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VOSS Unviels Five New Solutions for Microsoft UC

Zenica JoyMay 30, 2017

Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) technologies provide the workforce with a new and efficient way to communicate and collaborate in order to streamline workflows and drive business productivity. By deploying Microsoft UC,  organizations can seamlessly manage their telephony systems and deliver efficient voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services so that they can focus on improving business efficiency for enhanced customer experience.

Windstream Partners with Telinta to Deliver Superior DID Solutions to VSPs

Zenica JoyMay 24, 2017

In today’s fast-paced world, telecom businesses need to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape by leveraging technologies that can strengthen their communication channels. One strategic approach to enhance communication solutions for telecom businesses is to incorporate direct inward dialing (DID) service into their telephony service. With the help of DID services, telecom businesses can improve the caller experience by enabling them to easily connect with employees, partners, and end-user customers in a seamless, faster, and cost-efficient way.

NetFortris and Fonality Join Forces to Expand Cloud Communications Offerings

Zenica JoyMay 23, 2017

Organizations seeking new methods and approaches to help grow their businesses and to help deliver value to both new and existing clients need to have customer-focused, collaborative-oriented partnerships with leading enterprises. Through strategic partnerships, organizations can strengthen their business by aiding each other in resolving issues as well as opening new areas for opportunities and revenue streams.

Interoute Partners with Rancher Lab to Enable Enterprises to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Zenica JoyMar 28, 2017

Digital transformation drives enterprises forward, enabling them to create a competitive advantage, to optimize their IT operations, and to maximize their business efficiency. By leveraging a robust container management platform, organizations can further support an enterprise's digital transformation initiative and meet the information and communications technology (ICT) demands that arise in today’s evolving business landscape. 

VOSS Solutions Collaborates with KCOM to Bring Integrated UC Management Solution to Businesses

Zenica JoyMar 23, 2017

Unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) tools continue to transform the workplace and reshape the business landscape, providing organizations with a faster, easier, and more seamless way to connect with workers, partners, and customers. As more and more businesses leverage the use of UC&C solutions, the need for a robust management platform that efficiently monitors and delivers these comprehensive communication methods has never been greater.

Enter the Solution: VOSS-4-UC Management Platform

Mitel Partners with Intelisys to Deliver Seamless Cloud-based Communications

Zenica JoyMar 10, 2017

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers need strategic alliances with technology services distributors to extend their reach into new markets and to deliver the best communications solutions to end-user customers across the world. Mitel, a global leader in cloud business communications, understands the importance of partnering with master agents to extend their reach. Given this, the company recently announced a partnership with Intelisys, a leading technology services distributor and master agent for telecom, cloud, and carrier services.