Asterisk Agents

Asterisk call agents

Agents are human beings - well, phone extensions that are used by human beings. Setting up agents in the agents.conf file allows you to then assign agents in your call queues as a member. One agent can be assigned to many queues, and you can permit an agent to login from any extension.

In a nut shell.....


agent => 1001,4321,Wayne Kerr


member => Agent/1001


exten => 28,1,AgentLogin(1001)
exten => 29,1,Queue(queue1)

How it works

  • Agent logs on, e.g. using code "28" as in the example above, hears music on hold, waits for call.
  • Inbound call gets transfered to extension 29
  • agents hears beep and inbound call gets connected to agent.

If you would prefer your agents to get called when they log in, you can implement the AgentCallbackLogin function, which will call your agent when a call gets assigned to them in the queue.

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