20 January 2010
Astlinux has now reached version 0.7. These pages are therefore extremely out-of-date. Please refer to the official Astlinux site:


AstLinux is a custom Linux distro centered around Asterisk, the Open Source PBX. AstLinux has many features that make it ideal for embedded and commercial Asterisk based solutions. It can be deployed on a single board computer using no moving parts, or booted from a LiveCD with configuration and data files like voicemail stored on a USB drive.

0.4.8 includes images for: Soekris net4801, PCEngines WRAP, i586 and VIA images (e.g. VIA EPIA-based boards)) plus VMWare images, and a bootable ISO image - the best Asterisk live cd!!! Gumstix and Soekris net5501 support available in SVN trunk (to be released as 0.5).


AstLinux now supports FreeSWITCH!

This build has the following features:
Linux 2.6Soekris watchdog, GPIO, and error LED support
Asterisk 1.2mini_httpd with SSL and PHP in CGI mode
libpri 1.2 native MOH support with converted mp3 files
OpenSSH, OpenSSLAsterisk Native Sounds included (ulaw, g729a)
Zaptel 1.2"keydisk" support - voicemail and config on USB or hard drive, NFS share, etc
Basic PHP web interfaceiptables, AstShape traffic shaper
tftp server"PBX Only Mode" - Asterisk only
ftp server (vsftpd)Sangoma A101/102/104/S518 support
mISDN + chan_misdnztdummy, zaptel, libpri (supports all Digium hardware)
SNMPD for lm_sensorssupport for acpid on builds that it makes sense
rp-pppoemsmtp to avoid spam-tagging of voicemails
CF images
VMWare image

Users Guide

  • AstLinux Users Guide Chapter 1 Installation
    • Choosing your platform
    • Compact Flash based systems
      • Using Windows to Prepare the CF
      • Using Linux to Prepare the CF
    • Booting a Soekris 4801 from CF
    • Booting a PCEngines Wrap from CF
    • LiveCD (bootable CD-ROM)
    • Booting the LiveCD
    • VMWare
    • i586 and VIA
    • Booting from USB

  • AstLinux Users Guide Chapter 3 Configuring Asterisk
    • Creating an IAX extension (using IDEFisk softphone)
    • Creating a trunk (using sipphone)
    • Making a call

more to come

Development environment/Build System

See AstLinux Development Environment


Other support resources

IRC channel - #astlinux on freenode
A Jan 2006 article on using Astlinux on a Soekris Net4801 at

Asterisk hardware mini-itx
AstLinux Homepage

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