Numonix Exec Explains How Voice Interaction Recording Elevates Customer Experiences

Zenica JoyNov 28, 2017

Voice recording is no longer deemed a nicety but an absolute necessity for any organization, regardless of its size or client base. To improve customer satisfaction and overcome business performance challenges, organizations need to keep track of and record every customer interaction (including voice conversations) to help them identify, understand, and address various risks and customer issues that could potentially affect their business.

Numonix, a trusted provider of unified communications and Skype recording solution for businesses and service providers, has developed a platform that keeps track of every customer interaction and promotes effective risk management controls. Through RECITE, Numonix’s innovative interaction recording solution, the company provides customers seamless and secure interaction recording for all versions of Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Voip-Info recently spoke with Evan Kahan, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Numonix, to discuss the benefits of voice recording in the enterprise and how RECITE can help mitigate risks and improve customer service for businesses.

Why Voice Recording Matters for Business

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, companies of all sizes need to leverage the power of voice recording so that they can easily manage all call activities and keep track of every customer interaction, regardless of the platform that is being used to connect internal teams and their customer bases.Numonix Company Logo

“Audio or voice recording remains critical to businesses of all sizes to mitigate risk and improve customer service,” shared Kahan. “Without the 'voice of the customer', companies run blind in this regard. Having the recordings, they can replay the interaction as it happened in order to see what really occurred and have proof of that.” Through voice recording, businesses can gain insight into how their customers are truly being treated, and companies will feel empowered to improve their employees’ performance in order to deliver superior customer service. In this way, they can keep their loyal customers happy and drive the acquisition of new customers in the process.

According to Kahan, companies record calls for various reasons, including resolving he-said/she-said disputes, maintaining compliance (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, MiFID II, and GDPR) monitoring and improving customer service, verifying orders, garnering sales and marketing intelligence, improving call handling workflows, and more.

Popular Use Cases for Voice Recording

Kahan also highlights the following use cases (and accompanying examples) as the key drivers for a company’s desire to invest in an audio or voice recording solution:

  • Customer Service. An electronics company wants to monitor agents and customer interactions to identify service weaknesses so that they can improve customer service levels. Additionally, a company can measure and monitor its agents on both soft and hard service skills by capturing and analyzing recordings. From these, quality supervisors can identify skill deficiencies and re-train individuals in those specific areas.
  • Compliance. A mortgage agency has been flagged by the government for not complying with The Truth in Lending Act (and therefore faces infraction penalties) and wants to record calls so they can identify which individuals are not saying the right things on the phone.
  • Dispute Resolution. A cable company is faced with periodic customer disputes over promised refunds or service cancellations and wants to record these interactions so that they can have proof. Then, companies can replay the interaction for the customer to disprove any false claims.
  • Revenue Stream. A cloud service provider that delivers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service has fledgling sales. Call recording can act as a new revenue stream because they can offer this service to existing and new customers as an expansion of their services portfolio.
  • Marketing Intelligence. A product company wants to learn more about buying preferences so it records its customer calls to identify statements from buyers about why they prefer one product over another - or even one vendor over another.

Elevating the Recording Experience with Numonix

As a leading provider of interaction recording and quality management solutions, Numonix empowers businesses by improving customer service and enhancing the recording experience for Skype for Business users with their RECITE solution. An award-winning Interaction Recording solution, RECITE was certified by Microsoft to centrally and securely record and store any Skype for Business interaction, regardless of the type or location of the user.Recite Interaction Recording Diagram

With its versatility and enterprise-grade features, RECITE enables companies to record and listen to every interaction the way they want to. “Unlike any other interaction recording solution, Numonix offers a Windows 10-like tile dashboard displaying all relevant intelligence in a very easy to consume, highly customizable format,” said Kahan. “RECITE also offers 80 customizable widgets and dashboards, 100 replay permission levels, 8 recording modalities, 50 canned and modifiable reports, and 4 types of built-in storage support. No other recording solution on the planet offers this type of flexibility. ”

In addition to RECITE, Numonix also offers other solutions to aid in recording any interaction from different platforms including video, desktops, and chats. “Numonix also offers the industry's only true omnichannel playback,” added Kahan. “Our multimedia player offers the call audio, the agent's screen video, call details, and online chat all in a single window. This all-in-one playback experience provides quality supervisors with the tools they need to really pinpoint and address pressing performance issues.” Additionally, through the Numonix Advisor, a software that seamlessly keeps track of calls processed, disk usage, and error alarms, businesses can proactively monitor the health of the recording system in real time to ensure zero downtime.

