VOSS Unviels Five New Solutions for Microsoft UC

Zenica JoyMay 30, 2017

Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) technologies provide the workforce with a new and efficient way to communicate and collaborate in order to streamline workflows and drive business productivity. By deploying Microsoft UC,  organizations can seamlessly manage their telephony systems and deliver efficient voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services so that they can focus on improving business efficiency for enhanced customer experience.

To help companies migrate and manage their UC solutions, VOSS, a multinational unified communications and collaboration company, has recently unveiled five new products that are specifically designed for Microsoft UC. With VOSS-4-UC, a revolutionary management tool, businesses can easily deploy their complex Microsoft UC requirements either on-premises, cloud, multi-vendor, or hybrid environments.

VOSS Enters into Partnership with Microsoft

Office 365 and Skype for Business are two innovative technology solutions from Microsoft that work hand in hand to help organizations improve communication and collaboration.

With VOSS’s recent partnership with Microsoft, the company aims to help businesses and their customer base implement a successful Microsoft UC environment by taking advantage of the Skype Operations Framework (SOF). This comprehensive guide enables organizations to seamlessly deploy and manage Skype for Business services in the cloud. The partnership also enables VOSS to help companies migrate and manage their Office 365 implementations.

“With so much movement in the market, companies are crying out for automation tools to help with the migration and management of their Microsoft UC environments,” noted Pat Richard, the Principal Solution Architect at VOSS. "I’m delighted that VOSS is bringing these Microsoft solutions to market at such a critical time.”

Christopher Martini, the Vice President of VOSS, also had this to say about the partnership. “Our relationship with Microsoft continues to go from strength to strength,” said Martini. “The solutions we offer to Microsoft customers solve very real problems, and we thrive on building UC environments that improve inter-company collaboration and fuel business growth while making important cost and time savings.”

By embracing Microsoft’s Skype Operations Framework (SOF), VOSS equips businesses with the right tools to easily deploy Skype for Business and to ensure that they get the full features and functionality of a comprehensive Office 365 solution. A successful and cost-effective deployment of Microsoft UC solutions can be achieved using three distinct phases:Voss Works with Microsoft's Skype Operations Framework

  • Plan - In the planning phase, VOSS experts uncover the customer environment and plan strategic unified communications (UC) migration projects. The Plan phase is where user personas, site-by-site design, and UC workflows are developed to fit a business’ unique needs.
  • Deliver - In this stage, VOSS helps customers deploy, enable, adopt, and enhance their new UC environment to speed up implementation and create a solution specifically catered to meet the needs of each business.
  • Operate - In the final phase, VOSS empowers customers to monitor their deployment, determine their areas of improvement, and perform remedial tasks in an automated and highly efficient manner. During the Operate stage, complex, technical decisions are automated to allow business to deploy design rules constantly and with minimal error.

Providing Comprehensive Management of Microsoft UC Solutions

The rise of cloud technology and mobile devices have a huge impact on business communication. As a result, businesses now more than ever are looking for a management platform that enables them to successfully migrate and manage their UC solutions.

VOSS makes migration and management of UC solutions both seamless and painless for businesses and their customer base. With the company’s recent partnership with Microsoft, VOSS aims to provide businesses a simplified way to design, deploy, provision, and manage their Microsoft UC solutions.

Here are the five solutions recently unveiled by VOSS for Microsoft UC:

  • VOSS MiGR8-2-UC – Business planning to move their organizations away from a traditional public branch exchange (PBX) can easily migrate to Microsoft UC, either on-premises or in the cloud, through VOSS MiGR8-2-UC. As a highly-sophisticated product, VOSS MiGR8-2-UC makes use of revolutionary methodology to help businesses deploy large volumes of users, devices, and UC services to a Microsoft UC platform.
  • Office 365 + VOSS – Improve business collaboration by leveraging the power of Microsoft’s Office 365 Productivity Suite. Through Office 365 + VOSS, businesses can create an all-in-one collaboration and communication solution (that includes features like Cloud PBX for voice and video, email, online meetings and Skype for Business Online) that meets the needs of today’s complex UC deployments.
  • VOSS UC Management – This solution combines VOSS Analytics and VOSS Assurance to optimize Microsoft UC implementations. By incorporating VOSS UC management into Office 365 and Skype for Business deployments, companies can significantly improve their operational experience and lessen the time required to manage and/or provision their UC services.
  • Microsoft Skype for Business Voice – VOSS helps companies simplify and automate the deployment of on-premises or cloud-based Skype for Business voice solution. Using this solution enables businesses to reduce the stress of planning, delivering, and operating Skype for Business through expert guidance and best-in-class tools.VOSS Helps Deploy and Manage Skype for Business
  • VOSS for Microsoft Service Providers – This intuitive, all-in-one application helps service providers manage their customers' UC environments. With VOSS, service providers can accelerate migrations and reduce management costs for customers using a single pane of glass. By leveraging VOSS for Microsoft Service Providers, businesses can have access to features like robust admin audit trail and role-based access control that give complete authority and insight into customers' accounts.

To learn more about the benefits of using these five new solutions for Microsoft UC, please visit VOSS’ official website.


About Microsoft

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is a multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, sells, and supports personal computers, software, and consumer electronics. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, the company aims to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Through their Microsoft Unified Communications technologies, the company aims to deliver a people-centric solution of rich, intuitive, and seamless communications across instant messaging, e-mail, voice, data, video, and conferencing.

About VOSS

VOSS Solutions, one of the leading providers of unified communications and collaboration solutions, aims to transform the way business deploy and manage their UC solutions. As a software company with over 12 years of UC management experience, VOSS provides integrated software solutions and delivers UC management services to enterprises, government, and service providers across the world. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, the company also offers real-time unified communications and collaboration management platform, SIP Application Server solutions, and world-class products, including VOSS-4-UC, MiGR8-2-UC, and the technology behind Cisco UCDM, to meet the management needs of the every-evolving UC market.