Transforming Business Communications with Next Generation Cloud Voice Platform from Alianza

Zenica JoyAug 28, 2017

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has transformed the communication space and showed businesses an easier and cheaper way to receive and/or make calls over the Internet than using a plain old telephone service (POTs).  However, as VoIP becomes a commodity in the business communication industry, service providers must upgrade their aging voice networks and services to remain competitive while concurrently managing their voice infrastructure and operations. So how can service providers ensure that they stay profitable and relevant in today’s ever-changing business communication landscape?

Through Alianza’s next generation Cloud Voice Platform, where all VoIP network and service functions are delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, service providers can define and deliver a comprehensive VoIP solution and unified communications (UC) service portfolio for their subscribers. As a leading provider of cutting-edge cloud-based voice solution, Alianza aims to transform businesses by offering the latest communication products and services while significantly reducing costs and streamlining operations.

Helping Cable MSOs, ISPs, and Telcos Improve Business Communications Delivery with Alianza

Today’s global and dynamic businesses require more than just an old-school communication solution (public switched telephone network) to seamlessly connect with their customers. What organizations need right now is a virtualized software solution to assist them in creating a scalable and cost-efficient voice platform that can transform communications delivery and accelerate business innovation and growth. Enter the solution: Cloud Voice Platforms.

Cloud voice platforms bring all the benefits of the cloud to the telecom industry. By leveraging this next generation voice service, operators and service providers can minimize voice network upgrades and reduce network operations costs while providing better service and building a low-risk business case for VoIP.Alianza Cloud Voice Platform for MSOs, Telcos, ISPs, and MSPs

One powerful Cloud Voice Platform that integrates scalable Software as a service (SaaS) business models with virtualized web-scale technology to enhance business communications delivery is from Alianza.  Purpose-built for service providers, Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform enables them to enhance their voice services cost-effectively while maintaining control over their branding, pricing, and customer service.

“With our Cloud Voice Platform service providers can launch new business VoIP services like UCaaS and SIP trunking and better serve the small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in their markets,” said Kevin Mitchell, the Vice President of Marketing at Alianza.

“Using our solution, our customers can get their subscribers activated faster. And once live on the platform, their phone subscribers get better quality voice, can manage settings more easily, and receive continuous advancements and new features,” added Mitchell. “Plus, the troubleshooting tools and visibility we give to the operations and support staff means that they can resolve issues faster for the customers.”

Why Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform Stands Out

Alianza’s cloud-based voice service delivers all the functions and components required to help service providers simplify operations, minimize capital expenditures, and enhance their profitability. This innovative cloud-based platform enables service providers to focus on growing their business instead of building a voice network.

Kevin Mitchell, Vice President of Marketing at Alianza
Kevin Mitchell, the Vice President of Marketing at Alianza

Through intuitive web portals and application programming interfaces (APIs), Alianza provides a simple and streamlined approach to voice service management. “REST APIs underpin everything we designed to manage the Cloud Voice Platform,” explained Mitchell. “We can use those APIs to plug into back-office systems used by cable operators (i.e. SECTV and Eagle Communications) to remove swivel chair management of voice.” This only means that Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform has the capability to accelerate and automate key business processes around onboarding customers and managing the customer lifecycle, thereby boosting staff productivity and eliminating manual rework and errors.

Mitchell also says that aside from streamlining the voice service management and simplifying operating environments, using Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform offers the following benefits for customers:

  • Offering best long-term economics and lowest total cost of ownership;
  • Delivering future-proof, always evolving platform to satisfy every customer’s requirements;
  • Allowing for best experience starting with onboarding and continuing with our ongoing enhancements;
  • Providing excellent support group as the company is 100% focused on helping service providers successfully transition to a VoIP and/or UC solution.

With the Cloud Voice Platform, Alianza delivers a complete VoIP technology package that includes media, service logic, billing, signaling, provisioning, and integration with carrier services.

More Companies are Switching to Alianza

For Mitchell, Alianza stands out from other business communications platforms in the market because it enables service providers and their customer base to have a smooth and seamless transition to the cloud. “It’s not just that our solution [Alianza Cloud Voice Platform] is better on many fronts than our customers’ previous solutions, but we also create a smooth transition path with our experienced team, proven process, and cutting-edge toolset,” said Mitchell.

Because of Alianza’s innovative cloud voice service, Mitchell says that they are already providing their voice solution to a number of cable multiple-system operators (MSOs), internet service providers (ISPs), and telcos, including Adams Cable and Service Electric Cablevision.

Just recently, Alianza has partnered with Eagle Communications, Inc., a Kansas-based Broadband Services and Media company, and Service Electric, the country’s first cable television company, to deliver top quality business communication services for their employees and customer base while cutting costs and simplifying operations.

John Walson, the President of ‎Service Electric Cable TV and Communications, has this to say about their partnership with Alianza. “Technology partners play a key role in how we positively impact the communities we serve,” said Walson. “Through our Alianza partnership, we have a stronger solution to continue that tradition. We now have a more simplified operating environment and an agile product suite that can adapt to our customers’ needs along with the best economics.”

Additionally, Alianza’s solution helps Eagle Communications support their existing phone services while providing them with a platform where they can launch their new business services. “The Alianza team and its innovative technology are outstanding; its cloud-based VoIP solution is the future of cable voice and is clearly the best choice for Eagle Communications,” said Travis Kohlrus, the General Manager at ‎Eagle Communications

With Alianza’s APIs, proven migration process, and experienced team, cable operators and service providers can easily and fluidly move their customers to the cloud. To learn more about the company’s innovative Cloud Voice Platform and comprehensive business communications solutions such as softswitch replacement, hosted IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution, and more, visit Alianza.


About Alianza

Alianza supports service providers and empowers businesses with their next generation communications solutions. Established in 2009, the company has been helping cable, mobile, telco, and other broadband providers to launch and profit from residential and business VoIP services. Alianza designed, built, and brought to market the world's first Cloud Voice Platform that delivers superior voice services that help operators and their customer base. Today, the company provides VoIP portfolios (e.g. NFV VoIP, Private-Label VoIP, hosted VoIP, and hosted IP PBX) for over 50 broadband providers in the US and Canada.

About Service Electric Cable TV (SECTV)

As the first capable television company in the United States, Service Electric Cable TV (SECTV) has been providing more than 125,000 customers with broadband, cable, and phone services for almost 70 years. Headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, SECTV delivers a range of solutions that include video, Internet, phone, home security, and business services for the residents and/or businesses in Greater Lehigh Valley, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and Western New Jersey.

About Eagle Communications

Eagle Communications (originally known as KAYS, Inc.) delivers TV, Internet, and phone service with a comprehensive business information technology (IT) and advertising solutions across Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado. Built on hard work, trust, and integrity, Eagle Communications aims to “connect people with people through radio and television transmission.” Today, the company owns and operates 59 cable systems in Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado as well as 28 radio stations in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.