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Works great for me!

I've been using Iconnect for 4 months now and it works great, if you know what your doing!
I have sent them emails and made calls regarding set up and got immediate answers, damn
good customer support in my opinion in comparison to other sites on the web.
Also, it was made quite clear up front that they would automatically replenish the account if it fell below
a certain amount.
I guess it just shows that if you READ the instructions, you wont have any problems!

by roninkc, Saturday 12 of November, 2005 (17:03:39 UTC)
I haven't had a problem

Honestly, I haven't had a problem with iconnecthere or deltathree. Deltathree is a publicly traded company, listed on NASDAQ. Their policies are clearly documented in the agreement you reviewed before signing up. Yes, they do refill your account in $15 increments, at minimum. But this is made clear at sign up. I've found their service to be fairly good. Yes, sometimes voice quality is poor, but I've experienced this with a number of other providers as well.

by , Friday 04 of February, 2005 (19:47:57 UTC)
Con Artist!

Deltathree and iconnectthere are con artists. They pretend to be a US Company, but in fact they are operating from Israel. When you call the New York number, the calls are transferred to Israel.
I lost over $300 with them. They will never give you any money back. Giving money to these people is the same as throwing it in the sea!

by , Tuesday 18 of January, 2005 (19:02:27 UTC)

Somebody can show me how to setup iconnecthere with asterisk for receive incomming calls?

thanks in advace.

by , Monday 17 of January, 2005 (10:16:48 UTC)
Deltathree / www.iconnecthere.com is a RIPOFF

Warning: DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THESE PPL! They will drain your account if you leave it a few wks idle, and you will have NO RECOURSE. The quality is also spotty, (unless you want to impress your friends on how you are calling them from your CAVE....).

There are other reputable companies out there, but deltathree is not one of them. They have no actual phone numbers by which you can call them as they are an "internet" only company (BAD SIGN). Again, Buyer beware!

by , Wednesday 08 of September, 2004 (04:59:28 UTC)

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by , Wednesday 01 of September, 2004 (15:20:52 UTC)

What ever you do, don't sign up for this service.
After discovering that my credit card was $10 low I realised that iConnect.com had automatically withdrawn the money, all in the line of theire scam policy.
If your account drops bellow $2.50 it automatically charges your account with whatever plan you first signed up for, ranging from $10 - $45.
I signed up for a $2.50 plan monthly and $10 was withdrawn cause it's the lowest found that can be added. Haven't got reponse of any of the four e-mails I sent to the customer service. Can't find anywhere to cancel my account in the whole website.

iConnect Sucks!

/Joakim Eriksson

by , Tuesday 27 of April, 2004 (13:59:04 UTC)
Service Levels

Variable service level in my experience. Sometimes line quality is great, but others you get serious echo and. Also there have been a number of occasions where I've picked up the phone and found no dial tone.

If you are prepared to live with that (I wasn't ) then VoIP to PSTN, voicemail and direct inbound phone calls all work.


by , Tuesday 30 of March, 2004 (13:42:40 UTC)