Orange Business Services Strengthens Hybrid Network Offering with Riverbed SD-WAN

Zenica JoyApr 12, 2017

The advent of digital transformation has changed the business landscape, opening a world of new opportunities for organizations. The exponential growth of cloud technologies and software-defined IT solutions enable organizations to efficiently deliver and manage applications and data by leveraging software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solutions.

But what exactly is SD-WAN and how can businesses benefit from this modern networking solution? In this article, readers will learn more about SD-WAN technology. Pierre-Louis Biaggi, the Vice President of Connectivity Business Unit at Orange Business Services, also offers insight on the benefits of integrating Riverbed's SD-WAN solution for enterprises. As a key part of the Orange network-as-a-service strategy, Riverbed's SD-WAN solution helps customers simplify the management of hybrid networks and optimize the performance of both cloud and business applications.

Advantages of SD-WAN Technology

Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) strengthens branch office networking and helps boost business communication and application performance. Unlike a traditional Wide Area Network (WAN) connection, SD-WAN delivers the following benefits for organizations:

  • Reduces costs by eliminating reliance on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) connections to interconnect remote sites.
  • Boosts performance by leveraging faster broadband connections and multiple network paths for certain applications, including the cloud.
  • Improves network agility by minimizing manual configuration steps through enhanced programmability and automation.
  • Future-proofs WAN for cloud computing
  • Simplifies network management for multi-site organizations
  • Adapts to rapidly changing application and business requirements.

Simplifying Hybrid Network Management with Riverbed SD-WAN

To deliver powerful, highly intuitive SD-WAN service to end users, Orange Business Services, a trusted IT and communications services provider, has integrated Riverbed’s SteelConnect technology into its hybrid network portfolio. By leveraging SteelConnect, Orange aims to strengthen their hybrid network offering with the use of a powerful software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution. The collaboration also enables both companies to work together to develop a virtual network function (VNF) that business customers can deploy on universal customer premise equipment (uCPE) at their site.pierre louis biaggi of orange business services

“Historically, Orange and Riverbed have a strong relationship with joint innovation commitments to support developments in the network and cloud. Riverbed is a key partner, and we are working closely with them to integrate their SD-WAN technology into our network. This will provide our customers with yet more choice and simplicity in how they manage their infrastructure,” said Pierre-Louis Biaggi, the Vice President of Connectivity Business Unit at Orange Business Services.

“What is special, I would say, in the Riverbed announcement is our way to do SD-WAN …  the fact is that often SD-WAN solutions are fully over-the-top solutions, meaning, you create any-to-any links between sites without taking benefit of the underlying network,” Biaggi added. “With this [our announcement], we are taking the benefit of the MPLS network that we have because this SD-WAN is fully compatible with all the services that we have already provided to our customers: ex: SIP trunking … access to cloud service providers. And the way we integrate with Riverbed is fully compatible with our existing services.”

Steel Connect, Riverbed's SD-WAN solution, delivers an intuitive and simplified approach to deploying, designing, and managing distributed networks for hybrid enterprises. With the use of SteelConnect, enterprises can quickly set up global networks with easy management, thereby providing a superior, cost-efficient end user experience. Plus, business performance can be improved using real-time routing via the optimum links available between different networks.

Phil Harris, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Service Provider Vertical at Riverbed, had this to say about SteelConnect:

“With the launch of our SD-WAN solution SteelConnect integrated into Orange’s hybrid network portfolio, Orange and Riverbed continue their journey of co-development aimed at rapidly introducing new services to the market in response to customers’ changing needs as they move more apps and services to the cloud. We look forward to even greater market acceleration as we leverage more of our joint portfolio and explore new options like the Service Delivery Platform announced at Mobile World Congress this year.”

A Revolutionary Application-Defined SD-WAN Solution from Riverbed

As a cutting-edge application-defined SD-WAN solution, SteelConnect technology provides enterprises with a simplified and intelligent approach for them to design, deploy, and manage distributed networks and henceforth optimize the performance of applications. The solution consists of a centralized management console and subsequent appliances that administrators can use to view network health, deploy appliances, and make changes to policy. riverbed sdwan solution steelconnect

Developed by Riverbed, a leading provider of integrated SD-WAN, WAN optimization, performance management, and cloud-ready branch solutions, SteelConnect uses the principles of software-defined (SD) control to provide the following benefits to organizations:

  • Helps scale large environments, including data centers.
  • Provides simple and powerful workflows for policy definition based on a new set of primitives to reflect the natural language of business: Users, Sites,  Applications, Performance, and Security.
  • Delivers integrated application acceleration and visibility capabilities in a single-box, dual-box, virtual, or cloud-based solution.
  • Offers single-click setup of SD-WAN and application acceleration capabilities in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud environments.
  • Enables user-to-server control, wherever the user (mobile or static) or server (on-premises or cloud) might be located.

For more information about their software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) technologies, visit Orange Business Services and Riverbed.


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