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I am so new to Linux its not even funny

First of all this is a great location for information but I am LOST. I am looking for instructions on installing codecs on the Asterisk PBX I some how was able to install without a problem. I want to run GSM and G729 codecs and I understand that G729 has issues for licensing. I got a site from these pages with a list of the codes but I cannot (GET) them. Here is a list of what I need

1. How to download, install and configure the system to see the codecs.

I am down to a hand full of hair on my head, if some one does not rescue me I might start pulling other peoples hair out !! :-)


by David_BGT, Friday 15 of December, 2006 (16:00:06 UTC)
Which Codec for which network?

I have seen a lot of work about the characterisation of Codecs in terms of bandwidth utilisation, but has there any work been done on the suitability of different codecs based on network SLA parameters. For example, bandwidth on a broadband Internet connection is essentially free up to ~512K per second, so bandwidth efficiency of one call in a truly distributed switched environment is probably not at all interesting for an end user. However, latency is more likely to be a problem.... everyone says "you have to be careful," but I have not seen any recommendations except that end to end latency should not exceed 250mS. That is not particularly useful advice.

I'd like to see a table or graph of different codec performance versus Mean Opinion Score (MOS) score for different values of:
minimum link bandwidth
network latency
packet loss

Then you could predict whether it is interesting to run voip to a particular location on a quality versus the cost decision.


by Ray, Friday 09 of December, 2005 (16:22:35 UTC)

From my voice provider I have to choose a codec g.726, and I need to know what g.726 codec I am using.
How can I know if I am using
g.726 - 40
g.726 - 32
g.726 - 16
or ASTERISK only support g.726 - 32

by omarn, Monday 24 of October, 2005 (15:28:38 UTC)
Codec support by VoIP clients

An attempt to show which soft-phones and hardware support which codecs (additions to the table are welcome): http://compare.ozvoip.com/codecsupport.php

by , Monday 15 of November, 2004 (05:53:47 UTC)