Yorktel Unveils New Enhancements to Its FeatherMed Mobile Telehealth Kit

Zenica JoyMay 05, 2017

In the healthcare industry, it is essential to have an effective, real-time communication system in order to optimize patient care. This is why healthcare professionals, especially remote clinicians, seek a robust communication solution that enables them to easily connect with their patients from anywhere and at any time. One tool that empowers caregivers to improve clinical workflows and provide a higher level of patient-centric care is Yorktel’s mobile telehealth kit.

Unveiled at the Telehealth 2.0, an annual conference of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), the enhanced FeatherMed Kit from Yorktel, a global provider of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), cloud, and video managed services, helps improve mobile healthcare services. Compliant with home health care regulations, Yorktel's mobile telehealth kit enables paramedics, nurses, and other healthcare workers to provide quality and efficient care from “offsite” settings.

Delivering Excellent Patient Care Virtually

“As legislation across the country provides more favorable reimbursement policies for remote care, demand for reliable, HIPAA-compliant telehealth solutions will reach new heights in the coming years," said Pete McLain, Yorktel's SVP of Healthcare. “The continuous expansion of our healthcare practice addresses this new direction in healthcare, and reflects Yorktel’s commitment to providing effective telehealth solutions that align technology with user preferences and use case.”

As a market leader in unified communications and collaborations services, Yorktel has a broad offering of solutions and support programs that are specifically designed for Healthcare environments, one of which is FeatherMed.  With its flexibility, customization, interoperability, and versatility features, FeatherMed Kit empowers caregivers by improving the efficiency of multi-site collaboration between specialists, hospitals, home health care providers, and their patients.

“Faster care means more lives saved, and the enhancements to FeatherMed outfit caregivers with portable, effective equipment that are essential for mobile healthcare," added McLain. “Yorktel continues to look for ways to leverage video conferencing technologies to improve access to healthcare by bringing the clinician to wherever the patient is."pete mclain svp of healthcare at yorktel

With FeatherMed, Yorktel makes telehealth possible by enabling doctors, specialists, and clinicians to connect with patients everywhere through encrypted video communications that support interoperability and mobile point-of-care platforms. Plus, FeatherMed enables caregivers the opportunity to follow-up with patients discharged from hospitals for whom recurring onsite visits are not practical (ie. seniors, veterans, chronically ill patients, etc.).

Enhancing Communications Between Caregivers and Patients with FeatherMed

Yorktel’s mobile telehealth kits enable caregivers to deliver quality and efficient patient care in an “offsite” setting, away from the hospital. With its latest enhancement to its mobile telehealth kit, Yorktel provides caregivers the choice of using FeatherMed’s built-in video application with data streaming software or a separate video client compatible with a health delivery system such as Polycom, Cisco, Vidyo, or other video platforms.yorktel provider of unified communications and collaborations solutions

Featuring a modular design, FeatherMed offers different configurations to match the right medical device with any clinical application. Plus, the kits are durable, lightweight, portable, and compact, and come with an ergonomic, sleek, and low-profile carrying case. The accessory options are also available, giving health systems the capability to custom design their mobile telehealth kits.

When combined with a proprietary video compression technology that requires a bandwidth of 90 kb, FeatherMed delivers the added assurance of an HD, encrypted, jitter-free video for face-face consultations. With its ISO 27001-certified, cutting-edge video network operations center (VNOC), Yorktel gives assurance of video communication security and privacy, and delivers best practices that adhere to protected health information standards and HIPAA compliance.

FeatherMed offers the following benefits:

  • Delivers highly-portable visual and audio access to remote clinicians,
  • Seamlessly integrates into any healthcare delivery system,
  • Extends the reach of specialist services in pre-hospital care situations, and
  • Amplifies telemedicine offerings.

FeatherMed is available in three variations:


- Stethoscope

- 9” tablet with built-in HD web camera and mic

- JEDMED Horus Scope, a hand-held video system, specific to telemedicine, utilizing interchangeable attachments for multi-discipline medical applications:

  • Otoscope lens

  • General exam lens

  • Dermascope lens






- Stethoscope       

- 9” tablet with built-in HD web camera and mic

- Thermometer

- Pulsox monitor

- Blood pressure kit

- JEDMED Horus Scope, a hand-held video system, specific to telemedicine, utilizing interchangeable attachments for multi-discipline medical applications:

  • Otoscope lens

  • General exam lens

  • Dermascope lens


- Primary for heart-related care that includes: Stethoscope and Electrocardiogram

- 9” tablet with built-in HD web camera and mic

























For more information about Yorktel's FeatherMed and other unified communication and video conferencing solutions, visit their official website

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