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Re: Music on Hold Immediately Stopping

Had the same problem, though default class files were played, unlike custom MOH classes. The trick was that my custom files had no .mp3 extension (they were uploaded via separate web-application). Adding .mp3 to filenames solved the problem in my case.

by manuna, Tuesday 18 of September, 2007 (09:18:46 UTC)
Loud / Overmodulating Music On Hold

Just a heads up, if anyone else browses over here and looks for help like i did, if you're running Asterisk 1.2 and have problems with music on hold being extremely loud, sounding staticy, scratchy, and over modulating (aka sounding like you're talking into a mic at your lips), check your version of MPG123. In gentoo, the current stable is media-sound/mpg123-0.65, but latest is .67. For some reason, there's a problem with .65 not regulating the volume properly and sending it out too strongly. Manually compiled .67, and things started sounded great.

by zfasel, Thursday 09 of August, 2007 (00:43:49 UTC)
Aastra 480I and MOH stopping

I have started getting complaints that native MOH would stop playing to held callers.

On investigation this seemed to be linked to the sip message
"Using INVITE request as basis request -"

So this seems to tie in with the session timer. and by adding sip session timer = 0 to the aastra.cfg and rebooting the set has solved the problem.

by ianplain, Tuesday 20 of March, 2007 (20:40:45 UTC)
With this new version, is it always random?

Please use comments section for questions and responses!!
Question: With this new version, is it always random? I think so, but not 100% positive.
Matthew1471 : No it's not always random.. for random add
random => yes

mode => files
directory => /etc/asterisk/musiconhold
random => yes

by lvazquez, Saturday 13 of January, 2007 (14:15:43 UTC)
Re: Music on Hold Immediately Stopping

Yea I figured it tonight... Maybe had some lost bus due to silent-hangups but what ya gonna do?

I'll tell you what you do:
1. Make sure your asterisk user has read access to the files/folder
2. Set your moh conf up as mentioned above
3. Go into asterisk -r and do 'reload res_musiconhold.so' and a 'moh reload'
4. Then do 'moh classes show' and ensure your classes took correctly
5. Then do 'moh files show' and ensure your files are set correctly for each class
6. Finally, call your pbx and check that moh is working, or you'll get hangups everytime!

by Blumagic, Friday 27 of October, 2006 (02:53:22 UTC)
Using Soundcard

I followed the instructions above to stream audio fromn a radio through the soundcard but it does not seem to work. I am using Trixbox 1.1.1 has anyone been able to do this?

by Jbrock1, Wednesday 30 of August, 2006 (14:35:20 UTC)
music on hold for answered call

After a bit of googling i figured out how to enable hold feature with music in asterisk. You need to open up the iax client library and send quelch/unquelch with music on hold.If you figure out what quelch is, it is easy to send the command. Once asterisk recieve the command it will put the channel in hold. The music is will be from the default context of musiconhold.conf.


by boneym, Tuesday 22 of August, 2006 (10:30:49 UTC)
Music on Hold Immediately Stopping

Anyone figure out how to fix this problem? I've seen it asked several times, but never answered.

-- Executing Answer("SIP/1001-b7e073c8", "") in new stack
— Executing Wait("SIP/1001-b7e073c8", "1") in new stack
— Executing MusicOnHold("SIP/1001-b7e073c8", "") in new stack
— Started music on hold, class 'default', on channel 'SIP/1001-b7e073c8'
— Stopped music on hold on SIP/1001-b7e073c8

The music on hold just stops right after it starts. I never hear any music onthe phone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail address is mazarian@gmail.com


by Zion800, Thursday 20 of July, 2006 (07:25:32 UTC)
Re: Streaming radio music on hold

I wanted to use mplayer because mpg123 wasn't outputting in the right format — old version or something. So I came up with a way to use mplayer. This script doesn't clean up properly if you 'moh reload', but otherwise it seems to work ok. Put the following in a shell script, make it executable, and set it as the custom application:

if [ -n "`ls /tmp/asterisk-moh-pipe.*`" ]; then
        rm /tmp/asterisk-moh-pipe.*
mknod $PIPE p

mplayer -really-quiet -nowaveheader -quiet -shuffle -ao pcm -format 8192 -channels 1 -af resample=8000 -aofile $PIPE "$@" 2>/dev/null | cat $PIPE 2>/dev/null

rm $PIPE


by vandebo, Tuesday 15 of May, 2012 (18:49:33 UTC)
Streaming radio music on hold

I have tried to get streaming radio broadcast as source for MusicOnHold, but these days many of the streams are in the ASF format.
This complicates this project a bit since I can't find a suitable player. <br><br>

I have tried mplayer, but it won't play to standard output. I also outputs some lines of text before starting the play.<br>

mpg123 will play mp3 streams, but that isn't exactly what I am looking for. <br><br>

Anyone who has a solution to this?

by tronds, Monday 30 of January, 2006 (13:11:34 UTC)