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Using ceil/floor etc

Here is a quick example of using floor


I don't know why this wasn't obvious to me, so I thought I would share incase others are lost like me.

by john8675309, Thursday 03 of May, 2012 (21:38:01 UTC)
parsing of utf-8 expressions with asterisk 1.2

The expression parser in v1.2 seems not capable of handling multibyte characters.

by telcat_bremicker, Wednesday 11 of November, 2009 (18:01:58 UTC)
Hidden string length function, the hard way

Here's one that just cost me 2 days. Thought I'd save someone else the trouble. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. Asterisk will convert the comma (',') character into a vertical bar ('|') automatically in your regex string. Thus, if you are trying to parse something like "success,result" to determine whether a command was successful or not, and you write your regex "(success|fail),.*" (perfectly valid, BTW) Asterisk will convert this to "(success|fail)|.*" behind the scenes. Your regex will thus always match the .* pattern, never match the substring, and return the length of your string!
This might be intentional, but it sure is confusing, appears to violate the rules, and definitely should be spelled out in big bold letters. If you are going to use a ',' in an Asterisk regex, you had better escape it or prepare to suffer multiple days of torture and eventually dropping into astlog's in the ast_expr2.c file like I did.

by cziom, Wednesday 24 of January, 2007 (10:56:59 UTC)