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Asterisk Speech Recognition partner

Tellme are an Asterisk open source supporter and have donated both code and services to the Asterisk community
They are proposing to offer an ASP delivered Pay-As-You-Go Speech Recognition service and have a number of Asterisk applications under development

Please check out;

Have you ever want to offer Speech Recognition enabled applications?

Anything from the most basic IVR or digital receptionist through to complex voice ordering and web enabled database solutions and the best part is you can do this only by paying for what you use as an ASP service.

No longer do you need to outlay $40-$100,000 on Speech Recognition software and servers, you can now use this on a pay as you go basis.

I've been involved with a working committee of Asterisk developers who have in conjunction with one of the worlds leading Speech Recognition providers (their customers include, American Airlines, Dominos, Etrade amongst many others )

This working committee is developing a set of Speech Recognition applications that you can download for free, and in conjunction with Asterisk you will be able to utilize the power of the Tellme servers as an on demand ASP only paying for what you use.

These applications are available for integration into any back end database, directory, web server, pabx extension list etc you like.

The power of Asterisk open source along with the on demand Pay-As-You-Go service from Tellme will be a sensational addition to the Asterisk community.

You will need to email me for contact details at Tellme in order to set up an account with them directly depending on your location and requirement but there are opportunities to test these applications for free while in the development phase as long as the coding is gpl'd back to the Asterisk community.

dean 'a-t'

Update 1st of June 2005
As some of you know I?ve been trying to facilitate an involvement with speech recognition tools and Asterisk. See

There have been a number of people who are already integrating the two and utilizing Tellme as an ASP to deliver speech recognition to their asterisk applications.

However I do need to update the asterisk list that it isn?t proceeding as fast I would have originally hoped. My original intention was to have Tellme set up a website where anyone with a credit card could log in and purchase blocks of time in advance.

Unfortunately Tellme have decided that they are only interested in taking commercial customers at this time (though have indicated that from Jan they would be in a position to relook at this situation).

It is still a great opportunity for commercial volume applications to deliver speech without the upfront outlay (if you are one of these contact me for details on the trials) however I cant say I?m not disappointed in their decision not to offer this as a prepaid service similar to how the asterisk community is being serviced by the sms ASP?s.

If anyone has some alternative suggestions I?m open to hearing it



Well here we are 6 months later and have turned out to be a total disapointment.

They said they were looking to support the up and coming asterisk community and we put a lot of effort
into working with them to explain our requirements and how to bring a product to market but they have
totally wasted our time.

Turns out they are just like the rest and only interested in servicing customers bringing in 1000's of dollars a month.

I had 2 other potential ASP partners get in touch with me but never heard back. I guess this is a huge opportunity
out there if you are a smart VC looking to deliver speech recognition services in an ASP model, until then Sphinx is the only option.


Sort of update: 16th of September 2005

Email below from Tellme, I thought the skype link may give some people an idea on what we really want from an ASP delivered speech recognition service - something PAYG and with no minimum charge so small developers can start delivering a service to their clients.

Still no info about this for the Asterisk community.

''Hi Dean,
I am making more progress on small developer/VAR access to Tellme.
More news will be forthcoming between now and the end of the year.
One step in this direction was our announcment with Skype last week:

Stay tuned!


Update 20th of September 2006

I spoke with Don at Tellme at Von in Boston. He told me that there may be a possibility that this project is coming back.

However until it does I suggest people interested in Speech Recognition applications check out they have a tightly integrated into Asterisk solution for sale at very reasonable price per port prices.


Update 15th of March 2007

Well as you know Microsoft have bought Tellme for $800 million dollars.

Yep that means that there will be no way this project is ever going to go ahead now.

I've left this page here for archival purposes but basically consider this project dead. You might want to check out a summary here

Also a few news articles here;

Interesting chart in here showing the VC relationships (all told kicked in $237M over 8 years to get this payoff)

At the moment there is still no vendor offering a low cost 'offboard speech recognition SIP gateway' solution. If you think you are one then feel free to get in touch.


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