providers of business communication services in the Netherlands. The company delivers an online cloud distribution portal, the FLUX, that provides business partners the ability to match and/or combine the best suited cloud-based IT, networking, and telecommunications services for customers. Headquartered in Nuth and with sales offices based in Amsterdam, Motto delivers professional technology, administration, and legal support. The company has 200 partners and thousands of end-user customers that rely on Flux and Motto services.

About Mitel

Mitel is a global market leader in enterprise communications powering over two billion business connections. With over 2,500 channel partners and regional headquarters worldwide, Mitel helps businesses to seamlessly connect, collaborate, and better serve their customers. Mitel is considered as the faster-growing cloud communications provider and the only brand to appear in all five Gartner Magic Quadrants for business communications. The company delivers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based unified communications and collaboration solutions, business phones, and contact center solutions.