NetFortris and Fonality Join Forces to Expand Cloud Communications Offerings

Zenica JoyMay 23, 2017

Organizations seeking new methods and approaches to help grow their businesses and to help deliver value to both new and existing clients need to have customer-focused, collaborative-oriented partnerships with leading enterprises. Through strategic partnerships, organizations can strengthen their business by aiding each other in resolving issues as well as opening new areas for opportunities and revenue streams.

NetFortris, Inc., a leading provider of innovative cloud-based communication solutions, and Fonality, Inc., an innovator in software defined unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions, are two of the most recent companies to join in a partnership, adding to the lsit of mergers and acquisitions slowly amassing in the cloud communication industry. The partnership will help both companies expand their cloud communications offerings through their combined Partner program.

Making Cutting-edge UCaaS Solutions Easily Available to Partners

Companies seeking a trusted partner to provide security, mobility, connectivity, and dynamic UCaas software solutions for communication can take advantage of NetFortris and Fonality’s hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions combined with unified communication software.NetFortris Acquires Fonality

Through the Fonality and NetFortris’ partnership, both companies will not only expand their cloud communications offering but help create a next-generation cloud service that can help address the growing needs of a converging IT and communications market. This way, NetFortris and Fonality can help support and build stronger relationships with their channel partners and their customer base.

“This combination streamlines our ability to get in front of opportunities with an end-to-end solution from a trusted provider in the market,” said Bill Power, the CEO of The Alliance Partners. “Added sales, engineering, and marketing support for our partners and agents will mean growth in revenue and growth in our sales efforts with NetFortris. We’re extremely excited to get our partners on board with the full offering.”

With this new channel partner program, both NetFortris and Fonality can help their channel partners better serve their customer base with a comprehensive, cutting-edge end-to-end solution. By combining the two companies' cloud service offerings, their channel partners and end-user customers can take advantage of a wide range of cloud communication solutions that improve business efficiency and attracts new customers.

This innovative, next-generation cloud communication solution will also equip channel managers and their customers with security, management, and state-of-the-art unified communications as a service (UCaaS) in one bundle.  

What NetFortris and Fonality Partners Can Expect with the Merger

John Young, the Senior Vice President of Sales for NetFortris, shared how their partnership with Fonality can further enhance their relationship with their channel partners and customer base.John Young SVP of Sales for NetFortris

“While our relationships with channel partners already play a substantial role in NetFortris’ sales efforts, moving forward we plan to place even greater emphasis on working with the channel,” said Young. “Our new and improved channel partner program supports this goal while helping our partners achieve goals of their own.”

Through Fonality and NetFortris’ merger, the channel partners of both companies will have the ability to create new revenue opportunities by offering their customer base top quality integrated voice, data, and secure cloud UC solutions. Plus, the scalability and flexibility features of the NetFortris secure cloud UC offerings will also allow channel partners to easily grow their business and maximize margins.

At every tier of the NetFortris and Fonality partner program, channel partners will receive benefits that are designed to add value to their businesses as they continue to develop their organizations. The key benefits of the program include the following:

  • 20+ years of secure cloud-based communications, networking, and technology services;
  • Flexible and scalable cloud unified communications solutions with dedicated sales, system design, and customer support;
  • Comprehensive sales and technical training; and
  • Easy access to marketing collateral and partner portal that features the latest news, events, tips, testimonials, and FAQs.

NetFortris (together with Fonality) delivers reliable and consistent cloud-based communication services that focus on five principles:

  • Security. NetFortris’ private network, UCaaS solution, hosted firewalls, and specialized applications are equipped with security features to make it easier for partners and their customer base to manage a full-proof environment that safeguards sensitive business data, simplifies compliance, and keeps businesses secure at all costs.
  • Flexibility. With a flexible and creative approach to product configurations, NetFortris creates the business infrastructure and communications solutions that meet the specific needs of every organization.
  • Technology Expertise. The company’s state-of-the-art cloud-enabled communications, network, and infrastructure technologies are easily scalable and can be maintained and constantly upgraded at no additional cost.
  • Reliability. NetFortris’ network ensures connectivity, scalability, and optimal performance, delivering five-nines reliability with built-in redundancy, failover, and constant monitoring.
  • Dedication to Service. With a dedicated and trusted account team that has in-depth knowledge and strong commitment, NetFortris ensures that their communications infrastructure and technologies have the ability to solve support issues in an efficient way.

For further information about the partnership, visit NetFortris’ or Fonality’s website.


About NetFortris

NetFortris, Inc., the market leader in secure cloud-based communications, delivers unified voice, video, and data solutions that meet the unique and growing needs of every customer. Founded in 1994, NetFortris has been serving over 11,000 customers and thousands of users in different industries, including healthcare, financial services, retail, restaurants, and more. Headquartered in Seattle, WA and Plano, TX, NetFortris’ private, 10G MPLS network and integrated cloud-based solutions and applications are resilient, scalable, flexible, reliable, and highly secure.

About Fonality

Fonality, Inc. is one of the leading providers of software defined UCaaS solutions and business phone systems for small and mid-sized businesses. Established In 2004, the company providers award-winning communications solutions that are flexible and come with enterprise-grade features and functionality. Fonality helps more than 30,000 businesses in 99 countries communicate more efficiently while improving collaboration amongst vendors, employees,  and clients.