RingCentral Glip Helps Healthcare Professionals Optimize Patient Care

Zenica JoyMar 17, 2017

In the healthcare industry, the way in which doctors, staff members, and other medical professionals communicate and collaborate can have a profound impact on patients’ well-being. Ineffective and disjointed communication in hospitals, doctor's offices, or other healthcare facilities can have detrimental consequences, causing workplace conflict, and medical errors, or worse, jeopardize the safety of patients under their care.

To empower healthcare professionals to communicate clearly and effectively, they need a reliable communication solution to help them deliver an accurate diagnosis, give clear therapeutic instructions, and optimize patient care. One great solution that organizations can select to improve communication in the healthcare sector is RingCentral Glip, a collaboration software that increases productivity and team collaboration among professionals.

As an HIPAA-compliant conduit, RingCentral Glip aims to empower healthcare professionals by providing a single, unified team workspace where they can communicate and collaborate faster and more effectively. Glip streamlines workflows by offering a secure and robust unified communications solution that can help to optimize the speed and quality of patient care.

Addressing the Demand for Reliable Communications Solutions in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the US, employing over 18 million workers, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a leading public health institute under the Department of Health and Human Services.

With millions of health care professionals working in remote locations across several offices each and every day, there is a great need for a mobile-first communications solution in the healthcare industry. Fortunately, leading telecom and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers now offer specifically designed unified communications and collaborations (UC&C) solutions to help healthcare professionals better serve patients. One of these leading providers is RingCentral, an award-winning global provider of cloud unified communications and collaboration solutions.

Patrick Carter, the co-founder and chief medical officer at ChartSpan Medical Technologies, had this to say about RingCentral's complete communications solutions. “RingCentral Office has been vital in streamlining our communications, both within our offices and with patients. With RingCentral Glip, physicians, nurses, and management staff now have the ability to send confidential information quickly, securely, and easily, allowing us to deliver the best possible patient care, all while complying with HIPAA/HITRUST security requirements.”

In a recent interview, Kira Makagon, the executive vice president of Innovation at RingCentral, shared how RingCentral’s unified communications and collaboration solutions can further meet the needs of healthcare workers. Kira Makagon of RingCentral

“In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, every company needs to communicate in real-time across teams and departments,” said Makagon. “Because of the sensitivities around patient data, the healthcare industry has been left behind when it comes to the latest communications solutions. Being an HIPAA-compliant conduit, RingCentral Glip provides healthcare providers the ability to access additional tools they need to promote greater patient satisfaction and productivity across their workforce,” she added.

With robust capabilities that include conferencing, team messaging, file-sharing, and task management, RingCentral enables healthcare professionals to securely communicate and collaborate with their colleagues and patients through powerful communications solutions like RingCentral Glip.

Leveraging RingCentral Glip for Enhanced Patient and Workforce Engagement

RingCentral has been recognized as a leading communications solutions provider in the healthcare sector with more than 50,000 organizations using RingCentral’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform. Through RingCentral’s comprehensive UC&C solutions, healthcare providers can improve operational efficiency by communicating instantaneously and seamlessly with patients, doctors, and other medical practitioners.RingCentral's Unified Communications Solutions

As part of the RingCentral Office solution, Glip enables healthcare workers to share confidential files, update tasks, message team members, manage calendars, and more. Glip also ensures customers’ electronic protected health information (ePHI) data is secured and protected at all costs.

Four Key Reasons to Use RingCentral Glip

  • Improves Workflow Collaboration - Glip streamlines workflow on tasks that take a long time to accomplish or resolve. Healthcare providers can use RingCentral Glip to track problematic insurance claims, yield faster claim resolution, and reduce future errors to have claims paid sooner.
  • Provides Real-time Content Sharing - Glip helps facilitate real-time discussions and sharing of content on relevant medical research, health insurance contracts, healthcare best practices, patient information, and more.
  • Simplifies Tasks - RingCentral Glip's Tasks feature helps healthcare professionals manage assignments and projects in a seamless way. Doctors and their staff can assign and view projects and deadlines to stay on track with work. Shared group calendar also enables healthcare workers to view peer availability and schedule patient calls and appointments efficiently.
  • Boosts Patient Engagement - Through Glip’s Click-to-Call feature, healthcare professionals can instantly communicate with each other to provide optimal patient care. Doctors can talk to their patients about treatment plans or discuss patient issues with their staff, regardless of whether they are traveling, in office, or working remotely.

For more information about RingCentral’s secure, scalable, and comprehensive unified communications solutions, visit their website.


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