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time out after originate action


I am french. Thank you for this project.

I want to use your project Asterisk.NET. I have tested your
API 1.6 with asterisk 1.2 on Windows XP. I don't have problem.

I have installed asterisk 1.4.20 in debian and i have tested
originate action with all version of API (1.0 - 1.4 - 1.6).
The action is working properly but i have a timeout
exception : "throw new EventTimeoutException("Timeout
waiting for response or response events to " +
action.Action, responseEvents);"

I suppose that the asterisk server don't return a response
after the action.
I don't have this problem with asterisk server win32 version.

Can you help me please ?



by yostyle, Wednesday 02 of July, 2008 (13:15:11 UTC)
Asterisk v1.4


Does anyone know if there will be a version of this api for v1.4? There are a few additional features which would be very handy if released?

by backtwofront, Friday 18 of January, 2008 (11:54:08 UTC)