Verint Connects to Tango Networks’ Mobile Solutions to Optimize Customer Engagement

Zenica JoyMar 24, 2017

Mobile technology is a key driver of change management, transforming the way people communicate and how organizations operate across multiple sites or with remote employees. For many businesses, leveraging mobile devices can improve operational efficiency, employee productivity, client engagement, and job satisfaction. However, as more and more employees expand their use of mobile devices in the workplace, the degree of unmanaged communications tools also increases at a dramatic rate.

To address the issues in managing business communications and to solve any security concerns of using mobile devices in the workplace, Verint Systems Inc. has decided to extend their partnership with Tango Networks. Established in 2013, the Verint-Tango partnership was launched to respond to the evolving needs of the mobile workforce and to deliver mobile phone capabilities to customer service workers without sacrificing quality or compliance.

Mobility: The Number One Business Priority

Around the world, business leaders are coming to recognize the power of mobility to drive their enterprise forward. Whether at the office or working remotely, integrating mobility into a business' network can keep employees connected at all times. Because of this, many organizations are now embarking on a diverse range of initiatives to enable enterprise mobility. These include projects focused on mobile device management (MDM), mobile app development, mobile app management (MAM), and the system through which mobility is delivered.

To help efficiently deliver the mobile phone capabilities organizations seek without compromising quality or compliance, Tango Networks has extended their applications to mobile devices. With cutting-edge mobility features, Tango Networks connects Verint’s Customer Engagement Optimization solutions to the mobile workforce. This way, both organizations can help deliver the mobile phone capabilities businesses need to grow and stay competitive.

Enhancing Mobility and Customer Engagement with Tango’s Enterprise Mobile UC Solutions  

As mobile devices continue as a powerful business trend, with next-generation mobility strategies taking shape every day, it’s beneficial for businesses to mobilize their communications tools but to ensure a safe and secure deployment and implementation. With Verint and Tango's partnership, both companies can help organizations (especially those in the insurance, cable, and financial trading) create a more consistent approach to managing overall service efforts.   

Nancy Treaster, the SVP and General Manager of Strategic Operations at Verint, expressed her excitement about their partnership with Tango Networks. “The integration with Tango Networks helps proactively address the needs of the changing workforce by extending the benefits of customer and employee engagement and workforce optimization to mobile devices,” she said. “Doing so helps hold customer interactions over mobile communication channels to quality and compliance standards, and supports organizations in adhering to regulatory requirements that drive the need for voice and text interaction recording."Andrew Silver, CTO of Tango Networks

Indeed, Tango Networks enables enterprises to expand the reach, impact, and value of their communications solutions through the use of mobile devices. Andrew Silver, the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tango Networks, shared his thoughts on how their comprehensive mobile solutions can help businesses: 

“The combination of Tango Networks’ innovative mobile technology with Verint’s position as a global leader in customer and employee engagement, workforce optimization, and compliance solutions can help corporations simply and securely mobilize their business communications. Now, organizations can feel confident about extending their mobile capabilities to employees without compromising quality and compliance."

Business Benefits of Tango Network's Mobile UC Solutions

Tango Networks makes all the features of a business communications system available on employees’ mobile phones. This way, employees are empowered to work efficiently regardless of their location. Through Tango Networks’ comprehensive enterprise mobile unified communications solutions, small and mid-sized businesses as well as multinational enterprises can improve their productivity and cost-effectiveness in the following ways:Tango Network Mobile UC Solutions

  • Streamlining the business process by integrating UC seamlessly into a business’ application workflows.
  • Leveraging existing unified communications and private branch exchange (PBX) platforms to extend communications to any mobile device, thus improving employee mobility.
  • Harnessing the power of mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions with an existing UC infrastructure while maintaining communications compliance with logging and recording requirements.
  • Enforcing Least Cost Routing (LCR) to allow businesses to route to the lowest cost carrier on a per call basis, thus lessening international call charges.
  • Adopting a “mobile first” policy to boost productivity and retire desk phones without sacrificing Unified Communications (UC) features.
  • Providing a plethora of mobile features such as presence, identity management, in-office dialing, call transfer, conference, call move, and more for enhanced communication.
  • Enabling mobile devices to become a central part of an organization’s Business Continuity Communications Solutions to ensure communications continue during natural disasters, outages, or other challenges.
  • Efficiently managing and enforcing dual identities on user communications without hard to manage device changes.

Regardless of the Unified Communications (UC) platform currently in use by an organization, enterprise mobility solutions offered by Tango Networks can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently, and can be tailored to a business’ unique needs.

For more information about Tango Networks’ mobile communications solutions, visit their website

About Verint

Verint offers a comprehensive portfolio of software and services to improve enterprise processes, optimize the workforce, and enrich customer interactions. As the leading provider of actionable intelligence solutions, Verint focuses on security intelligence, customer engagement optimization, and fraud, risk, and compliance. Designed to provide expert guidance and robust, cost-efficient implementations, Verint works with more than 10,000 organizations in 180 countries to help them make more informed, effective, and timely business decisions.

About Tango Networks

Tango Networks provides software-defined communications platform and mobility solutions to deliver efficient business communication services on mobile phones. Their mobile unified communications solutions can extend enterprise UC services from an existing system to any mobile devices. Offering a comprehensive range of enterprise mobile UC solutions, Tango Networks can optimize customer engagement and interaction and streamline workflows for small and mid-sized businesses and large organizations.