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Not able to connect to fastAGI server in asterisk

Hi I am trying to connnect a sip client to a fastAGI client. I was told (as per docs) to include the following line in extensions.conf to make connection to fatsAGI server
exten => 1234, 1, Agi(agi://domain) and relaoded dialplan.

But when I make call to "1234", asterisk complains that the extension not found and the sip client gets 404. I am using Asterisk 1.6 version


by vkunapuli, Wednesday 07 of January, 2009 (17:06:14 UTC)

I wonder whether parameter MAX_AGI_CONNECT is hardcoded into res_agi.c? I get this:
WARNING[27969]: res_agi.c:206 launch_netscript: FastAGI connection to 'agi://' timed out after MAX_AGI_CONNECT (2000) milliseconds.
and setting in dialplan MAX_AGI_CONNECT=300 doesn't work

by latv, Wednesday 16 of May, 2012 (18:24:34 UTC)