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audio issues with 2.69 fw version.

I have installed last firmware release at the date(2010-05-05) 2.69. We are experiencing mic voice volume too loud.
We are able to mitigate handset volumes and to adjust them using txt conf file.
After applying conf file, voice is well. But after a few calls, audio is back too loud.
We think that this is an issue with 2.69.

by guddha, Wednesday 05 of May, 2010 (14:09:57 UTC)
Re: change MAC Adress

I'm also looking at ways to do it...

by jedi_it, Sunday 14 of February, 2010 (11:21:59 UTC)
change MAC Adress

Hi does anyone know how to change MAC adress in ST2030 ??

by t_traczyk, Friday 24 of July, 2009 (09:27:00 UTC)
Ring volume always at max

I'm using Thomson ST2030 firmware 2.67, DSP 3.10 from here http://www.thomsonbroadbandpartner.com/telephony-solutions/products/product-detail.php?id=87
When using the Alert Info for distinctive ringtone, the volume goes to the max every time the phone rings (even if the volume is modified during the ringing).

Is there a way to fix that? I noticed that using a previous version of TelConf on this firm, the ring works as expected (volume stays at what has been set), but one cannot hear anything from the handset. So I guess it's just a parameter in the TelConf, but which one???

by alitaker, Friday 08 of May, 2009 (12:29:36 UTC)
ST-2030 Problem with upgrade firmware

Hi all,

I have several phones here in my work ST-2030 (Im not sure about release SIP or MGCP)

All phones in version like this.
H/W Version: V3 MAC Address: 00:0E:50:4E:69:A0
Boot Version: V1.08 Connection: DHCP
DSP Version: V1.00 IP Address:
APP Version: V1.19 Common Config: GenConf2030MEX_050101.txt
MAC-Specific Config: st2030m_000E504E69A0.txt

Could somebody tell me how can i upgrade this phone to the newer version.
Now If I'm trying to upload v2030SG.070516.1.54.2.zz across http I'm getting an error
HTTP File upload buffer overflow


by Lajto, Wednesday 25 of June, 2008 (12:53:07 UTC)
older firmware

Hi i've got a second hand st2030 which still has v1.41 firmware on it.

I've tried to install the new firmware versions 1.59 and newer, but both fail to install with error message "No such file or format error. Please check if the path and file is valid" I tried already with ftp server and from http server and from local pc, but always fail. Can the older versions still be downloaded somewhere besides thomson website (they don't appear on it).

best regards


by geertss, Saturday 07 of June, 2008 (15:50:27 UTC)

does anyone know if you can change an MGCP version of this to SIP?
I have tried and the firmware seems to install without error (as well as the DSP and boot firmware) but I can not get it to connect to anything.
I am running 1.59 (upgraded from a very low original version and V0 (?) hardware)

everything at its latest but no luck with 2 voip providers (all of which work fine with my SPA-3000)
(BTW, connectivity is fine from the phone to the net both local and voip provider using phones built in ping test)

by laughlen, Tuesday 13 of May, 2008 (01:11:44 UTC)
Automatic reboot

If you need to reboot many of these phones (for example when you change provisioning settings) this script may be useful:



function th2030_reboot
	# Thomson ST2030 IP

	WGET="wget -q"

	# Get "seed" for login
	# <input type="hidden" name="nonce" value="c0a800010000058e">
	$WGET --save-cookies $COOKIES --keep-session-cookies "http://$IP/admin.html" -O $ADMIN
	nonce=`grep -m1 'name="nonce"' < $ADMIN | sed 's/^.*value="\(.*\)".*$/\1/'`

	WGET="wget -q --load-cookies $COOKIES -O -"

	# encoded = username + ":" + md5(username + ":" + password + ":" + "c0a8000100000330");
	md5=`echo -n "$username:784518:$nonce" | md5sum | head -c32`

	# Login
	$WGET "http://$IP/admin.html" --post-data "$post" &> /dev/null

	# Reboot
	$WGET --read-timeout $WAIT -t 1 "http://$IP/reboot.html" --post-data "" &> /dev/null

	rm -f "$COOKIES" "$ADMIN"

for i in $*; do
	echo "reboot $i"
	th2030_reboot $i &

Just call it with the IP addresses of the phones to reboot:
./st2030-reboot ...

PS: sorry for the formatting but I've not found the way to insert pre-formatted text in a comment

by ornati, Wednesday 20 of June, 2012 (05:06:02 UTC)

anybody got distinctive ringing working with trixbox?
not working here, only default ringer sounds regardless the setting.

i want to set distincive ringing on groups, so that the frontdoor, incoming calls and local calls will be distinct from each other.


by Antoon, Thursday 17 of January, 2008 (15:21:01 UTC)
Re: Handset micro volume

sorry, not clear stated.
set tcid 0 txgain 0 - old sentence
set tcid 0 txgain 1 - new sentence


by Antoon, Thursday 17 of January, 2008 (13:45:37 UTC)