PGi Drives Enterprise Efficiency with New Product and Service Offerings

Zenica JoyMay 17, 2017

Online collaboration tools enable organizations to effortlessly communicate with their workers, improve business management, and make the work more efficient without geographic limits. For organizations looking to improve how they connect, collaborate, and share information with their teams, leveraging a robust collaboration solution is essential to help streamline workflows and drive enterprise productivity.

As a market leader in the collaboration space, PGi recently introduced offerings that enable organizations and IT teams to maximize their Microsoft Skype for Business investments and thus drive business efficiency. These collaboration solutions include Global Voice Network, CustomInvite, Global Customer Care, and Modality Systems Strategic Consulting. 

Boosting Business Productivity with PGi

Today’s work practice involves using technologies such as the cloud, mobile devices, and unified communication and collaboration tools or applications that empower workers to converse clearly, organize and share files and emails, and accomplish tasks in a seamless way.John Stone EVP of PGi International

With PGi’s newest offering, the company aims to help IT teams maximize their Skype for Business investments by focusing on areas where organizations use collaboration solutions. The new service also helps simplify global conference calling on mobile devices with the integration of Skype for Business to enable audio conferencing at all times, regardless of the location.

“Our customers look to PGi as the trusted advisor on all things collaboration,” said John Stone, the Executive Vice President and Managing Director at PGi International. “As a long-standing leader in the space, PGi has a broad and deep portfolio of collaboration software and services. Our goal is to continue providing services and support that not only propel productivity from our own solutions but also leverage our global customer care teams to troubleshoot other collaboration investments.”

How PGi Helps Organizations Maximize Microsoft Skype for Business Investments

When collaboration tools and services do not work, business productivity slows down to a halt. To address the issues about quality, provisioning, deployment, poor adoption, and/or lack of support when organizations decide to use Skype for Business, companies can leverage PGi's latest collaboration solutions.

As the largest dedicated provider of collaboration and conferencing solutions worldwide, PGi’s newest product and service offerings aim to enhance collaboration for employees. With 25 years of service as a pure-play collaboration provider, PGi is using its decades of experience to work with IT teams and design capabilities that enable them to maximize Skype for Business investments and drive enterprise efficiencies.PGi for Microsoft Skype for Business

Key Benefits of using PGi’s new Skype for Business Offering

  • Global, mobile, and simple conference calling. By integrating PGi’s conference calling into Skype for Business, organizations can ensure that audio conferencing will work anytime and anywhere. With half a million users and more than 160 international dial-in numbers to power business meetings every day, call quality and audio integration will be the same around the world.
  • Simplify connectivity. Using PGi’s Agenday app enables remote and mobile workers to have a secure and convenient way to one-click connect to any conference call while using their mobile devices. This way, workers do not need to memorize numbers or search for passcodes.
  • Easy Outlook meeting invitations. Through CustomInvite, enterprises have the ability to customize the Skype for Business meeting experience with custom templates that deliver a consistent brand image across the business.
  • Drive better activation rates. Seamless implementation services (that include enhanced Skype for Business implementation and adoption processes) helps drive better activation rates of new collaboration tools.
  • 24/7 global support. PGi provides global help and support that is available around the clock. Through PGi’s customer program, IT teams do not have to take on the burden of supporting end-user questions and troubleshooting around Skype for Business.
  • Offers strategic planning and consulting services. Through PGi’s Modality Systems, IT leaders can connect with trusted advisors who can help them easily navigate the complexities of a Microsoft Office 365 deployment or Skype for Business transition.

PGi has solutions for every collaboration needs. For more information about the company’s latest collaboration software and services, please visit PGi’s official website.

About PGi

PGi is the leading global provider of collaboration software and services with a simple goal to “help people and businesses connect and collaborate”. Established in 1991, the company has supported the collaboration needs of enterprises, providing them with productivity tools that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, PGi has been hosting over 1.2 billion people from 155 countries in nearly 300 million virtual meetings. The organization also has nearly 50,000 enterprise customers including 75 percent of the Fortune 100 companies. PGi’s award-winning Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) software and services are globally available and scalable for every business need. For 25 years, PGi has been developing new and innovative solutions that help drive business efficiency. Their broad portfolio of products for collaboration includes the following:  

Web and Video Conferencing

  • GlobalMeet Web Conferencing
  • iMeet Video Conferencing
  • iMeet Video Room Connector


Webcasting and Webinars

  • iMeetLive Webcasting
  • GlobalMeet Webinar
  • Event Conferencing


Audio Conference Calls

  • GlobalMeet Audio Conferencing
  • Operator Assisted Conference Calls


Integrated Audio

  • For Skype for Business
  • For WebEx




Productivity Solutions

  • Project Management
  • Mobile Meeting App




AdvantEdge Customer Implementation