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voicemail stored in the specifed location.But corrupted

Hi I have enable Realtime voice mail. If the user is not in online, caller can able to say the voice mail, then the voice mail also successfully created with specified location. But when i run the file(wav49|gsm|wav), "stream contain no data" message for gsm file, nothing playing for WAV file. Please help me to fix this one. Thanks

by sampath11111, Thursday 14 of April, 2011 (14:31:36 UTC)
Re: Realtime Voicemail - Mailbox still not found despite of beeing in database

Hi beccon, did you solve problem with realtime asterisk? I have the same problem. I am using Asterisk 1.4.18 + addons 1.4.6. CLI "voicemail show users for (my-context-in voicemail.conf)" show me "No such voicemail context". I also tried Asterisk1.4.18 & addons 1.4.4. Realtime peers & users are not problem. Only realtime voicemail has problem :-(. Thanks


by look, Friday 16 of May, 2008 (06:29:29 UTC)
Getting MWI on Polycoms working with Asterisk 1.6 Realtime

See Asterisk Realtime MWI hacks page, I couldn't get it all working as a comment...

by jmahonin, Friday 09 of May, 2008 (18:01:16 UTC)
Voicemail msg file name

how to change he msg filename. currectly it sets like 'msg000x' . i wat to put callerid and user id in the filename for easy access.

by arfeen, Friday 25 of May, 2007 (11:03:56 UTC)
Need of mailbox_content KEY??

<i>"NOTE: The index created on the 2 columns `mailbox` and `context` is because RealTime does its SELECT query using those two columns every time."</i><BR><BR>

I have created the table "voicemails" without the KEY `mailbox_context` (`mailbox`,`context`) and it works well. In fact, monitoring the MySQL logs I just see the following QUERY when Asterisk needs to search for a voicemail number:
6 Init DB asterisk<BR>
6 Query SELECT * FROM voicemail WHERE mailbox = '202'

by ibc, Monday 21 of August, 2006 (16:18:59 UTC)
Centralized voicemail?

Can I use Realtime Voicemail to have several asterisk servers utilize the same storage for voicemail?

I'd like to set up a voicemail server to catch overflow calls for my clients with an Asterisk box. Ideally I would have their Asterisk box have the database and mine would take calls on a VoIP DID and present their same voicemail box and store new message on their server. I would maintain a VPN between Asterisk boxes to do this?

Will Realtime Voicemail work like this or will a voicemail being deposited by another Asterisk box through off the first?

by lschweiss, Wednesday 18 of January, 2006 (14:50:50 UTC)
Realtime Voicemail - Mailbox still not found despite of beeing in database

Having configured Realtime Voicemail exactly as described above I couldn't get it to work. A <i>realtime load voicemail mailbox 4200</i> showed me that the table was assigned and bound to Asterisk correctly. <br>But calling the mailbox configured from database kept showing me the message that the mailbox was not available:<br><br>

WARNING[30148]: app_voicemail.c:2384 leave_voicemail: No entry in voicemail config file for '4200'

As recommended here <a href="http://astbill.com/node/389">http://astbill.com/node/389</A> I uncommented the option <i>searchcontexts=yes</i> in <i>voicemail.conf</i> and now everything works perfectly.<br>
According to the abovementioned link this is an issue with context management in realtime mode as of Asterisk 1.2.<br>


by beccon, Monday 11 of June, 2012 (05:30:58 UTC)

This table worked for me:

CREATE TABLE `bit_voicemail_users` (
`uniqueid` bigint NOT NULL auto_increment,
`customer_id` bigint NOT NULL default '0',
`context` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
`mailbox` bigint NOT NULL default '0',
`password` varchar(4) NOT NULL default '0',
`fullname` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
`email` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
`pager` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
`stamp` timestamp(14) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`mailbox`),
KEY `mailbox_context` (`mailbox`,`context`),
KEY `uniqueid` (`uniqueid`)

by mikebwilliams, Thursday 03 of November, 2005 (22:21:56 UTC)
Scheme Warning

If you're storing 10 digit mailbox IDs (north american phone numbers anyone?) the type needs to be changed to bigint. int overflows and you get "scribbled" mailbox IDs in your DB

by bferrell, Saturday 08 of October, 2005 (18:16:49 UTC)
What about the Directory APP?

Will the Directory APP be able to read the configuration from Mysql too?

by cursor, Wednesday 30 of March, 2005 (21:24:24 UTC)