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Re: Firmware

jfeniello You need to make sure you use the text file for your firmware. You can not use your old Text files, you must update them to the proper text files for the firmware version you have.

by markosjal, Thursday 26 of July, 2007 (09:13:42 UTC)

My phones are running firmware v4.63. I've downloaded 4.77 along with the unidencom.txt and unidenMACXXX.txt files, but can't seem to get my phone to load it correctly. It just goes into an all lights on mode, with the lcd screen alternating between off and all faint every 30 seconds or so. As soon as i change back the two config files on the tftp server to 4.63 versions, it reboots fine. Any ideas?

by jfeniello, Tuesday 08 of August, 2006 (12:34:34 UTC)
Call Clipping

I had issues with calls to voice prompts being clipped as well, with the latest firmware, and wanted to note that a good way to work around it is to use Playback(silence/1). For whatever reason, wait will not keep the clipping from happening.

by alanj_29672, Thursday 13 of April, 2006 (15:55:28 UTC)
Distinctive Ringing

The possible values for distinctive ringing are


The UIP200 defaults to dr1.

I may be dense but the example did not make that clear to me.

by lylegiese, Wednesday 10 of August, 2005 (02:27:26 UTC)
Two tftp servers

Some configurations are made as fall-over solutions. You can specify two tftp servers like this: (is there any other way?)

option option-150 code 150 = string ;

option option-150 a:0:0:6e:a:0:0:64; # HexDex ver of +

by , Wednesday 24 of November, 2004 (15:50:54 UTC)
Re: Call Waiting in UIP200

Latest firmware do not have call waiting problem.

by Glen, Sunday 31 of October, 2004 (15:33:35 UTC)
Call Waiting in UIP200

Call waiting does not work in UIP200


by , Monday 25 of October, 2004 (17:24:47 UTC)