VOSS Solutions Collaborates with KCOM to Bring Integrated UC Management Solution to Businesses

Zenica JoyMar 23, 2017

Unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) tools continue to transform the workplace and reshape the business landscape, providing organizations with a faster, easier, and more seamless way to connect with workers, partners, and customers. As more and more businesses leverage the use of UC&C solutions, the need for a robust management platform that efficiently monitors and delivers these comprehensive communication methods has never been greater.

Enter the Solution: VOSS-4-UC Management Platform

Created by VOSS Solutions, a trusted provider of unified communications (UC) management to government, enterprise, and service provider organizations,  VOSS-4-UC delivers a complete, single domain management solution to meet the needs of the ever-changing UC market.  As the world's most advanced service fulfillment management platform, VOSS-4-UC can help automate the deployment process of UC platforms, accelerate the migration of all devices and services, and seamlessly integrate with a third-party or custom system.

Meeting the Needs of a Rapidly Evolving Communication Landscape

Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions allow businesses to boost operational efficiency, improve employee productivity, and enhance the customer experience through the use of efficient tools and features. As more and more organizations come to recognize the benefits of a unified communications solutions for powering their workforce, the need to secure a robust management platform to help them maintain all their UC&C tools has risen. Fortunately, VOSS Solutions has the right solution to help businesses managing their latest corporate systems and cloud communication tools that are currently deployed across their organization.VOSS-4-UC Advanced Managemetn Platform

How Businesses Can Benefit from VOSS-4-UC

As the world's most advanced UC management platform, VOSS-4-UC simplifies the design, deployment, and operation of UC infrastructures. This innovative management platform enables organizations to reap the following benefits:  


  • Reduces the total cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle of a UC platform
  • Enables cost-savings by lessening operational, implementation, and capital expenses

End User 

  • Provides a single business portal for all UC solutions and services
  • Enables faster and more accurate service delivery for new applications
  • Promotes real-time profile management and reporting
  • Offers a self-service portal that can be self-managed by the end-users
  • Keeps strategic control of the communications environment


  • Retains knowledge within the business
  • Helps implement designs correctly
  • Allows faster triage times for trouble tickets
  • Frees workers from repetitive tasks and improves retention rates
  • Lowers the risk of data slippage
  • Improves integration with business applications and legacy systems

VOSS Solutions Collaborates with KCOM to Improve Management Solution For UC and Contact Center

VOSS Solution Company LogoVOSS Solutions recently announced a collaboration with KCOM, one of the UK’s most established IT and communications services companies, to deliver an integrated management solution for both UC and Contact Center. Through the agreement, VOSS will help KCOM to provide a robust, enterprise-grade service that meets the needs and expectations of their clientele.

Stu Smith, the Head of Innovation and Development at KCOM, had this to say about their company’s partnership with VOSS: “Our customers are focused on their customers’ experience, that’s why they come to KCOM, so it’s vital that the partners we work with have the same priorities.” “The innovations from VOSS allow us to pass on flexibility, accuracy, and speed to our customers’ agents and reduce effort required by their customers and long may it continue,” he added.

Derek Lipscombe, the Director Sales at VOSS, also shared how their management platform can help end-user customers. “Customer self-service is hugely important to KCOM. Their customers wanted to retain a level of control for themselves and make simple changes without delay, irrespective of the fact they are taking a hosted cloud service. VOSS has enabled KCOM to satisfy this demand and greatly improve the customer experience.”

By integrating VOSS-4-UC into KCOM’s environment, VOSS provides end-users with efficient front and back office support via a single and highly intuitive administration portal. The end-to-end solution from VOSS offers KCOM customers the following benefits:

  • Provides a faster, simpler, and more accurate way to manage front office agents and back office users.
  • Enhances customer experience by providing customers access for self-service using a fully customizable, secure, and intuitive web-based portal.
  • Gives enterprise customers quicker access to or rapid deployment of new functionalities and features.
  • Reduces operating costs by removing complexity, enhancing delivery, and ensuring a consistent and easily maintainable management platform.

To learn more about VOSS Solutions' products and services, visit their official website.


About KCOM

KCOM is a leading provider of information technology solutions and communications services to enterprises, businesses, and consumers in the UK. With headquarters in Kingston upon Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire, KCOM provides telecommunication services, broadband and Internet services, and IT and network solutions to help end-users connect, interact, and collaborate seamlessly. As the first Cisco HCS Contact Center customer in Europe, KCOM enables businesses to harness the power of technology to grow and stay competitive.

About VOSS Solutions

VOSS Solutions is a multinational unified communications and collaboration company that provides integrated software solutions to managed service providers and large enterprises. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, VOSS Solutions offers a wide range of UC migration and UC management solutions for government, enterprises, and service providers worldwide. The company also provide real-time unified communications and collaboration service delivery and management platform, SIP trunking, and SIP Application Server solutions.