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Re: VOIPBuster Spanish access numbers

Hello jacpam and hello forum.

I can from spain. I am new con Asterisk. I would like to buy VoipBuster credit to begins the test con Asterisk and sip.voipbuster.com account. I sent an email to voipbuster about I could have issues because telefonica adsl isp could block my voip packets. I don recivies reply by voipbuster yet.

Can you tell me about can I have problem con voip traffic and voipbuster from calling make from spain. Thanks.

by jcvvoipinfo, Tuesday 21 of September, 2010 (12:48:15 UTC)
VoipBuster charges for vat twice?!

Does this make sense? Yesterday I paid 10.00 Euros to use VoipBuster services. On top of that there was a handling fee of 0.50 cents plus 2.00 Euros vat. OK fair enough. But the only chargeable usage I have made so far is ONE sms to a mobile in Cyprus for which I was charged 0.036 (in fact 0.040), which is the cost per sms WITH vat.

The actual cost on the VoipBuster rates page is 0.030 cents per text and it goes up to 0.036 to include vat. Since I have already paid for vat in the amount of 12.50 Euros, why do I have to pay for it again every time I send a text or make a chargeable call? Are there two kinds of vat?

Customer service at VoipBuster seems to regard my question as one that does not require a 'customised answer' as they haven't replied in 3 hours. They used to reply within the hour.

I mean is this right? Am I being ignorant of the facts? Should we pay for vat twice? Does anyone know? The European Consumers Association is definitely my next step. I just don't think it's right to be ignored by a company or anyone for that matter after they have taken your money for their services. Consumers have a right know what they are paying for no matter how small or big the amount. Thank you for reading. :)

by simon70, Saturday 29 of August, 2009 (14:55:21 UTC)
VOIPBuster Spanish access numbers

Is anyone else having a problem ringing out from Spain on their access numbers for fixed phone lines? My colleague and I have different access numbers but both are being blocked by Telefónica, our supplier, and are informed that the numbers do not exist any longer. I am awaiting a reply to an email to VOIPBuster about the problem. At the moment, using the computer seems to work but for how long? Are there any other problems with this company at the moment?

by jacpam, Thursday 28 of August, 2008 (11:55:21 UTC)
Voipbuster down !!!

Voipbuster has been down since Dec 10th 2007. I have emailed them and they say it is not. I have two different accounts in two different countries. Both accounts do not work. All I get is a fast busy signal after dailing.

Please anyone else with this problem?


by xlr8, Saturday 15 of December, 2007 (02:54:27 UTC)
Re: Accounts problems

I got the same problem, I could not dial out.
WARNING[21744]: chan_sip.c:9527 handle_response_invite: Forbidden - wrong password on authentication for INVITE to '"25" <sip:25@myvoip-domain>;tag=as2d0f032c'

After reading http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/index.cfm?a=wiki&tag=iiNetPhone_asterisk, I notice that on my SIP account missing : "fromuser".

here is my sip.conf example:
username=my-phone-number here
fromuser=my-phone-number here

by awidiono, Monday 11 of June, 2012 (04:49:39 UTC)
Max Channels?

What are the maximum channels (simultaneous calls) you folks are getting with VOIPBuster?

by markosjal, Tuesday 15 of August, 2006 (05:31:15 UTC)
voipbuster - voipcheap - internetcalls

It seems that betamax no longer offers inbound numbers for new accounts
im looking for unused or old accounts with inbound numbers, any area or country.
if you have a unused account and no longer want to use it, please would you email the account info:
voipsite: i.e voipbuster, voipcheap, internetcalls ect
the user name and password. number@ptt-telecom.eu
anyone wishing to swap account i will be happy to help, I have London 0208, Nottingham 0115 Switzerland +41 Manchester 0161.
im fairly happy with betamax service, I mostly call uk numbers, to use up my credit i also call mobiles.
for me its a good deal.

by telecomdata, Sunday 16 of July, 2006 (11:03:30 UTC)
Accounts problems

I have problems with my accounts.

Apr 20 10:37:08 WARNING[4092]: chan_sip.c:9527 handle_response_invite: Forbidden - wrong password on authentication for INVITE to '"Genesis" <sip:evocalls5@stun.sipdiscount.com>;tag=as1ec1835a'

i have credit on all my accounts but all doesnt works.
Somebody help me?

by m160858, Monday 11 of June, 2012 (04:49:04 UTC)
they actually expired my remaining credit

a couple of days ago, Voipbuster actually cancelled my remaining credit (of about 4€, not more) after announcing this measure in an e-mail (after which I protested, without any reaction from them). This might be against German jurisdiction (see the ruling against O2 here -> http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/69365). But no lawyer will accept a case for 4€, so they probably get away with it. :-((

Bad move, voipbuster, you (and your sister sites) lost a customer.

by hmilz, Thursday 23 of March, 2006 (13:22:03 UTC)
Finarea -- FBI probe?

I'm unable to find any evidence to support the accusation that Finarea is the target of an FBI probe "to investigate and shut down the company". Apart from the implication that the cart is firmly in front of the horse, last time I checked the FBI's powers didn't (yet) extend to Switzerland. "An Loner" joined 6Jan and seems to have left just this one message. Disgruntled 13 year old troll?

by IanWorthington, Monday 20 of March, 2006 (10:43:23 UTC)