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Re: i2002 NTDU91 Phones

I have several i2004 phones. I want to upgrade the firmware on them.
How do I do that?
I dont have BCM or communication server. just the hadsets.
Is there a way of upgrading these phones?


by eva2010, Friday 06 of August, 2010 (15:21:09 UTC)
Re: Hold and other features not working.

Did you manage to get the Hold button to work on the i2004?
Also I dont have conference button although it says it supports conference in the main thread.
Does anyone know how do I make the conference work on my i2004? Firmware 0604D4B.

by eva2010, Friday 06 of August, 2010 (15:10:13 UTC)
Hold and other features not working.

Has anyone been able to get call waiting and transfer working? I can't seem to get it working on my i2004's (NTEX00BA) or i2007. If I press the hold button, it simply mutes the call. I also cannot get transfer buttons working. Pressing the Asterisk transfer command works, but the soft transfer buttons do not. Does anyone have any idea about how to get this working? I am running Trixbox 2.8. Thanks!

by chwebb1, Friday 25 of December, 2009 (06:07:17 UTC)
Re: webmin

So what did you do to resolve the webmin issue, exactly? (I've been away from UNIX for awhile, so may be rusty on what to tweak in Linux).
Wondering if my current (no audio) problem may be due to this. (update: I have altered /etc/asterisk/unistim.conf --> rtp_port=10010; Still same results).

Currently, I have gotten 2 phones to register in UniStim, on AsteriskNOW v1.5 (Asterisk v1.4.24.1+FreePBX2.5.1.2+CentOS2.6.18).
All buttons work, and signaling seems okay (I can place internal calls Unistim<-->Unistim and Unistim<-->SIP), but I never get any audio.
Calling the test number (*43) from Unistim connects briefly, then hangs up (no audio). (Update: Now I hear "Goodbye" then disconnect).

/etc/asterisk/unistim.conf-->rtp_method=1 appears to be the magic number (finally getting some audio).

(update: rtp_method=1 appears to work! I briefly hear "Goodbye" and get disconnected after pressing *43).
Now — Why am I not getting connected to the echo-test application from Unistim phones?

FreePBX/AsteriskNOW says not to edit extensions_additional.conf directly — I'm unsure as to how I'd force the correct info from the FreePBX web interface. (Anybody write directions on creating UniStim extensions in FreePBX?). So far, I've made extensions in unistim.conf, created a CUSTOM extension in FreePBX.

extensions_additional.conf currently reads:
exten => 21,hint,USTM/21@Office&Custom:DND21 (which differs from the directions "exten => 21,1,Dial(USTM/21@Office) ").

Pointers on what to tell FreePBX to get extensions.conf correct are appreciated.
(Or other files/places to check). Thanks a ton for any/all help rendered! I'm still getting up to speed on all of this stuff...

Debug output flys by too fast, and I'm not sure how to re-direct it to a file...

by tom_gilheany, Wednesday 09 of May, 2012 (08:58:28 UTC)
Re: i2002 NTDU91 Phones

You should try this for new firmwares :
Search for const static unsigned char packet_recv_mac_addr[] =
{ 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0x9a, 0x0d, 0x07, 0x31, 0x38 /*MacAddr */ };
and delete 0x31, 0x38, you should get this line after the change :
{ 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0x9a, 0x0d, 0x07 /*MacAddr */ };

by blu, Wednesday 27 of August, 2008 (23:06:40 UTC)
i2002 NTDU91 Phones

We have some newer i2002 phones that do not seem to work with the unistim driver. Model is NTDU91 and firmware is 604DAD.
1. What version of hardware / firmware was the unistim driver written for?
2. Is there a way to download my firmware and compare the differences and update the code?
3. Has anyone had an i2002 phone working with the unistim driver?

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by jenniferhan, Wednesday 12 of December, 2007 (05:56:14 UTC)
UNISTIM trunking

I saw in the documentation that it is not possible to connect Asterisk to a Nortel PBX through UNISTIM. However, we have the problem that we don't have influence on the configuration of the Nortel PBX, yet we would like to use an Asterisk based system. Is it possible to change the chan_unistim implementation to allow connecting Asterisk to the Nortel PBX? Or is this a limitiation of the UNISTIM protocol?
Thank you,<br>

by gergely.kis, Thursday 04 of October, 2007 (09:34:05 UTC)
Re: Illegal Instructions - i586

Change the file 'Makefile' :
Replace PROC=$(shell uname -m) by PROC=i586
Replace CFLAGS+=-O6 by CFLAGS+=-O2

by blu, Sunday 23 of September, 2007 (15:05:15 UTC)
Illegal Instructions - i586

I am an absolute Linux newbie, running a fresh Trixbox 1.23 beta 1 on a i586. I accurately followed the Unistim install procedure for Trixbox as outlined here (and in the README). I succesfully made Unistim.

Asterisk ran fine before making the Unistim module, but will not start afterwards. When running asterisk -vvvvgc I can see that chan_unistim loads fine, but many of the other modules now cause "Illegal instructions (core dumped)" errors. I added no loads for these modules in my /etc/asterisk/modules.conf but will have to apply no load to just about every module just to get Asterisk to start, making it unusable.

My memory (1GB) is ok, so it will have something to do with my i586 I guess, but have no clue where to start. It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction!


by barlow, Sunday 19 of August, 2007 (16:28:01 UTC)