Ooma Unveils New Partner Program for Internet Service Providers

Zenica JoyApr 24, 2017

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) serve as gateways to the online community. Businesses and private individuals depend on ISPs to access the Internet from home or an office location. But in addition to providing basic Internet connectivity to users, ISPs also offer related Internet services such as web hosting, email, security services, and access to software tools. Because of the important role that ISPs play in delivering Internet connectivity and related services for both residential and corporate customers, telecommunications companies need to provide adequate support to these ISP partners to ensure their success.

Ooma, a trusted telecommunications company and provider of business and residential Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, understands the value of ISPs in the communications market; and thus, they launched a new partner program aimed at Internet Service Providers. This new partner program provides ISPs access to Ooma's cloud-based phone system, voice services, consolidated billing, and a co-branded activation page. Ooma will also provide online training to ISP partners so their customer service agents can effectively deliver high-quality customer support.

Empowering Internet Service Providers through Ooma’s Partner Program

Following the success of Ooma Office Partner Program for solutions providers, the company aims to allow provider partners to target small-business customers through its ISP Partner Program. This will also allow ISPs to join Ooma's Office program for solution provider partners.tim sullivan vp of sales at ooma

According to Ooma’s Vice President of Sales, Tim Sullivan:

“The Ooma ISP Partner Program will focus on recruiting local wireless ISP providers and arming them with voice services for their Internet subscribers. Now, regional ISPs can partner with [Ooma] for the voice component of their triple play, which is a really strong value-add that they need to compete with the big guns in the area, like Comcast and Spectrum."

In an exclusive interview with CRN, Sullivan also talked about the demand for more stable Internet services in regional and rural areas. “Regional and sometimes rural providers that are providing broadband to underserved communities not reached by the large cable companies is a budding market," said Sullivan. "There is a big opportunity there that we are seeing, and we think there is really value there for the ISP."

With this new program, ISP partners can offer a competitive phone service to rural areas without problems like tax filings or having to become a registered Local Exchange Provider (LEC) with the Federal Communications Commission.

Delivering Award-Winning Small Business Phone Solutions with Ooma

Ooma was initially a VoIP provider of solely residential phone services and only extended their services to business customers starting in 2013. And now, with the recent launch of their new partner program for Internet Service Providers, Ooma aims to empower the ISP community by helping them deliver robust voice services for their Internet subscribers.  

Through the program, ISPs will also have the opportunity to earn recurring residual income on Ooma's phone services including Ooma Office service and their cloud-based phone system coupled with either IP-based and analog phone products. Plus, the ISP program also lets providers sell Ooma's services to residential customers.

What Makes Ooma Office Stand Out?

VoIP telephone systems make use of the Internet and leverage local hardware to deliver high-quality voice calls. Compared to alternative systems, a VoIP setup is more affordable and easy to install and manage. Most VoIP providers offer a 'plug-and-play' system, meaning that you simply need to connect your devices to be up and running in a matter of minutes. Ooma is one of the providers that offers this easy setup.

With Ooma Office, businesses can save up to an average of 71% on their monthly phone bill when compared to traditional phone service providers. This is thanks to their easy do-it-yourself installation paired with the power of cloud computing, which allows Ooma Office Business to enhance enterprise communications and thus help organizations improve their efficiency and productivity. Most importantly, Ooma Office charges a low monthly fee. ooma office do-it-yourself installation

Here are some of the key capabilities and features of Ooma Office:

  • Big business features. Ooma Office offers a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, conferencing, and other enterprise-grade features.
  • Easy setup. Ooma offers a do-it-yourself installation. The company also delivers 24/7 support and requires no new wiring.
  • Keep your existing phone number. With Ooma, businesses have the option to port their existing number to Ooma Office or pick a new number in any area code for free. Plus, using Ooma requires no special phones or equipment.
  • Music-on-Hold. This feature entertains customers on hold with music and/or marketing promotions.
  • Scalability. Ooma Office supports up to 20 users with the purchase of additional hardware. Each additional user is only $19.95/month and includes a virtual fax and phone number.
  • Accessible. The company’s system can handle simultaneous outgoing and incoming calls with incoming calls rolling over to voicemail.

To learn more about Ooma and their wide range of communication solutions for homes and businesses, please visit their official website.

About Ooma

Ooma (OOMA) is a trusted telecommunications company that delivers top quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones for homes and businesses. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the company strives to transform the landscape of business and home phone service with its cloud-based smart platform that delivers high quality, advanced features, and connected services. Following its success in the home through Ooma Telo, the company launched the Ooma Office, an enterprise-level phone service for small enterprises. Today, Ooma offers cloud-based telephony, home security, internet security, and other connected services.