Weekly Telecom News Roundup: August 18th

Zenica JoyAug 18, 2017

Voip-Info’s Weekly Telecom Roundup aims to help our readers catch up on the latest news and top stories that are trending in the telecommunication space. Check out our post every Friday to read the latest news on service updates, product upgrades, business mergers, awards and recognitions, and other market trends driving the telecom industry into the future.

Here's what you may have missed this week:

Enghouse Interactive to ShowCase Its Omni-channel Contact Center Solution in Canada

To better improve contact center operations and enhance the customer experience, Enghouse Interactive, a leading provider of contact center software products and services, will showcase their omnichannel contact center solution in the upcoming 2017 CX Week in Canada. Through this event, which will be held at Hilton Toronto in Toronto, ON, industry leaders, service providers, and channel partners will get a firsthand look at Enghouse Interactive’s award-winning contact center and customer interaction solution for business, Communications Center 10.0 (CC 10.0).Manny Rocha of Enghouse Interactive

“We are excited about the opportunity CX Week affords us to engage with customer experience industry leaders and create new partnerships and channels to serve the Canadian market,” said Manny Rocha, the Regional Sales Manager at Enghouse Interactive. “Advancements to Communications Center reflect our commitment to improving the customer experience through agent empowerment and providing organizations with the choice and control they need to extract maximum value from contact center operations.”

With Enghouse Interactive’s award-winning Communications Center 10.0, end-users can enjoy the unique combination of omnichannel customer interaction solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Skype for Business (Skype4B). “We are eager to share our proven best practices and demonstrate the power of combining omnichannel contact center with Microsoft Skype for Business, which continues to revolutionize how organizations engage through highly collaborative interactions,” added Rocha.

For more information about the company’s comprehensive, award-winning contact center and customer interaction solutions, visit Enghouse Interactive.

Ooma Adds New Capabilities to Its Smart Communications Platform

To serve the needs of small businesses, from self-employed to those with hundreds of employees, leading provider of residential and business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, Ooma has recently announced an expansion to its smart communications platform.Ooma Office Business Phone System

Combining on premise and cloud architecture, the Ooma Office optimizes productivity and efficiency for any size business by delivering a combination of mobile phone, analog phone, and IP phone for a more reliable communications solution. “With our award-winning communications platform, Ooma Office, we now meet the needs of small businesses of any size, from self-employed to hundreds of employees, with a phone service that is the most flexible and affordable for any business environment,” said Eric Stang, the Chief Executive Office at Ooma.

Ooma Office offers reliable phone service at just $19.95 per user per month with no contracts or long-term commitment. As an enterprise-grade phone service, the Ooma Office delivers best-of-class communications solutions for small businesses in three ways:  

  • For Mobile users. Ooma offers a cloud-based phone service that allows small business owners to run their company from their mobile phones.
  • For small offices with up to 20 employees. The Ooma Office with Analog capability enables users to answer calls coming into their Ooma Office number via their mobile phone or analog desk phone.
  • For larger offices with hundreds of employees. Ooma provides IP phones for small business customers who want to enjoy the phone technology and features that meet their communication needs.

Other features of the Ooma Office include an extension dialing, conferencing, music-on-hold, and a virtual receptionist. For more information about the company’s innovative, smart business communication solutions, visit Ooma’s official website.

ZOOM Launches the First Omnichannel Search Engine for Contact Center Optimization

ZOOM International, the leading provider of workforce optimization and contact center software solution, has recently unveiled the industry’s first omnichannel search engine that optimizes contact center operations and performance. Available for ZOOM customers, ZOSE reinvents how contact centers, both large and small, capture, analyze, and improve agents and customer experiences.Zoom International Company Logo

“We designed a cloud-native search engine for next-generation, data-driven contact centers and smarter WFO applications,” said Brian Shore, the Chief Executive Officer at ZOOM International. Through ZOSE, businesses can address one of the most challenging and crucial contact center metrics, first contact resolution (FCR). “With ZOOM’s search capabilities, contact centers can access more varieties and volumes of data with greater effectiveness and speed. At the end of the day, this technology improves the customer experience across channels and in turn delivers better business outcomes in contact center operations,” added Shore.

Delivering more speed and more data compared to traditional databases and data warehouses, ZOOM’s omnichannel search technology captures, analyzes, and improves customer interactions effectively. This way, businesses can search customer conversations just like searching the Internet. To learn more about the company's first Omnichannel Search Engine, visit ZOOM International’s website.

Windstream Partners with BCN Telecom to Deliver Secure and Reliable SD-WAN Solution for Business Customers

Leading provider of advanced network communications Windstream has recently partnered with BCN Telecom, a New Jersey-based technology service provider specializing in multi-location, multi-product aggregation, to improve business performance and operational efficiencies with Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology. Through this partnership, Windstream Wholesale’s SD-WAN will be included as part of BCN Telecom’s nationwide product suite, enabling the company to provide their business customers with a cutting-edge networking solution that optimizes application performance and increases revenue opportunities.sd-wan architecture, mobile devices, server, cloud, and network

“I am thrilled that BCN has embraced Windstream Wholesale’s SD-WAN as a strategic addition to their business solutions portfolio,” said Melissa Cook, the Vice President of the Reseller Partner Program at Windstream Wholesale. “Throughout the course of our strong partnership with BCN – spanning more than 10 years – they have experienced solid, steady growth and as one of our top reseller partners, I’m confident that deploying SD-WAN will offer them an even stronger competitive edge, as well as the opportunity to deepen client engagement and broaden their market reach.”

Adopting Windstream’s SD-WAN enables BCN Telecom to support the unique and ever-changing business needs of each agent and individual clients by providing increased agility, visibility, and control. Through these capabilities, BCN Telecom enables companies and their customer base to have a secure, tailored, scalable, and easy-to-deploy networking solution that fosters business growth. “The addition of SD-WAN is a natural evolution for the BCN portfolio and complementary to our internet access and data network services,” said Julian Jacquez, the Chief Operating Officer of BCN Telecom.  “BCN’s longstanding relationship with Windstream Wholesale – in addition to the superior features of and operational support for their SD-WAN offering – led us to the decision to enter into this agreement. We have the utmost confidence in Windstream’s ability to expertly support our team and our agent partners in delivering the many benefits SD-WAN technology will bring to our enterprise customers.”

To learn how SD-WAN technology can help businesses simplify network management, visit Windstream Wholesale.