Tango Networks Unleashes Customer Engagement Mobility Solution for Enterprises

Zenica JoyApr 21, 2017

Making mobile devices the primary end-point for enterprise communications has enabled businesses to expand their advertising and marketing strategies the world over. Going mobile also provides greater flexibility for organizations, allowing their globally distributed employees to seamlessly accomplish tasks on the go and to easily collaborate at any time on a device they are comfortable using.

As businesses continue their move to a “mobile first” environment, organizations may encounter challenges in ensuring that their communications tools are efficient and of the highest quality. To help solve the challenges that come with adopting mobile technology in the business world, Tango Networks, one of the leading providers of enterprise mobile communications solutions, recently introduced their Customer Engagement Mobility Solution. Designed with the mobile workforce in mind, this communication tool enables organizations to improve and protect customer communication with the use of their award-winning Software-Defined Kinetic Communications Platform.

Enhance Mobile-Enabled Customer Engagement with Tango Networks

The rise of the cloud and mobile technologies has allowed enterprises to have an unprecedented level of connectivity amongst workers, suppliers, and customers. Because of the interactive and real-time nature of mobile devices, sharing information through this communication channel allows businesses to instantly connect and get immediate feedback on services or products from customers and/or clients.

But the rise of mobile device use and the rapid adoption of these technologies has also generated concerns from businesses. “We know the number of unmanaged customer communications is increasing as employees expand the use of mobile devices for communicating with customers,” said Brandon Larson, Tango Networks’ Chief Strategy Officer. “This is creating an ever-growing blind spot, leaving companies at risk for customer quality and compliance issues.”tango network customer engagement communications solution

In order to solve these issues and ensure a more fluid and efficient “mobile first” adoption policy, businesses can utilize Tango Networks’ Kinetic Communications Platform.

Andrew Silver,  the Chief Technology Office and co-founder at Tango Networks, relayed the overarching benefits of their Customer Engagement Mobility Solution:

“Having employees aligned at each customer touchpoint is critical to achieve maximum responsiveness, gain repeat business and increase profits for growing businesses. This sophisticated solution offers valuable intelligence and analytics to ensure mobile-enabled customer interactions are polished, professional, and competitive.”

Tango Networks’ Communications Platform helps turn mobile devices into end-points for existing private branch exchange (PBX) or unified communication (UC) systems. Through this, businesses can unlock the power of mobility and bring your own device (BYOD) offerings using their existing telephony solutions. Plus, Tango’s Kinetic Communications Platform also enables small, mid-sized, and large businesses to boost the productivity of their employees who are using mobile devices at work. This way, they can ensure that their workers can get the most done with the devices they perfer to use.

Embracing “Mobile First” Communications with Tango’s Kinetic Platform

Tango Networks' Kinetic Communications Platform enables enterprises to adopt “mobile first” communications strategies by leveraging the power of unified communication on mobile devices to retire desk phones without sacrificing telephony features. The platform also delivers managed mobile communications to fully interact with customers in a more polished, professional, efficient, and satisfying manner. Because of this, enterprises can better serve customers, resulting in more repeat business and higher profitability.tango netwok kinetic communications platform

Through Tango Networks’ Customer Engagement Mobility Solution, businesses can do the following:

  • Capture mobile communications in Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.
  • Provide corporate phone numbers to customers from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Search for valuable business intelligence from mobile communications.

Key Capabilities of Tango’s Customer Engagement Mobility Solution

Powerful Integration

  • Synchronizes mobile communications with seamless customer engagement processes and workflows
  • Simplifies process flow for call center staff, customer service representatives, customer and technical support, field service technicians, and other stakeholders
  • Enables the integration of mobile communication tools across distributed users
  • Blends with the existing enterprise systems for efficient corporate communications even in mixed vendor environments.

Superior User Management

  • Utilizes a single number contact to improve responsiveness and completion of first-time calls
  • Offers outbound caller identification via the corporate number
  • Makes it easy for businesses to implement BYOD solutions by enforcing policies and control over mobile devices
  • Delivers enterprise-grade identity management with dual personas to separate personal and business communications on mobile devices.

Simple Quality Assurance and Recording Compliance

  • Allows all calls from mobile devices to be centrally monitored and recorded
  • Logs and archives all calls using appropriate steps in workflow applications
  • Enables mobile calls to be recorded on the same systems used for landline calls.

To learn more about Tango’s Kinetic Communications Platform, visit Tango Networks’ official website.


About Tango Networks

As one of the leading technology provider of full-featured enterprise mobile communication solutions, Tango Networks aims to empower businesses to maximize the reach, value, and impact of their communications systems by leveraging mobile devices. The company offers a wide range of enterprise mobile unified communications solutions to streamline workflows and optimize customer engagement for small and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. Tango’s ground-breaking Kinetic Communications Platform delivers simple, flexible, and robust orchestration of enterprise voice and messaging applications in multi-vendor settings.