Discussion: Asterisk automatic daily restart

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Re: I don't think so

It's probably unnecessary unless you're using TDM cards. My stability problems have all been related to the cards, not to Asterisk itself.

by davidb, Thursday 14 of April, 2005 (19:28:03 UTC)
I don't think so

None of the Asterisk installs we have running have ever needed to be restarted unless we made an error in a config file.

by altaphon, Thursday 14 of April, 2005 (18:51:57 UTC)
Re: asterisk does need restart

Does it leak?

by , Sunday 02 of January, 2005 (18:15:43 UTC)
asterisk does need restart

so much for the quality.

by , Saturday 01 of January, 2005 (18:16:04 UTC)