Key Features of RECITE by Numonix

Numonix arms any business with customer and interaction intelligence to help them make better business decisions. With RECITE, companies can accelerate sales, enhance service, resolve disputes, and mitigate risks with ease.

According to Kahan, RECITE offers over 300 different customization options, making it one of the most versatile interaction recording solutions in the market. These include:

  • Support and compliance with ever leading unified communications and PBX vendor;
  • 4 types of recording - landline, mobile, VoIP, and Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams;
  • 80 widgets and dashboards;
  • 100 replay permission levels to regulate who can listen to interactions;
  • 8 recording technologies - support for passive IP, active IP, analog, T1/E1/J1, SIPREC, Radio, CTI/SMDR;
  • 4 types of built-in storage - Azure, Amazon, NAS, and SAN;
  • 4 types of deployments - single, multi-site, regional, and geographic;
  • Advanced features such as quality monitoring, widgets and dashboards, reports, APIs, and more at no extra charge; and
  • PBX hybrid, which can record multiple telephony environments simultaneously from the same recording solution, from different PBXs or even from Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams as well as VoIP.

Delivering Dynamic Customer Experiences with RECITE Skype for Business

According to a report from No Jitter, 55% of organizations leverage Skype for Business for chat (81%), voice (61%), phone (58%), video (48%), and as a replacement Private Branch eXchange or PBX (29%). And by 2018, it is projected that Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams (the new chat-based workspace in Office 365 that will replace the Skype for Business) will exceed 100 million enterprise seats.

Given this staggering statistic, it shows that Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams is having a profound impact on business communications. So for organizations wanting to enhance their communications solution, integrating Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams will enable them to improve client interaction and allow them to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers.numonix skype for business certified

Numonix understands this, and that is why they have been leveraging the power of Skype for Business to improve their performance and productivity. As one of the pioneers in Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams interaction recording, Numonix offers more than 6 ways to capture Skype for Business traffic. Because of this, they can help their partners with integrations to match any Skype deployment type that a customer has chosen. Kahan said that the most widely used integration is the intelligent scenario routing (IRS). This combines two of the most popular integrations for Skype into one “smart” integration, which determines the best and most optimal path a call needs to travel to be recorded.

Numonix also offers both server side and client side recording options for Skype. “Centralized, server-side architecture is almost always used in compliance and premise-based environments,” shared Kahan. “Recording can be activated for every call without user intervention or can be controlled by user or API for PCI masking as well as other international compliance standards.” With this ability to live monitor and listen in on any active conversation or use machine learning to garner deep insights into business communications, RECITE enables companies to get the most out of their Skype communications.

Additionally, Numonix supports media bypass, team calling, delegates, and response groups. Combined with Active Directory (AD) synchronization and support for highly resilient global deployments, Numonix's product offerings meet the needs of both SMB and enterprise customers.  Currently, the company has over 100,000 users taking advantage of the product to capture their Skype interactions.

Beyond Voice Recording

Aside from cloud communications and the onset of mobile devices, there are a wide array of technology solutions that are rapidly disrupting and transforming the communication space. According to Kahan, the biggest trend that is reshaping today’s business communication landscape is “omni-communications". This terminology relates to the multiple communications modalities including call, chat, the social media, and other platforms that a customer uses to interact with a business. “By capturing Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams and offering the industry's only omnichannel playback, we are indeed changing the game as it's played today to offer a complete interaction replay experience,” said Kahan.


About Numonix

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Numonix is one of the only two Microsoft-Certified Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams recording providers. Founded in 2013, the company offers the most versatile unified communications and Skype recording solution for businesses and service providers, featuring over 300 customization options, a Windows 10-like tile dashboard, and enhanced omnichannel playback. Some of Numonix’s biggest customers include Marriott, Pepsi, University of Pennsylvania, and Brussels Airlines.