JAGIServer has been replaced by OrderlyCalls.

Full migration guide included.

JAGIServer is produced by Orderly Software.

JAGIServer is a 100% Pure Java application server for Asterisk
using the FastAGI protocol, which is a TCP/IP wrapper around the
Asterisk Gateway Interface AGI protocol for call handling
and processing caller input.

The idea is to open up Asterisk to the Java community, who
have hitherto been unable to use AGI practically, due to the
high machine overhead involved in starting a new JVM for each
call dealt with.

The server architecture means that all calls can be handled
within a single JVM, facilitating resource and data sharing across
calls, and also integration with other system components such as
databases, authentication and encryption services etc.

JAGIServer provides a wrapper class around each incoming call,
giving access to the context information sent from Asterisk, and
wrapper methods around all AGI calls, which can be used by your
applications to execute a very wide variety of business logic.

Get it at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jagiserver/

If you are interested in using this software in your organistion,
you can download source code and installation instructions at the above URL
(and also please do tell us at Orderly Software so we can stick
a pin in our map!).

This is a pre-alpha release, and only core
AGI wrapper methods have been tested so far, so we'd be very interested
to hear about your problems or successes with the server at the
bugs page on the sourceforge link above.
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