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4353CDR collectionWiki PagebusywikischurigFri 23 of Jul, 2004
4351CDR mediationWiki PagebusywikivbradMon 10 of Sep, 2012
3511CDRToolWiki PagebusywikilinkxTue 02 of Oct, 2007
4745MediaProxyWiki PagebusywikicervajsTue 09 of Apr, 2013
5413SER module mediaproxyWiki PagebusywikiadminMon 07 of May, 2012
1533SRV records IS and WAS always supported for TalkinyaCommentbusywikibusywikiWed 30 of Mar, 2005
4627TURNWiki Pagebusywikimom040267Mon 14 of Jan, 2013