VoIP Provider

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers offer business, residential, and wholesale VoIP plans and solutions. VoIP providers are known for offering low-rate monthly plans that are flexible, scalable, and feature-rich.

JeraSoft Partners with DAS Solutions to Deliver High-Performance SMS Gateway

Zenica JoyJun 17, 2017

In a world where customer’s attention span has drastically decreased as their demand increases, using an innovative mobile messaging solution can give organizations the opportunity to get their messages across nearly instantaneously. Mobile messaging solutions like short message service (SMS) enables organizations to enhance customer interactions, improve their branding, and drive business sales. Through SMS technology, organizations can also help their employees foster productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

CounterPath Exec Shares Insights on Business Communication Trends

Zenica JoyJun 12, 2017

Communications solutions continue to evolve as the demands of organizations change depending on their business, industry, and employee needs. As businesses become more dynamic with teams dispersed over various office locations (and even remote employees, too), they need to leverage advanced technology solutions that can improve communication and collaboration and facilitate the delivery of clear and concise information across all platforms.

JeraSoft Rolls Out New IoT Billing Platform

Zenica JoyMay 19, 2017

In today’s digital age, the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer just a buzzword. The IoT has the potential to transform everyday life, redefining the way businesses work and how devices and people interact and connect with each other. With the advent of digital transformation, more sophisticated tools and technologies are created, bringing the IoT industry to a new level.

DMSL Delivers Hosted VoIP Solution to Power UK Businesses

Zenica JoyApr 20, 2017

Cloud-based services and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions empower organizations to be more confident in exploring and implementing new communication tools that can help to enhance business efficiency across all departments. Whether it’s for data storage, real-time analytics, or file sharing, using VoIP and other cloud-based services can help businesses seamlessly manage operational workflows, secure crucial information, boost employee productivity, and drive sales.

3CX Rolls Out New Cloud Deployment Tool, PBX Express

Zenica JoyApr 19, 2017

Organizations of all sizes and industries are turning to cloud services to help power their business operations, generate more sales, and increase their revenue. While legacy PBXs and on-site equipment used to be the norm, companies are now shifting and adapting to the new technologies and capabilities that the cloud is introducing. From data storage to security to real-time analytics, the introduction of the cloud in business communications is changing the way people communicate.

ShoreTel Teamwork Empowers Teams and Mobile Workers

Zenica JoyApr 10, 2017

Working effectively as a team can encourage good communication habits, enhance output quality, boost employee morale, and improve business efficiency. Tasks and projects are also accomplished at a much faster rate when completed by a team rather than an individual. With today’s dynamic, global workforce, possessing a strong team environment is crucial for the success of a business.

Metaswitch Adds New Features to Its Accession Unified Communications Platform

Zenica JoyApr 05, 2017

Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions empower businesses by providing them with easy-to-use features that address communication needs across multiple channels, anywhere, at any time. By seamlessly blending a host of productivity features and independent communication tools into a single, flexible, and collaborative environment, UC&C can fundamentally transform workplace interactions and enhance business efficiency.

3CX Partners with net2phone to Deliver Top-Level VoIP Solutions in the US

Zenica JoyApr 04, 2017

Communication is a crucial part of any business, and Voice over Internet Protocol (commonly referred to as "VoIP") has rapidly become the technology of choice for making and receiving high-quality voice calls. With robust included features on top of benefits such as financial savings, flexibility, mobility, and the multifunctionality, it makes good business sense to switch to VoIP and employ the help of a reliable VoIP provider.

Enghouse Interactive Unveils Quality Management Suite v 7.0

Zenica JoyApr 01, 2017

Contact centers provide actionable intelligence that drives ongoing improvement and enables organizations to deliver exceptional customer service. As digital technology continues to evolve and reshape businesses, contact centers now more than ever need a versatile communication platform for them to quickly and efficiently respond to customers needs in any channel, at any time.

Mitel Partners with EOH to Expand Cloud Communications Portfolio in South Africa

Zenica JoyMar 30, 2017

The cloud has the power to drive business innovation, helping small and mid-size enterprises and large companies streamline their operations and scale their investments. With its plethora of benefits for businesses, more and more organizations across the world are leveraging the cloud to significantly bolster economic growth and support their communications needs.