OzoneTel Exec Explains the Advantages of Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions

Zenica JoyJul 27, 2017

Delivering exceptional customer service has always been the number one priority for contact center agents. However, with the evolving needs of organizations and the ever-changing expectations of customers, trying to keep up with the demands of today’s smart consumers can be daunting. To stay relevant in the customer service industry, contact centers must make the transition from the traditional idea of call-taking facilities into the best all-channel hubs that provide a consistent, convenient, and satisfying customer experience.

In this article, Chaitanya Chokkareddy, the Chief Innovation Officer at Ozonetel, a leading cloud telephony solutions provider, discusses how today's contact centers can stay competitive and shares with Voip-Info how Ozonetel's cloud-based contact center solution helps enhance customer engagement and optimize user experience.

Transforming Contact Center Operations and Performance

The rapid adoption of cloud-based solutions by many businesses has changed how contact centers operate. With the flexibility, productivity, and cost-efficiency benefits that the cloud delivers, a majority of contact centers are moving to cloud-based solutions to support the ever-evolving needs of their ozonetel logo consumers with real-time tools and applications.

“The cloud has brought the same big advantages to other software solutions and products, not just with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and telecom," said Chokkareddy. “The cloud enables all abilities (flexibility, reliability, etc.) and everything gets supercharged. The biggest advantage is that traditional call centers used to take months to adopt, with connectivity, equipment, and more... Now, users can easily be setup on-site, login, and start taking calls almost immediately. It has changed the way that people think about cloud based contact centers.”

Aside from promoting a better user experience and enhancing customer service responsiveness, the cloud also simplifies workflows and offers security for businesses. “The cloud makes it easy to browse and find things like call records; what used to take numerous days now takes nearly no time at all,” said Chokkareddy. “Plus, the cloud is much more reliable because the provider’s data center is protected.”

Chokkareddy also believes that contact centers need to strengthen their communications platform with powerful telephony solutions not only to boost employee productivity, but also to ensure a high standard of service for customers. “Businesses right now need help with their business phone systems, and when businesses are starting from the ground up and establishing themselves, a website and a phone number should be immediate considerations,” said Chokkareddy. And with Ozonetel’s cloud-based solution, CloudAgent, the company makes it much easier for businesses and their agents to possess a phone system that works.

“When the company launched CloudAgent in 2011 in India, at that time most businesses had unresponsive phone systems: they used to have only phones with no voicemails,” revealed Chokkareddy. “But now people have started to adopt easier, stable, reliable, and real storage, so agents are much more responsive now that the cloud can help them move and track their activities.”

Choosing the Right Contact Center Solution

With today’s businesses communicating through various platforms and tools, contact centers need to leverage the right solution to improve customer engagement and enhance the user experience. 

According to Chokkareddy, there are the two crucial factors that contact centers must consider when looking for the ideal solution:

  1. Flexibility - With today’s modern workforce becoming more dispersed, contact centers need to take into account the flexibility of their communications solution. “From my experience, the biggest feature is flexibility,” said Chokkareddy. “What we have observed is that business needs are always changing (ie. how they want to treat call flows, how to add agents on the fly for holidays, or how to adjust for high call volume times).”
  2. Integration - Aside from flexibility, another crucial factor to consider is integration. “After all, no call center is an island,” said Chokkareddy. “They are always connected to something, whether it be a CRM or support ticket system. The more integrations a contact center offers off the block, the better.” Indeed, the ability to bring in applications and tools together in a single location helps contact centers to seamlessly manage their workflows and facilitate better communication without having to access multiple devices.

Aside from these factors, Chokkareddy advised that contact centers need to consider the user experience in addition to the customer experience when choosing the ideal cloud-based solution.

“When looking at our product, the end customers have always been the agents: they are the ones who will use the software all day, and if they get fatigued or frustrated using the software, then it is lost,” said Chokkareddy. “You have to consider the possibility of information overload. Our solution is very non-intrusive and it tries to stay out of the way.  Because of this, agents can log in, do their job, and receive pop ups with notifications for calls or other tasks. The user experience is most important because a happy agent can create a happy client.”

Enhancing User Experience and Customer Engagement in Contact Centers with Ozonetel

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, with a satellite office in San Francisco, California, Ozonetel is transforming contact center operations through their non-intrusive, cloud-based contact center solution.

So how can Ozonetel’s cutting-edge contact center solution enhances the user experience and deliver exceptional service to customers? Here are the solutions that make Ozonetel stand out in the contact center business.ozontel's cloudagent concept

  • CloudAgent.   A majority of today's cloud solutions are using some form of VoIP, but Ozonetel’s CloudAgent uses a mix of internet technology with PSTN technologies to create this cloud-based solution. “Ours was one of the first cloud-based contact center companies at the time when it launched,” said Chokkareddy. “One of the biggest advantages Ozonetel has is zero installation. And although there were lots of single solutions that used to be a hybrid approach using the cloud and a softphone, we were one of the first companies to say that there is nothing to install: simply log in and use it.” By taking advantage of this cloud-based solution, contact centers can improve their agents' performance, promote better customer engagement, and boost their bottom line.  

  • BrandAgent. As an online marketing communications platform, Ozonetel’s BrandAgent empowers companies to communicate, connect, and engage with millions of consumers through its self-serve and managed-serve features. “Our initial thought process was to do just a platform, and so we made [CloudAgent]; but once the contact center piece was built, a number of queries were coming in for dial up/lead generation, support solution pieces, and there was even a need for the marketing department,” said Chokkareddy. “Thus, we have designed solutions for the marketing department that enabled them to upload customer phone numbers and dial out, reach out, and place marketing information accordingly.”

Beyond Voice Solutions

As a leader in cloud telephony solutions, Ozonetel understands the need to leverage different solutions and employ all channels (i.e. voice, email, social media, SMS, chat, and more) in order to communicate effectively and to deliver superior services to customers.

“Although mobile is not a big factor for contact centers, we have been trying to partner with leading companies that support mobile services as opposed to building them ourselves,” said Chokkareddy. “Currently, we are working with Moxtra and building alongside them. We do these integrations with partners who are already mobile-enabled.”

Chokkareddy also believes that for contact centers to grow, they need to evolve and transcend beyond voice. “We don't believe a contact center is just voice: we believe it should go beyond voice,” said Chokkareddy. “While voice is important, going forward a lot of things are happening in the solution space. For instance, email was initially there from the beginning, but then numerous APIs (like Facebook Messenger) were launched and introduced to the market. And what we have learned over time is that you need to have a clean blended agent so that a single agent can handle a call, respond to an email, tweet, make a Facebook post, and more (regardless of the channel).”  

With Ozonetel’s contact center software, agents can easily install and leverage features to provide their customers with the best service. “We have been big on APIs from the beginning, and our cloud center is completely API enabled; users can even just use some pieces if they want,” said Chokkareddy.

To learn more about Ozonetel’s comprehensive cloud-based telephony solutions, please visit Ozonetel’s website.

About Ozonetel

Ozonetel is a market leader in cloud telephony solutions. Established in 2007, Ozonetel has been helping contact centers provide call management tools and analytics tools to monitor and track user interaction for enhanced customer service experience. The company’s powerful cloud-based platform integrates well with major CRM like Salesforce, Zoho, and SugarCRM. Ozonetel provides unparalleled customer service capabilities through its comprehensive business communications solutions that include  Cloud PBX, Cloud Contact Center, Cloud IVR, Voice SMS Campaign, SMS Campaign, KooKoo Platform, and more.