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Fraud Detection

Humbug Analytics is a carrier class fraud detection service for telecoms


by boaz, Sunday 25 of July, 2010 (17:28:45 UTC)
VoIP Security Solutions

SpeedVoIP is a professional VoIP Security and VoIP anti blocking solutions provider.
The core solution for VoIP Security and VoIP anti-blocking is VGCP (VoiceGuard Control Protocol).
It can work with any 3rd-party Softphone / ATA / Gateway / IP Phone / IADs and SIP proxy or server.
It can work in the way similar to that of SOHO router, but it only encrypts and decrypts SIP and RTP packets on link layer, not to handup these packets to IP stack for forwarding while bypassing other data packets originating from SIP terminals. In this scenario, peak throughput and minimal CPU overhead can be easily achieved.

VoiceGuard can real-time incorporate light-weight traffic for puzzling and bypassing VoIP blocking system without consuming more bandwidth and compromising voice quality. Even in some circumstance, VoiceGuard can simulate traffic behavior of universal data networking protocol such as OICQ, MSN and so on.

For more information, please refer to: http://www.speed-voip.com/index-36.html


by jenniferhan, Thursday 27 of December, 2007 (06:31:05 UTC)
VoIP fraud

@Karl A. thanks for posting those information.

by mscholz01, Tuesday 18 of December, 2007 (18:44:50 UTC)
how to prevent this in the future

I found an option which might help:www.maxmind.com

by Octavian, Tuesday 14 of November, 2006 (15:21:54 UTC)
PayP.l fraud with VOIP

This is an issue I am experiencing now with a user who pay with credit card via PayPal and register multiple accounts with different email addresses,but they all have in common the same phone number (it is always the same ).He sent simultaneos calls from the same number (I guess he is running the bussiness behind the wall) .Everything is ok until the day when PayPal starts to receive complains from the real owner of the card and they automatically take back the money from the account (without your knowledge ).What's next? Guess!..a long dispute where you as a seller have minimum chances to recover the money .

How can I stop this and what other payment options are safer than the PayP.l ?

by Octavian, Sunday 22 of October, 2006 (04:20:30 UTC)

Particularly with PayPAl, fraud sems to be on the increase. The trick with PayPal is NEVER accept a payment from an unverifierd account. PayPal no longer notifies the recipient whether a payment was by Credit card, balance on account or bank transfer, so that leaves us assuming the worst. We no longer accept payments from unverified users, and we demand contact information beyond that provided by PayPal.

by markosjal, Sunday 08 of October, 2006 (19:27:20 UTC)

by mid_west, Tuesday 26 of September, 2006 (22:55:45 UTC)
PayPal fraud with VoIP

In addition to the article here about Telecom Fraud, there is another area that needs to be addressed with Voip providers.

Many VoIP providers give instant access to making phone calls upon signing up with either credit cards or PayPal accounts. If the PayPal or credit card is hijacked/stolen then there is a window of opportunity for the thief/hacker to make calls (usually to international locations and expensive). By the time PayPal realizes the fact that the account has been hijacked and the charges are fradulant, the VoIP company can get caught with expensive phone bills.

How do I know this? Well, lets just say me and my company may have experianced this first hand.

The big question is how to prevent this in the future. Collecting IPs, verifying email address, PayPal owner names, etc... they are no match for these type of accounts. I would sure like to see what other companies are doing out there to prevent this...or at least minimize this type of fraud.

by mid_west, Tuesday 26 of September, 2006 (22:57:24 UTC)