Windstream Partners with Telinta to Deliver Superior DID Solutions to VSPs

Zenica JoyMay 24, 2017

In today’s fast-paced world, telecom businesses need to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape by leveraging technologies that can strengthen their communication channels. One strategic approach to enhance communication solutions for telecom businesses is to incorporate direct inward dialing (DID) service into their telephony service. With the help of DID services, telecom businesses can improve the caller experience by enabling them to easily connect with employees, partners, and end-user customers in a seamless, faster, and cost-efficient way.

Recently, leading networking solutions provider Windstream (NASDAQ: WIN) partnered with Telinta, a global leader in cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) switching and billing solutions, to bring high-quality direct inward dialing solutions to VoIP service providers (VSPs).

DID in the VoIP World

Direct Inward Dialing (also known as DID or Direct Dialling Inward in Europe) are virtual numbers that are important for IP communications as these are needed for hosted phone systems, session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking, and mobile VoIP.John Nishimoto the VP of Business Development for Windstream

DID was created as a way to reuse a limited number of physical phone lines to handle calls to different published numbers. In a business with DID, the telephone company (telco) uses DID signaling to determine the numbers they are about to connect to the business’s private branch exchange (PBX).

In the VoIP world, DID allows public switched telephone network (PSTN ) users to directly connect with VoIP users by assigning DID numbers to a gateway. The gateway connects the PSTN to the VoIP network, transferring and translating calls between the network for the VoIP users. Through this, calls from the PSTN will be routed to the VoIP user who holds the corresponding DID number.

Making DID Solutions Easily Available to VSPs

To help businesses adapt to the ever-evolving business communication landscape, Windstream partners with Telinta to deliver DID solutions to VoIP service providers.

“Windstream Wholesale’s high-quality DID services are the perfect complement to Telinta’s hosted softswitch platform,” said John Nishimoto, the Vice President of Business Development for Windstream Wholesale’s business unit.  “We look forward to helping Telinta customers grow their business via our first-class, reliable VoIP Origination solutions.”

As part of Windstream Wholesale’s VoIP Origination solution (an SIP-based service), Direct Inward Dialing serves as a vital component in originating VoIP traffic for services such as calling card, pinless, hosted PBX, international call forwarding, and other services provided through Telinta’s hosted VoIP switching and billing platform.telinta hosted voip did diagram

“We are happy to work with a leader like Windstream Wholesale since we understand how important high-quality VoIP Origination is for our customers,” added Alex Ferdman, the CEO of Telinta. “Telinta has built an impressive ecosystem of industry-leading partners so that our customers can benefit.”

Through this collaboration, VSPs can easily access Windstream Wholesale’s enterprise-grade DID service directly from Telinta’s robust, award-winning hosted softswitch platform. As Telinta’s carrier-level Class 4 and Class 5 softswitch platform, TeliCoreTM integrates the company’s modern and innovative VoIP solutions with world-class Switching and Billing capabilities.

With TeleCoreTM’s Class 4 softswitch capabilities, wholesale VoIP service providers can take advantage of carrier-grade hosted solutions to enhance their communication channel. Telinta’s Class 5 softswitch capabilities are also ideal for end-user services such as residential VoIP, hosted PBX, mobile solutions, and more.

Key Features and Capabilities of Windstream VoIP Origination


  • 5,700 domestic U.S. rate centers


  • Geo-redundant, carrier-grade IP network
  • Comprehensive softswitch feature set
  • Fully integrated into Windstream’s backbone
  • Extensive LCR routing capabilities
  • G.711, G.729, G.729a, and T.38 support
  • No Requirement for Windstream-provided “end” loops
  • Detailed CDRs and Reporting Capabilities


  • Web and XML API-based provisioning for DID activation, LNP submission and management, 911, efax, caller ID name (CNAM), and directory listings
  • 24 x 7 dedicated NOC
  • Lifetime dedicated client test bed
  • Real-time network and status reporting and online ticket creation


  • Geo-redundant softswitch clusters with automatic failover
  • Multiple redundant call processing nodes
  • High-availability SBCs and voice gateways


  • two-way unlimited SMS text messaging to smartphones, domestic tablets, email plugins, and web-based applications
  • Software Developer Kit (SDK) helps carriers in creating customized applications for their mobile App Store and Android Market
  • Automated service validation processes and procedures help managed Local Number Portability (LNP) to ensure portability challenges are eliminated
  • Customer-activated LNP trigger allows real-time remote cutover capabilities
  • Full statistical reporting package, including 



All Windstream Wholesale service provider customers who initiate new service with Telinta will receive a $400 credit towards their monthly usage fees. To learn more about direct inward dialing (DID) solutions, please visit Windstream’s or Telinta’s website.

About Windstream

Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIN) is a Fortune 500 company that offers advanced network communications and technology solutions worldwide. As the leading provider of next-generation network solutions, Windstream delivers broadband, cloud-based services, security applications, unified communications, and managed services solutions for small businesses, carrier partners, enterprise organizations, and consumers. Headquartered in Little Rock, AR, Windstream provides innovative and powerful data and network solutions that help end users easily adapt to the ever-evolving business communication landscape.

About Telinta

Telinta is a market leader in cloud-based VoIP switching and billing solutions. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of white label solutions is customizable for VoIP service providers and their resellers. Established in 2002, Telinta delivers reliable and secure cloud-based Switching and Billing solutions for VoIP service providers worldwide. Telinta’s enterprise-grade products and solutions include hosted PBX; audio conferencing; business, wholesale, and residential VoIP; calling card; callback; call center solutions; and other VoIP services.