Asterisk .NET

Asterisk .NET

Note: This project has been re-homed (original maintainer has stopped working on the project). The new home for Asterisk.NET is and has been renamed to AsterNET.

Latest version:
  • 2008-06-19
    • Fix a bugs and add Asterisk 1.6 event support
    • next release will change Asterisk LCS to Asterisk OCS gateway
    • and second will be with installation manual Asterisk (1.6 only) and OCS integration

  • 2008-04-25
    • New release compatible with Asterisk 1.4 and example of custom IVR with FastAGI.

  • 2005-11-01
    • Fix bugs in Originate and Hungup.
    • Add VB Manager API example.

  • 2005-10-29
    • Bug fix for variables in OriginateAction
    • Support for FaxReceived event from spandsp

  • 2005-10-28
    • Add all events.

  • 2005-10-27
    • Add PeerStatus Event to track Register/Unregister events

  • 2005-10-24
    • Add test to Fast AGI interface. Add to extensions.conf

exten => *100,1,Answer
exten => *100,2,AGI(agi://.../noaction)
exten => *100,3,Hangup

(change ... to .NET computer address)

start .NET console application, asterisk console (asterisk -vvvvvvvvvr) and call *100 from phone.
Also set breakpoint to Service methos of Asterisk.NET.FastAGI.Script.AGINoAction class.

  • 2005-10-20
A port of Asterisk-Java to C# for Microsoft's .NET Framework 1.1/2.0 and anything else that implements the basic portions of the framework required to use this. The Asterisk .NET library consists of a set of classes that allow you to easily build applications that interact with an Asterisk PBX Server. Asterisk .NET supports both interfaces that Asterisk provides for this scenario: The FastAGI protocol and the Manager API.

Asterisk .NET is compatible with Asterisk 1.0 and 1.2.

The FastAGI implementation supports all commands currently available from Asterisk. The Manager API implementation supports receiving events from the Asterisk server (e.g. call progess, registered peers, channel state) and sending actions to Asterisk (e.g. originate call, agent login/logoff, start/stop voice recording).

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