The Receptionist Console for Asterisk provides an optimized user interface for Receptionists who have to handle large numbers of calls.

Designed for organizations with a dedicated receptionist who is responsible for taking and forwarding large numbers of calls, The Receptionist Console is designed to minimize the amount of time it takes to handle each call. Calls can be taken and dispatched solely using the keyboard.
The Receptionist Console works with any SIP handset and would normally be used with the phone operating in auto answer mode and a hands free headset.

As of this writing a Beta version is available. You can find the instructions here.

The Receptionists Console has an integrated phone book. Entries in the phone book for internal extensions also display the status of each extension such as
  • Busy
  • Available
  • Do not disturb
  • Ringing
  • Off Line

The following information can be stored for each entry:
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Company Name
  • Department
  • Title
  • Fax No.
  • Email Address
  • Extension
  • Mobile|Cell No.
  • Land Line No.
  • Mark entry as External/Internal person
  • Reports To
  • Direct in dial.

Incoming calls, from external numbers or internal extensions, can have the following operations performed on them:
  • Answer
  • Hangup
  • Place on Hold
  • Blind Transfer
  • Attended Transfer
  • Hold and Transfer

When transferring a call, the call can be transferred by entering a phone number directly from the computer keyboard or by looking up the entry in the phone book. When using the phone book the call can be transferred to any of the numbers stored against the phone book entry (i.e. Extension, Mobile or Land line).

When dispatching calls, if the extension is busy, the receptionist can place the call into a special mode referred to as 'hold and transfer'. The 'hold and transfer' mode differs from the normal 'on hold' mode in that if the internal extension becomes available the system will automatically transfer the caller through to the extension. This save the receptionist from having to keep checking the status of the extension. The receptionist can still talk to the caller to inform them that they party is busy as per the normal 'on hold' mode.

pending features

When in the 'hold and transfer' mode The Receptionist Console can also periodically inform the caller that the party is busy and give the caller the option to continue waiting, leave a voice message or be put back through to the receptionist.

Intranet web site providing a staff phone book integrated with The Receptionist Console's phone book.

Platform support

The Receptionist Console is a desktop application written in Java (1.5) and as such is cross platform. It has been tested on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Database support

The Receptionist Console comes with an integrated database for storing phone book entries as well as having the ability to connect to virtually any database. This is useful if an organization has an existing staff directory.

The integrated database is Derby and runs within the application so no special database installation or process is required.

Database integration is via JDBC, which means that any database which has a JDBC level 3 driver is supported.
The system can also work with an existing database by providing appropriate SQL 'select' statements for each of the major operations.
Field and table names can be mapped using the standard field and table alias syntax.
select FirstName as first_name from tblPhoneBook as tbldirectory.

The Receptionist Console for Asterisk was developed by Asterisk IT the same team that created AsterFax.

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