PGi Unveils New GlobalMeet to Promote Better Virtual Meeting Experiences

Zenica JoyFeb 01, 2018

As today’s organizations move to a globalized and more mobile workforce, the need for superior collaboration solutions has become a necessity for businesses wanting to improve their productivity and efficiency. Web conferencing tools that deliver enterprise-grade audio and video output, for instance, are becoming highly favorable as these solutions enable teams to experience better engagement and communication from virtually anywhere.

Just recently, the largest dedicated provider of collaboration solutions in the world, PGi, has been making waves in the business communication space as they introduced the newest version of their innovative and intuitive audio, video, and web collaboration solution. In an interview with Voip-Info, Sean Spradling, the Chief Product Office at PGi, shared how the company’s upgraded GlobalMeet 5.0 empowers businesses by allowing quicker and more effective team engagement and collaboration, while also meeting the needs of global IT organizations. Spradling also discussed how their new web conferencing platform has been optimized and updated with features that are simple and effective in promoting a more engaging virtual meeting experience.

The Changing Face of Business Collaboration

The way we communicate and work has changed drastically over the past few decades. Nowadays, communicating and collaborating with workers no longer means sending long email streams or being in the same conference room with colleagues. With the rise of mobile technology and the advent of cloud communications solutions, today’s global and distributed workforce can enjoy seamless collaboration experience, anytime and anywhere and with the use of any device.

Sean Spradling Chief Product Officer at PGi
Sean Spradling, the Chief Product Officer at PGi

According to Spradling, our work habits have evolved and everything has gotten so fast-paced that the old ways of collaborating can no longer solve today’s complex business challenges. “Currently, there’s no time to schedule a meeting two weeks needs to be a working session that needs to happen now,” said Spradling. To keep up with the ever-changing demands of the business and improve employee productivity in the process, organizations must embrace new methods of collaboration such as web conferencing. “In general, things move so quickly now that if you’re not also ‘behaving impatiently’ or moving fast, then you’re kind of in the way,” added Spradling. “As things have accelerated there just isn’t time for the old agenda methodology.”

“Of course there are still reasons to have a traditional personalized web-based conferencing (PWC) experience and that’s where a lot of market still is...but as you look at smaller funded startups that are succeeding, it really is about having faster, moving working sessions.” For Spradling, in order for businesses and their teams to succeed, they need to have faster, more engaging meeting room sessions, and this can be achieved using PGi's GlobalMeet 5.0.

Delivering Superior and Intuitive Web Conferencing Experiences with PGi

To give users a simpler and more engaging experience with their communications strategies, PGi has re-invented GlobalMeet, the company’s flagship audio, video, and web collaboration solution. Using the latest in cloud-based technology to bring additional functionalities into the new version, PGi aids IT teams to manage their enterprise collaboration in a seamless way as well as helps users get work done people using GlobalMeet during virtual meeting

“GlobalMeet connects teams with the highest quality, easiest-to-use audio, web, and video conferencing solution while establishing a clear path for the development of additional communications features that will drive enterprise productivity,” said Patrick Harper, the Chief Technology Officer at PGi.

Leveraging HTML5 and WebRTC technologies, the new GlobalMeet 5.0 delivers high-quality, intuitive user experience with its upgraded features and new capabilities. “Our solution is pure HTML5 and WebRTC, and we have a software desktop version for the stuff that is not native to WebRTC,” shared Spradling. “We wanted to offer both of these and not a slimmed down version of a meeting...instead, we are pushing for a rich meeting experience straight in your browser. And then, if you need more advanced features, then we have the desktop software that you can install. The implementation of the product itself is important, and this is because full meeting solutions without software implementation frequently include training sessions.”

How PGi’s GlobalMeet Improves Virtual Meetings

PGi’s GlobalMeet 5.0 enables businesses to experience better engagement and communication with its upgraded capabilities. The key features and functionalities of the new GlobalMeet 5.0 include the following:PGi's GlobalMeet Logo

  • Modern, user-friendly interface. Built on user testing and interactive feedback, GlobalMeet’s fresh, modern design ensures that the platform is easy-to-use for average customers and large IT organizations. “The GlobalMeet 5.0 platform talks to the entire design flow that we are building and creating,” said Spradling. “We have set up two releases: a standard client release for the average customer who is moving fast as possible in order to meet demands, and then the slower release for larger IT institutions so that they can move things around more slowly to maintain some control.”
  • Easy and reliable online meeting access. GlobalMeet 5.0 delivers consistent, full-featured experience by offering frictionless meeting entry with one-click access from any browser and device. The updated version enables teams to easily join meetings via desk phone, mobile phone, or softphone, and hear and/or see the crystal-clear audio and video. “With regards to mobility, even if I’m in the office, a huddle room, or a conference room, I can work with just a cell phone by using GlobalMeet,” shared Spradling.
  • High-quality global audio and video conferencing. PGi’s HD video and audio help enhance and optimize the meeting experiences by promoting a more engaging conversation. “The GlobalMeet 5.0 can bring people into the conversation with both audio and video mode,” said Spradling. “There are plenty of times when people come into a meeting and have a conversation that starts off as audio and then escalates from we are putting users in a room where anyone can start up video. Anyone can add video value to a meeting to help boost productivity.”
  • Simple and easy to use video and screen sharing. The latest version of the GlobalMeet provides users with a simple and user-friendly platform that supports multipoint video and screen sharing. “Participants of the online meeting can start with a rich conversation, then if they need to share files or screenshare, all of those options are in the solution,” said Spradling.

Aside from these enterprise-grade features, what makes PGi’s GlobalMeet 5.0 stand out from other solutions is its emphasis on delivering better user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). “We have talked a lot about UI and UX, and that becomes increasingly vital as technology capabilities are onboarded to HTML5 and WebRTC, the UX becomes king,” said Spradling. “We are ahead in that arena with this release of GlobalMeet 5.0, and we continue to invest to stay ahead.”

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