PanTerra Unveils Next-Gen Unified Cloud Service to Power Mid-Market Enterprises

Zenica JoyMay 20, 2017

In an era dominated by cost control and the need for efficiency, organizations need to look at technology and communication solutions that can simplify workflows and improve business productivity. In order to support efficiency for mobile and globally distributed workers and to foster productivity in the workplace, companies need to take advantage of cloud-based unified communications (UC) solutions.

Driven by the needs of businesses and end-users looking to find high-quality cloud services, PanTerra Networks, the leading provider of Unified Cloud services, has recently introduced its next-generation UC solution, Streams. Combining real-time communication, multi-media team messaging, and secure cloud file sync and share, Streams promotes more efficient team collaboration and more effective customer interactions.  

Taking Business Communication to a Whole New Level

Unified communications (UC) systems bridge the gap between data, voice, and mobile networks. By integrating technology platforms such as instant messaging, voicemail, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), presence, and mobility, UC solutions have the power to increase productivity and enhance the end-user experience.

As a game-changing cloud service, PanTerra’s next-generation unified communications solution takes team collaboration and business communication to a whole new level. Arthur Chang, the President and CEO of PanTerra, said that Streams has a plethora of features that can benefit enterprises.PanTerra CEO and President Arthur Chang

"PanTerra has always led the industry in unified cloud functionality, reliability and security, Streams delivers the future of business communications… today, “ said Chang. "Anyone that has experienced Streams in action comes away with one word... Wow. Users of the service comment on how immediate the benefits of a unified cloud solution are realized through improvement in their workflow and industry analysts were blown away at how much functionality was seamlessly integrated into a simple, easy to use interface. We are super excited to see such a positive reception of Streams.”  

By leveraging Streams, businesses can take advantage of new enhancements that enable their workers, customers, and partners have the ultimate communication experience. According to a press release from the provider, this next-generation UC solution optimizes team collaboration with its ability to “share text, links, images, video, audio, files, folders and even live broadcast streams, tighter unified applications, advanced ConnectMe conferencing features and improved overall usability and performance between applications.” Plus, its graphical analytics and real-time reports offer more visibility to services, especially for call center managers.  

Delivering Powerful Unified Cloud Services with PanTerra Streams

Unveiled this month, Streams is a feature-rich and more viable replacement to PanTerra’s previous UC solutions, WorldSmart. As the company’s next-generation unified cloud service, Streams delivers the most advanced, easy-to-use, and secure cloud IT platform available for mid-market businesses.Stream Next-Gen Unified Cloud Service

Streams is a business-class, ultra-reliable, HIPAA secure, and future-proof unified cloud service that can be custom configured by user basis and deployed worldwide. This mobile solution is easily accessible via desktop browser or dedicated iOS and Android mobile app. All features of Streams are available on any device so workers can communicate and collaborate anytime and anywhere. 

This new UC solution boosts business efficiency and simplifies IT management while significantly reducing operating expenses by combining these four key features: 

Unified Collaborations Team Collaboration File Sync & Share Business Analytics
  • Intelligent PBX
  • Built-in Call Center
  • Mobile Support
  • Full File Sync & Share
  • Unified Solution
  • Integration & Interoperability
  • Administration
  • SentraCloud Managed Services
  • SentraCloud FAQ
  • Multi-Media Messaging
  • Persistent Messaging
  • Full File Sync & Share
  • Mobility Built-in
  • Unified Solution
  • Administration




  • Built-In Real-time Communications
  • Unlimited, Secure File Sharing
  • Mobile Support
  • Enhanced Security
  • Integration & Interoperability
  • Administration


  • Real-Time Metrics
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Detailed Periodic Reporting
  • Call-In Campaign Analytics



As the next-generation UC solution, Streams delivers UC and team messaging services that can upgrade or replace a business’ existing communication infrastructure. Streams also enables every user to be in control, helping them create teams, apply permissions, and assign multiple administrators in a seamless way. Below are the key benefits of using Stream UC solution:  

  • Saves time and money,
  • Enables users to be more responsive,
  • Eliminates obsolescence,
  • Helps businesses become global and mobile,
  • Drives sales productivity, and
  • Improves team collaboration.

All Streams services can be provided through SentraCloud, a fully Managed Service offering from PanTerra that provides complete management of all critical cloud services, including optional last mile Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) connectivity and any related on-premises networking equipment.  


For further information about Streams and how it can benefit businesses and their end-user customers, please visit PanTerra’s official website. Also, learn more about the company’s complete suite of cloud-based unified communications and team collaboration solutions by visiting PanTerra’s Solutions page.


About PanTerra

PanTerra Networks, the market leader in cloud communications and cloud services, seamlessly delivers UC, team messaging, contact center, file sync & share, and business analytics solutions to mid-market enterprises. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, PanTerra is on a mission to redefine how organizations conduct business by providing the most comprehensive suite of cloud-based, fully managed IT services that empower the workforce. With global consistency, infinite scalability, and dynamic elasticity, PanTerra offers innovative Unified Cloud services that reduce operating cost and capital expense while providing organizations streamlined solutions that can enhance employee productivity and boost business efficiency.