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Alternative Skinny Driver for Asterisk

chan_sccp-b is not included in asterisk SVN tree.
Latest V4.0.0 release V4.0.0 Stable
Latest V3.1.3 release V3.1.3 Stable
Latest V2.0.0 release V2.0.0 Final
further development release SVN

Channel Driver Download, Bugtracking, and Mailling list

Current Development of chan_sccp-b on Sourceforge:

Features of the Sccp Driver

  • Control of buttons. They can be lines or speeddials.
  • Completely controled at the server.
  • 7914/15/16 support on multiple phones.
  • Status/BLR of other sccp extensions
  • Paging of other sccp extensions
  • One way audio or two audio
  • Control the tone on the remote extensions
  • Divert the call straight to voicemail or another extension without answering the call.
  • Setup call forward all or call forward busy
  • Voicemail indication available per line
  • When calling you can make your callerid show as private by pressing the Private soft button
  • Setup system wide messages
  • A new function exists called SetCalledParty which lets you set the ext and number of the called party on the calling sccp phone.
  • Send text message to the sccp phone.
  • Park calls by pressing the soft key called Park on the phone. Must be enabled at compile time.
  • Optional firmware control for some of the cisco phones.
  • Register phones at multiple * boxes for failover.
  • And much more. If you want a feature added, patches are welcome.

Support Devices

  • 12 — Cisco IP Phone 12SP+
  • 30 — Cisco IP Phone 30VIP
  • 7902 — Cisco IP Phone 7902G
  • 7905 — Cisco IP Phone 7905G
  • 7906 — Cisco IP Phone 7906G
  • 7910 — Cisco IP Phone 7910
  • 7911 — Cisco IP Phone 7911G
  • 7912 — Cisco IP Phone 7912G
  • 7920 — Cisco IP Wireless Phone 7920
  • 7921 — Cisco IP Wireless Phone 7921
  • 7925 — Cisco IP Wireless Phone 7925
  • 7931 — Cisco IP Wireless Phone 7931
  • 7935 — Cisco IP Conference Station 7935
  • 7936 — Cisco IP Conference Station 7936 - Fully supported
  • 7937 — Cisco IP Conference Station 7937
  • 7940 — Cisco IP Phone 7940 - Fully supported
  • 7941 — Cisco IP Phone 7941
  • 7942 — Cisco IP Conference Station 7942
  • 7945 — Cisco IP Conference Station 7945
  • 7960 — Cisco IP Phone 7960 - Fully supported
  • 7961 — Cisco IP Phone 7961 - Initial Support / Reported to work
  • 7962 — Cisco IP Conference Station 7962
  • 7965 — Cisco IP Conference Station 7965
  • 7970 — Cisco IP Phone 7970 - Fully supported
  • 7971 — Cisco IP Phone 7971
  • 7975 — Cisco IP Phone 7975
  • Cisco IP Communicator
  • Nokia Call Connect
  • 7985
  • ATA186/188 — Cisco ATA
  • KIRK — Kirk is a wireless phone that uses sccp

Any feed back or bugs on the above models should be posted to the mailing list. Patches of course are welcome as well.

Troubleshooting the SEP files

  • The 7960 and 7940 SEP files are not the same as the 7970/7971/7980 phones
  • The 7970 does work with a properly formated SEP config file.SEP7970 Sample The 7970/7961 does not need the OS79XX.TXT in the tftp folder.
  • The 7970 backlight can be controled turned on and off via the SEP file.
  • The 79XX phones do not work well with any XML errors in their config files
  • To upgrade the firmware, most of the phones can be updated by changing the load version in the SEP file.


  • supported firmware version for the 7940/7960 is 7.2.3, 7.2.4, 8.0.3, 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 - 01.12.2009.

Project Support

  • Your support is welcome.
    • Answer questions on the mailling list
    • Submit bug reports to the mailling list
    • Submit patches to the current release
    • Become a member of the development team
    • Add your tips to the wiki pages
    • Test, Test, Test

Driver Configuration & Implementations hints

Why would I use chan_sccp?

Here are some *good* reasons to use this channel:
o It's native - that is what the phone hw was build for

o It's a lot faster than the SIP image (look at the response times!)
o The sound quality is significantly better with the SCCP image
(try e.g. the CTU24raw.raw ringtone on SIP and on SCCP image)
o It has more features (XML is fully working)
o It's possible to administer SCCP phones centrally
no loss of speeddials, etc... after fw update

Customizing the sccp phone

Phone Logo
For a logo to display on the main screen of the phone, add the logo url in the SEPXXXXXXXXX file.
The format of this file is an xml file that follows the 7960 picture format. Here is a sample:

header("Content-type: text/xml");
header("Expires: -1");
header("Connection: Keep-Alive");
header("Cache-Control: private");

<Data>Data of the picture</Data>
<Title>Your Title</Title>
<Prompt>Your prompt</Prompt>

Here is the line from the SEP file:
And then you can set the time it waits to show it, setting it to 0 likely will not work:
There is a dos exe available from cisco that you can use to create the data portion of the picture.

Other Links

Protocol Documentation for sccp
Using sccp to create an SRST gateway - install video tutorial

Older Development on chan_sccp2 (deprecated or dead projects):


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