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Public STUN server suggestion

stun.leucotron.com.br at brazilian IP range.

by lernando, Tuesday 01 of July, 2014 (12:26:19 UTC)
SIP supported STUNs

I heard that major public STUNs have SIP support flaws. But there is one recomended by SIP device manufacturers. That is www.whatismyip.com as well as www.ipchicken.com and www.showmyip.com

AFAIK, www.whatismyip.com supports RFC3489 and can receive and send STUN request from a device. The fact that they can throw you back your publick IP is that they have a STUN at their backend that can automaticaly reply your STUN request. Same as with www.ipchicken.com and www.showmyip.com Many SIP ATA devices today such as ATCOM, xten.de, Chinarobi uses www.whatismyip.com I also heard its SIP friendly.

by James_Yulo_De, Tuesday 23 of January, 2007 (15:46:08 UTC)

stun servers really shouldnt be in the telephony application, however client support should be. FreeSwitch supports stun as a client when making calls, which helps get rid of nat related issues. STUN servers are fairly small as well, and easy to install everywhere (or use a SRV record to point to one of the public ones :)

by trixter, Monday 21 of August, 2006 (00:34:48 UTC)
Re: Re: STUN is now widely supported

no need to frown. Asterisk is tremendous, you must know that if youre on this site. Please do not try to make Asterisk do everything for all people or it will turn in to a bag of mush. It is tremendous at what it does. STUN is a work-around. As soon as IPv6 is here (hope I'm alive to enjoy it) STUN will be obsoleted. Let others cook-up this stuff & leave Asterisk to do telephone calls. Peace. Love. Linux. Jason

by sjobeck, Monday 24 of October, 2005 (19:38:00 UTC)
Re: STUN is now widely supported

Yeah, but not by Asterisk, AFAIK (:frown:) See bounty.

by enzo, Friday 26 of August, 2005 (16:08:15 UTC)
STUN is now widely supported

I've not seen a SIP device yet that didn't have STUN capabilities. So, I'd argue that the bullet points of STUN (as of 8/25/05) above (" STUN is not widely supported by VOIP devices yet.") is wrong. However, I recommend keeping in mind that some legacy equipment might not support it. If this is the case, try a firmware update.

by oobx, Thursday 25 of August, 2005 (05:02:51 UTC)


by , Wednesday 10 of December, 2003 (10:03:10 UTC)

The link to the vovida stun daemon links to what appears to be a deprecated site, it doesn;t appear so at first, but of the code on there, the 0.8 release candidate has no makfiles for unix and the 0.7 release is completely useless in regards to actual stun client in the wild.

It appears that the proper place to get stund from is now http://stun.sourceforge.net

by , Wednesday 10 of December, 2003 (09:58:41 UTC)